2 March 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:2 March 2007, 22:04
Subject: Oh No!  

Oh my goodness, I can't believe carelessness kills (or rather, embarrasses me!). What happened was that, I commented on this blog post on a particular person's blog who studies in my school and I gave a too honest comment which is very embarrassing. Due to that, I put down my name as Anonymous. I typed out my comment and I published it.

Little did I know I have forgotten to remove my other blog URL (which was saved by the cookie when I last commented with Haloscan on my friends' sites)... And I can't do anything about it because the comments were powered by HaloScan and there is no button at all to delete comments.

So great! I'm anonymous, but my anonymity will soon be unmasked anyway. The blogger can quickly deduce who I am quickly. Either that, or a "friend" who loves to insult me will point it out to the blogger. That's just great.

I am so worried that I'll be severely humiliated. =( I can't believe I even wanted to comment on the blog! I was supposed to be a lurker, not an active reader! Besides, I don't really like the blogger myself (I don't even know the blogger personally even though I see the blogger around) and in no way will I want to even get to know her (sorry!).

Why must I even say things in such a wrong way? When my comment becomes a sensation among my friends and students in the school, I am so never stepping into my school AGAIN! >=(

And that's just great because now I will have to worry about this instead of my Grade 7 music theory exam which is tomorrow (and of which I tried miserably to study thoroughly - I am worried how am I going to pass it)!

This is so not my day...

P.S. Sorry for decline in blogging activity. I try to blog as and when it is possible. *weak smile*

Comments (18):

Way to go, FK! Can't believe you got drawn into commenting? Did you really think you could refrain? You are the ultimate comment-machine... How did you possibly think you could get away with simply 'lurking'? :-D

And, ooOPs! knowing that you will be followed back, you then say you don't like the blogger? You're throwing yourself from the proverbial Frying pan into the fire, dear boy!

Gosh, you're already on Grade 7 of your music theory? Well done you - Good luck with the exam today!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

(been missing you!)

At least you try to keep your comments anonymous. I don't, whether it offends anyone or not. There have been so many comments of mine that have been deleted because of their sarcastic and too-honest nature. C'est la vie, I guess. I've never been particularly nice (as can be seen in my recent posts on Echoes).

Good to hear from you again :)

Oh no! it is... well lets just hope the blogger is not curios enough to go around clicking on links... :)

You seem to be getting yourself in trouble alot with this commenting thing! :)

Don't worry too much though, maybe she doesn't even bother to find out who "Anonymous" is!

I hope your music exam went well!!

Hope your studies are going OK, FK!

Hey FK..look you know what they say.."if they can't take a joke f...k um" or something llike that..just remember todays faux paux will not be remember by anyone but you in the grand scheme of things..as someone once said to me as I was fretting over something I had said and worring myself into a tizzie..do you really think that you are soo important that they are at home right now worring about what you said..they're too busy fretting over something they said to someone else..lol..let it go my friend..life is soooo much more than this, besides when you leave school do you even think you will ever see these people again??? duh!!..the ones who count will still be your friend and the ones who aren't don't matter anyway..good luck with your school work..luv ya..madd

I honestly don't think that you have to worry about too much "sensation." It was one random comment on one blog. If you don't talk to the blogger, I doubt she will talk to you just to humiliate you about your comment.

Sorry it hasn't been your day.
:-) <-- supposedly cheerful smiley

Hello annelisa! Noo, it's horribly hard to refrain. That blog post was so "controversial" I just have to speak out my mind! Lol!

Oh no, the comment system wasn't by Blogger, it was from HaloScan. I left my name as anonymous... I forgot to remove my other blog address from there. It's really funny - it ruined my anonymity. *giggle*

Yep, I did Grade 7 and took 3 whole hours to complete 5 questions. It was astounding! =O I thought I could escape doing Grade 8, but no, my piano teacher passed me the book politely and asked me to look through it. I can't believe I'm going to continue it through Grade 8! =O (Plus, I'm not too good at figuring basses and melody writing. =( )

I miss you =(, and all the wonderful bloggers out there. It's been a long hiatus since I have been active in the blogosphere. =(

The studies haven't gone too well as a result of ... the demon of procrastination. =( The midnight oil burnt last night, and I think it will be burning again later. =S

Hey katelyn! Most of the time, my comments are not anonymous as I feel they don't cause too much harm. What's wrong with too honest comments? The truth hurts and I guess people are just afraid to face it and see it exposed (I think that's the reason why your comments were deleted). I know, close friends of mine have gave me honest, constructive criticisms and it's hard to take it; however, I don't dismiss them as they're only good for me. =)

I will check out your blog soon! And yep, it's a nice feeling to be back, albeit rather hard, even though I'm in the midst of tests now! ;) =O

Hey terra shield! I don't think the blogger is too bothered about it as she left a neutral-sounding follow-up. =)

Yes, whenn, I really ought to restrain myself (not!). =P Thank goodness she's not too bothered about it. =D And my music theory exam was so-so; not too bad. =)

Heya madd! Sorry to ask, but what's faux paux? =S

Hmmm... that's a good point over there. I don't think my comment was "that important" and significant for the blogger to worry about it. I never thought about that. Unfortunately, I'm quite self-conscious, so I tend to think of the embarrassment I might feel that follows my mistakes. =\

Heeheehee, thanks for knocking that into my head! =P Thank you for the luck, love you, and see you soon! =D

Hello theaudball. =) I never talk to her but seen her around school. Yes, I was actually thinking of the many ways she could humiliate me but my logic sense was wrestling with my imagination. My imagination took over. *silly smile*

Come to think of it, I felt silly to have such wild imaginations. =P Anyway, I wasn't bothered about it later that night as I heaved off my worries in here, and I was too busy trying to cram musical facts into my brain! =P


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