7 November 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:7 November 2006, 12:28
Subject: Kinderella - Chapter 2  

Kinderella - My NovelClick on No. above the Date field to view the story.

This is an advance update as I won't be here from tomorrow onwards to Sunday. See you guys later!

If you're eyes tire after reading such long blocks of text, I divided this chapter into 2 halves for your convenience.

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Chapter 2

Good morning, Teddy!”

The lazy youth got out of bed and drew the cute, pinkish brocade curtains away. She opened the rose window and with one deep breath, she inhaled the fresh morning air which scent always leaves a tingle at her nose. She feigned a big yawn and stretched her arms out wide. Rubbing her droopy eyes hard, she managed to open them but squinted as the bright sun rays entered her eyes.

Amy Charming waved happily at the sky. “Good morning Sun!” she greeted. The bird that was sitting on her window sill nearly fell and flew away; probably it was frightened by her loud yapping so early in the morning. The messy-haired girl chuckled at herself.

“And a very good morning to me!” she cried. And she ran towards her queen-sized bed and she climbed on top of it. With jubilance she jumped on it while shouting at the top of her lungs, as if she was having the fun of her lifetime. Like a buoyant person she is, she bounced on her bed and pulled off some pretty impressive stunts which she has been doing almost every morning.

After Amy spent some energy on her daily morning regime, she stopped and sat on her bed. A smile began to purse on her lips and her eyes twinkled with enthusiasm. Cautiously, she tiptoed to her desk and pounced on the blue swivel chair. She sat and played with it for a while and turned and turned until she got dizzy. She then stood up unsteadily and she put her hand over her forehead to recover from her dizziness. After several moments, she managed to set her bearings straight and quietly sat on the chair.

“Hmmm…” she placed her fingers on her lips, “what am I supposed to do again?”

Her eyes averted to the monitor screen. “Oh right…” Immediately, she perked up and moved her mouse with frenzied motions. In an instant, her computer came to life…slowly. She groaned.

“Next time, I just shut down my PC instead of hibernating it. Booting up is much faster than watching a PC processing at a snail’s pace.” She made a mental note of it.

She opened up her favourite web browser, Mozilla Firefox, and typed in the website address of eBay with her well-manicured fingers and hit Enter.

The familiar eBay web page loaded into view. She hovered her mouse over the My eBay link. She muttered a small prayer in one breath, and clicked on it. She watched in anticipation as the ‘My eBay Summary’ page was loading unusually sluggishly. “Damn, can’t you go any faster? I have a busy day here,” she complained at the monitor screen. Her patience was starting to wear thin.

“There it is, the final moment!”

The page was loading, loading, loading and…

“Oh crumbs! Doesn’t anyone like my Gucci original handbag? It’s like, the prettiest thing on Earth, how can any girl resist it and not buy it from me? It’s not like my price was that exorbitant!”

Click, click, click.

“Oh, stupid much?! I can’t believe I accidentally set the price to 10k! No wonder not even one would dare to even have a peek at this world wonder!” She half-wished an idiotic mogul would buy it from her, but alas, no mogul is ever that idiotic yet. They would rather buy ten of those from the Gucci retailers instead of her.

A soft knock came from the door.

“Yes, yes, Fifi! I’m coming down! And yes, I’m aware that breakfast is getting cold, and Mother dearest is pestering me to hurry up!”

“Just how did you know that?” the heavily accented voice asked from outside.

“Well, let’s just say I’m psychic,” Amy rolled her eyes. In one swift motion, she stripped down to her lingerie and stepped into her marble floored bathroom which was not surprisingly bigger than most of her friend’s room. Her bedroom is already the biggest among all of her friends, even her whole school! She took her toothbrush and squeezed the Darlie toothpaste tube a bit too hard. The toothpaste missed the head of her toothbrush and it fell into the basin.

She grumbled loudly and tried again one more time. This time, only a bit of the toothpaste came out. Her patience running thin, she swiped it on the toothbrush and proceeded to brushing her teeth. As she was doing so, she walked to the shower stall. She gritted the head of the brush hard and held it firmly in between her teeth as she tried to reach the shower cap that was hanging high inside the stall. She wavered her arms until she felt the rubbery texture. Easing herself back, she turned on the knob to let lukewarm water fall and caress her naked self. She then gripped the toothbrush that was in her mouth with her right hand, and manoeuvred the brush around her teeth.

After a minute of brushing, she spitted the contents onto the floor and it lazily drained away. Lifting her face up, her mouth went open and the water collected in it. She rinsed and spitted the water out and repeated this action for a couple of times. She squeezed a small amount of her shower gel onto a sponge, and lathered her wet and now slippery body with her calloused hands. It was done rather too quickly and carelessly, and soon, she stepped out of the steamy shower stall. She quickly dried herself with a towel and ran to her walk-in closet.

“If only mornings are slower,” she complained, “then I can take my own sweet time to choose the perfect dress.”

Fifi, her personal maid, knocked on her door once again. “Hurry up, Miss Amy, she is about to leave soon.”

All Amy heard were muffled sounds, but she knew she was being ordered to hurry up. “I hate to do this, but I’m racing against time,” she told herself.

She closed her eyes and covered it with both her hands. Exhaling, she hoped that she knew what she was doing. Unsteadily, she walked towards a corner of her closet. Flinging her arms out, she tried to feel an outfit, any random outfit that she will be wearing on that day. Her hand touched something smooth, and she gently felt the material.

“Oh well, here goes nothing,” she prayed, and pulled out the dress she had randomly felt.

She opened her eyes, and gasped at the horrendous pinafore dress with a cerulean-chequered design.

“Oh no, not this dress! I so, so hate this dress! It’s like sooo…granny’s time. Is there a way to choose again? And why did I still leave it in my wardrobe collection?”

She stood there for a few minutes deciding whether she will wear the old-fashioned dress or not. “Damn, no time! I’ll have to stick to it. I hate you, FCUK!” she said.

There was not much time left, she felt she was already very late for school. With some difficulty, she managed to fit into the dress, buttoned up the pinafore and quickly brushed her auburn hair in front of the vanity table, and decided to sport pigtails.

“Ouch! Ouch! That hurts,” she winced in pain as she combed her hair.

She tied them messily and left her room hastily. Without meaning to do it, she slammed the door shut really hard, and it closed with a loud “KA-BLANG!” followed by a muffled crash and tinkles of glass. “Damn, that’s the fifth time the door made the stupid flower picture fall on the floor.”

She strode across the long corridor with large tall Victorian windows, and along the way, she met Fifi. “Fifi, oh Fifi, can you please clean up my room now, and oh, replace the picture again.”

“Oui, Miss Amy,” came the curt reply. She bowed down to Amy and walked away to do her daily chores.

“Cut it out with the title thing! Amy would just do.”

Amy walked down the elegant and expensively-decorated stairs, and towards the rather elongated dining room. She walked towards her mother who was sitting at the other end of the room, eating her breakfast with style and dignity.

“Good morning, Mother!” Amy pecked a kiss on her mother’s forehead

Her mother kissed her lovingly on her cheek. “And a very good morning to you, sweetie! Come, you must have your breakfast!”

She pointed to the other end of the very long table, where a plate of pancakes and orange juice sat on the white-laced tablecloth to tell her daughter that her meal was served there.

“Huh? Mother, I thought we were running late. And what’s up with you telling me to eat breakfast when clearly, it’s already late!” exasperated Amy.

“Tut-tut-tut, dear! Calm down! You rush too much,” said her poised mother, “You need to buy some time to eat your breakfast, you know! Breakfast is one of the most important meals that you must never ever miss as it’s bad for your health, and you will feel tired.”

“But you were the one who was rushing me, and now you’re telling me to slow down and smell the … pancakes?” asked Amy, who was now clearly all confused and annoyed.

Her mother gestured the butler to direct Amy to the end of the table. Amy followed him without much protest, and she went to sit down.

“Wasn’t here the place where I came I?” asked Amy to no one in particular.

Before the butler have the chance to politely pull the chair and let her sit, Amy had already seated herself and was seen gobbling down her meal hungrily.

The dignified mother of 50-something curiously looked at her daughter’s table etiquette. It’s so sloppy, so unladylike and so barbaric! She placed her eating utensils neatly on the table, and whispered, “Amy dear! Amy!”

Amy continued eating, but slowed down a bit as she struggled to swallow the large pieces of pancakes she stuffed into her mouth. With one big gulp, the bolus of the pancake travelled down slowly the oesophagus into her stomach by the painstakingly slow action of peristalsis. She stopped, and resumed after her throat was cleared once again. At that instant, she heard her name reverberating in the dining room.

“Amy! Amy! AMY!”

She looked at her mother. “Sorry Mother, I was too busy eating breakfast! Say, this is pretty good! Tell the Chef for me will ya?” The butler merely nodded his head.

Amy then looked at her mother. She was clearly bemused when the fine old queen cupped her fair delicate ears with her hands. It was clear she could not hear her daughter’s voice. Amy tried again, this time a little bit louder.

“Sorry Mother, I was too busy eating breakfast!”

Her mother shook her hands near her ear, gesturing her daughter that she still could not hear her. Amy took a deep breath, and with all her might, she asked her mother, “Can you hear me?”

Her mother gave an excited nod. She then said something to Amy, but all Amy could hear was her moving mouth and changing facial expressions as well as words unintelligible to her ears.

“Mother? Say what?” asked Amy in a really loud voice.

Her mother continued talking away, except that her voice somehow could not reach to the young, hyper adolescent’s ears. Annoyed, Amy called for the butler. The butler saw her gesturing for him, and he rushed towards her.

Amy quickly said, “Can you please pass this message to Mother: I simply cannot hear you!”

The butler nodded, and he ran to the other end of the especially long table, which can seat about 35 people on the longer side. The butler huffed and puffed and finally reached the end of the really long table. In an exhausted voice, he told the queen the message her daughter wanted to convey. President Charming then understood why her daughter was giving her blur looks when she educated her on the importance of having a good breakfast. She summoned up some energy and tried to make her voice a little bit louder, “I got your message.”

“Good!” shouted back Amy, “so what was it you wanted to tell me?”

“Importance of breakfast!” replied her mother. Her voice by now was getting raspier but she continued. “Amy, you know that you have slept through the night without eating anything…”

“Yes, Mother, so that I need to eat breakfast to replenish my body with nutrients,” Amy continued her sentence. She rolled her eyes, and poked the now-empty palette in front of her with the knife.

“Honey, can you speak up? I can’t hear you.”

“I said that I need breakfast to replenish my body with nutrients after a long night of not eating!” shouted Amy, who by now was clearly annoyed that a ‘normal’ morning conversation turned into a cacophony of loud echoes.

“Yes, Amy! You are absolutely right! And also, the breakfast that you take in…”

Before she has the chance to complete her sentence, she coughed hard and quickly downed the glass of orange juice sitting on the table. Amy looked at her sympathetically. I wonder how long will she subject herself to such torture of destroying her voice box, thought Amy.

“Sorry, honey. Anyway, like I was saying…”

She then coughed again. She ordered the butler standing near her to get her another glass of juice, and signalled to her daughter to tell her to wait for a while. Amy shook both her legs under the table and rolled her eyes again, wondering how long this conversation will last.

A few minutes later, the butler came to her and passed her the message her mother wanted to say, “Miss Amy, she said that the breakfast you take in during the day will provide you the energy to keep going during the day. Without it, you will be out like a light.”

Amy stood up and placed her arms in akimbo. “I know! I know! But why must she keep on repeating this to me? And stop calling me Miss, I told you that already!” The butler flustered, and quickly he went to the president to pass her daughter’s message.

Several minutes later, the butler came back saying, “Lady Charming feels that,” he hesitated, “Amy needs to be reminded of this constantly. She believes it’s good for you.”

“Good for me? Well, yeah, I know that like a gazillion years ago!” she snapped at the butler. The poor butler had to go back to the poignant lady again. Back and forth he walked, or rather he ran, as he was ordered to pass messages back and forth a few times before Amy finally said, “No need, I shall do it myself.”

When she approached her mother after what seemed like a long walk, the tall, greyed haired president stood up from her chair. The butler quickly pulled the chair away. President Charming merely gave a nod and blissfully said to her precious, “Alright. It’s time to go to school. Come on!”

“Mother, I hate to be rude. But I feel I must say this!”

The Queen looked at her full with concern. “Now, now Amy, what is it? Does this have anything to do with the breakfast trivia?”

Amy shuffled her feet. Without warning, she cried, “Can’t you do something about the DARNED TABLE? It’s driving me up the wall!”

She frowned at Amy, shocked by her ‘explicit’ behaviour. She half-expected her to be upset about her breakfast talk show. “You don’t need to be so rude, young lady! And yes, I will inform the butler to purchase a smaller table to replace the really long table as soon as possible. It’s annoying me as well.”

“Actually Mother, can’t you just reposition my seating so that I’m closer to you.”

The president laughed at her daughter’s simple, yet effective suggestion. “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

“But I LOVE your idea SO MUCH! Bye now, hugs and kisses! Mwah, mwah! See you in the afternoon!”

Correction: Towards the end of the Prologue, Melissa was supposed to say “You know what? You're a stinking VIP: Very Idiotic Person!” and not “You know what, princess? You’re a loser!”. I made this change because somehow the story evolved into something else.

(Catch Chapter 3 this Sunday! Comments and criticisms very much welcomed =). Thanks for reading!)

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