31 December 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:31 December 2007, 22:40
Subject: Grr... I feel so used!  

I was looking forward to a nice Pokemon battle online using my Nintendo DS. Yes, Pokemon Diamond has a Wi-fi feature which enables you to communicate with other international users to trade and battle Pokemon. So here is what happened. This battler, I believe, has cheated by using hacked Pokemon. This PM I sent to the moderator explains my situation.

Hey. I thought it best to let you know about this privately before making a big fuss out of it. I'm so afraid I'm blowing things out of proportion, and that I am a sore, sore loser.

The thing is I'm not. I enjoy battles, I really do! I know a good battle from a very very bad one, and this particular user made me feel inferior. I should have requested him to not use legendaries because I have an issue against them. I didn't, taking for granted that he wouldn't use any.

Well, guess what? He used Ho-Oh, Lugia, Groudon and that blasted Arceus. I don't mind a legendary or two, but I think they are too much. Arceus's not even in my Pokedex Prima Guide for Pete's sake. So I questioned his motives. And he gets defensive, cussing me. I kept quiet and proceeded the battle, even though I had wanted to run.

Suddenly, my router went bonkers. Communication error resulted. And guess what that loser said? I'm a sore loser! I can't believe he jumped to conclusions just like that. He bragged finishing the game in two days. He told me he got the legendaries in a trade. He did say during the chat that he rather use them than his normals because they are weak. I made no comment on that. He then became a sexist by questioning my sex, just because I do not turn on voice chat.

My god, I feel like screwing him. I bet he thinks I'm a wuss, gay etc.

I left the chat. I couldn't take it anymore. My rage boiled inside me, but I just... can't lash out. I feel sooo bad. And this experience has taken the fun out of future battles.

I don't know what to do. I just felt like talking to someone about this. Anyone. My friends won't understand my predicament because they don't play Pokemon.

I blocked the dodo too, in case you're wondering.

I do know it is just a game, and I am getting uptight over it. I think I'm overreacting. But I am seeking for a judgement here. Cheaters really do not deserve to win. They are selfish and mean people and make the lives of the people involved extremely miserable.

I don't like being taken advantage of. It happened while I was in Australia too. I can't believe I have stupidly fell for it. It marred my perfect vacation. =( I guess I will elaborate on that later. I'm too bitter to do anything right now.

2008 is coming up in a few hours time. I am flashbacking to the time when my best friend accidentally stumbled onto this secret blog. I cannot believe time has flew so fast. Where has it all gone? I feel sad because I personally feel I haven't achieved much in 2007. I just hope that next year will be a better year. It's a shame 2007 had to end terribly.

Wait. It didn't quite. I went out on an outing with two of my close friends this afternoon. We had a movie marathon. I think I Am Legend and Alvin and the Chipmunks is a good movie. Seriously, take my word for it! =) However, typical of many apocalypse stories, don't expect their endings to be happy. They aren't. However, for I Am Legend, I think the ending is pretty good for that genre. Alvin and the Chipmunks is really cute! Must watch. I love their songs! And it is so much better than the annoying High School Musical movies. Terrible! =O

Erm, all the best to everyone for 2008. May you all have a good health, good prosperity and good prospects. Take care! See you next year, in 2008.

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17 December 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:17 December 2007, 17:47
Subject: On a Vacation  

Hey guys, sorry! I am actually on a vacation in Australia right now. I will not be back until after Christmas. And yeah, I do not really have proper access to the Internet. So, no updates for the fortnight. Sorry! =( Anyway, enjoy your Christmas!
Oh, oh! I am done with Christmas shopping. I am so proud of myself! Wheeee! Have you finished yours? ;)
I love Christmas! This time, I am going to spend it in Australia, unlike last year when I had to spend it on the plane! =O This is going to be so much fun. Cheers!

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9 December 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:9 December 2007, 15:41
Subject: I hate Sundays!  

My family always manages to make Sunday a living hell for everybody. I have grown to dislike over the years to hate Sundays. I groan when it is a Sunday. Sure, everybody relaxes on Sunday and they appreciate a break after a week of strenuous activities. What is wrong with this kid for hating a beautiful Sunday?

I just hate it. Sundays frustrate me.

Just a few hours ago, we went out to have lunch together. I knew instantly it was going to be a bad day from the way my mom talked in that surly tone. This time, I made sure I did not procrastinate my morning shower. I was all ready and eager to go. She had to make the day so tiring. Sighing, I went into the car. Everyone felt flustered. There was a unspoken dialogue to hurry up. My mom was hungry, and she was being incredibly mean, nasty, selfish, whiny and fussy. Everyone felt they did not deserve to go through it for another time.

I told her of my spontaneous plan. While having lunch, I will photocopy extracts on my Geography textbooks so that I do not have to lug those "dictionaries" to Australia (I'm going there again). Then, I will sell the last of my former school textbooks to a bookshop. Later, I will then hand in the re-enrolment form for my swimming classes.

And she shot me an annoyed look. Stop it, mom! Does it trouble you that much that I will need to move around to do those intended tasks? It is not my fault they are distanced so far apart from each other. Sheesh!

Just when I thought the day was bad enough, my dad had to cuss and swear in the car when some driver was hesitant of driving. He stopped at the junction, not very sure of where he was driving. It is my fault too, because I instructed him of making a wrong turn. But seriously, must you go and curse the driver all the way? Just drive the freaking car. Yeah, we know it was his fault too. Forget it! Do not fret about it too much and yak, yak, yak! How chinky of you. Yes, I am a bit of a racist towards my own race. They can be pretty barbaric and rude. So what? =(

My mom and my dad had to keep making small arguments as well. I was turned off during lunch when my mom was complaining of her hunger. That woman certainly cannot survive famine! =( On a completely unrelated note, I felt sad that making adventurous vacations was definitely out of the question should my mom tag along. She can never cope up with minor discomforts!

My dad was being narcissistic just now. He moaned that people don't greet him whenever they walk past each other. Oh, dad! Please, not everyone gives a damn about you. Seriously. Sometimes, people unintentionally does that. Probably they were not looking your way, or they are deep in thought. They were not trying to be rude. Or some people thought you are not worth their time, or have some issues against you. Naturally, they would not even care whether you are there or not. You cannot be well-liked by everyone, so please stop expecting that from people. Yeah, I told him off. I didn't care whether I sound rude or not. He isn't being realistic!

I felt sad when my younger brother told me he was like my dad too. I thought, oh dear, not another one!

My mom seemed to be sick of me going for swimming classes. She thinks it is too much of a trouble sending me to swimming classes, even though it only takes a few minutes of driving. The class is not that far from home. And she is always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS worried about my sinuses after swimming classes. Please stop caring so much about such an insignificant problem. I'm fine with it, alright? It is just a slight discomfort that I have to put up with. I won't be sick, heck, I have never been sick from swimming. My nose will not go unhealthy, or cancerous. Stop being a Florence Nightingale. You aren't. It isn't even a serious sickness. Don't keep diagnosing me. ARGHHHH!

Don't you dare stop me from attending swimming classes just because of my sinuses! I like swimming, and I love to improve my form. Don't try to keep me away from it. You were the first person who made me swim to overcome hydrophobia. And now you don't want me to attend anymore. What the hell is wrong with you, mom? And you always do not bring me swimming when it is raining. I understand if it is a heavy downpour, but certainly a light drizzle won't kill me?

Regarding the re-enrolment form I have to hand it, my mom thinks that texting the swimming coach will do. She thinks that as their "loyal" swimmer, I am not expected to hand in the form. Simply letting him know that I will return will do. Hey, who do you think you are, mom? I know you are his friend. So what? That doesn't garner you special privileges. I hate it when you want people to treat you like a queen.

My dad did not help improve the situation. He have been complaining about everything just now. It was so noisy in the car. It was really annoying. With the combination of all the minor annoyances, of course I was peeved when I got home. I told my parents to forget about the form. They can do whatever they want. After all, they are the Royal Highnesses.

A few days ago, I fell sick for a day after contracting a sore throat. I initially did not want to tell anyone in the family about it, for fear of what may come. I finally told my mom about it anyway, and the entire household treated me as if I am dying. I am to take regular medications, plus plenty of other useless vitamin supplements. I hate putting those stuffs into my body. I certainly don't need those! I'm fine! I just needed a little bit of rest and I will be alright.

I will be off to Australia soon. I don't look forward to seeing my elder brother. I have just seen him a few weeks ago. I don't look forward to my mom throwing her tantrum. I don't look forward to doing anything there, because my elder brother, a night owl, won't rise until 2pm when all the shops and places of interests will be closing.

I think scuba-diving/snorkelling and sandboarding, and other activities, will not happen. It didn't happen last year, or last last year, or the year before that. We will be doing the same thing over and over again. Curse him!


I can't wait to grow up. I can't wait to leave everyone behind, and move forward to my own future. I can't wait to drive, so that I do not need to trouble anyone. I can't wait to get my own house somewhere far away, so that I can be independent without anyone setting some silly boundaries. I do not really want people to care too much about it. I'm fine. I am, really.

I should not have started my IB course here. I should have followed some of my friends and study my A Levels in Malaysia. Or maybe migrate to the UK and do my A Levels. Or take a foundation course in Australia. Or just do the IB at some country 100000000000 kilometres away from home.

Gosh, I can't wait to start university and put all these unnecessary troubles behind. I don't need them.

I cannot believe The All-American Rejects are my therapy for now...

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