28 March 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:28 March 2007, 21:10
Subject: Crazy Hat Parade!  

Crazy hat parade!Hey everybody, a wild party is currently on the go at the cyber cruise and crew members are showing off their most ridiculous and wackiest hat they have ever owned. I thought everyone's hat was great. The only problem is, I don't own any sort of hat myself. I decided to savage hats on board which maybe a careless crew might drop, but no such luck! =(

I entered the gents' washroom and I was about to do my business inside when I caught something at the corner of my eye. And I thought, why not! Very quickly, I adopted them as my hat of the night and they sure are wacky. I call my new hat...

My crazy hat

(Chap)Eau de Toilet(te) ;)

Comments (19):

As you were already ready, why didn't you take a chamber pot ? (grin*)

I think this is just way too clever!!

My hat being shown at my place....drop by if you can

ah!ah! what a original hat! I would never have a such idea!
Come and look mine on my space!
My friend helped me this afternoon to use photoshop!

So, we're going for the HIGH fashion now are we??? **giggles*

Man, are this competition gonna be hard to judge??!!!

*lol* love the HIGH fashion commentary. I love your ingenuity with it - it's very clever & funny. I enjoy the cheeky flair that lives in it.

Oh my word, now where have those hats been? *she asks sheepishly*

Quick thinking buddy!

Hey Gattina! I wanted to use the chamber pot, but I did not want to leave smelly smells at my hair! =P
(So that's how you call them. I always refer them as urine buckets. Sounds really crude, doesn't it? ;) )

Hey Anni, I thought the egg hat was a-hooting! =D Looks awesome (and it gives the wacky and comical effect!)! *chuckle*

Hi Claudie! I wanted to photoshop a hat onto my head too, but I didn't know what to do. I went to the toilet and there, of all places, I got my inspiration. =D By the way, that's a really cool looking hat! =P

Cap'n, high is THE fashion! High buildings (Burj Arab anyone?), "high" people, high mountains, high ice-cream scoops and feeling high... It's an exhaustive list. And I was thinking, if you can't beat them, why not join them instead? =D

Hahaha, good luck in the judging! ;)

Hey r'acquel! Heeheehee! It was difficult to balance it on top of my head! =P

Hey IC Lady! Did they run out of stock at the ship's souvenir shop? ;) No wait, you bought them all! =O

I never felt so grateful to the toilet before. =D

Well! Ya just never knOw what fabulous things await you in the men's washroom, do ya?! How very CLEVER you were to create the hat!

LOL! That is too funny! Is that a bucket?

HA! Mine was "borrowed", too. But yours is way cooler! =)

Never knew the toilet is full of hidden surprises, melli! =P

Hi 0cean lady! They are buckets all right. =)

Hey sanni! Thanks, but at least yours is more hygienic; the hygiene of my hat wasn't guaranteed. =P

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