31 October 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:31 October 2006, 17:00
Subject: NaNoWriMo? 50,000?  

I'm in NaNoWriMo! Gasp!I've just enrolled myself into this NaNoWriMo Challenge. I hope I am up for it. I only learned about this competition only today, and it sounds challenging and fun. I hope I am up for it! Writing 1000 words isn't an easy task for me, not to mention 50,000! Oh man... And I have absolutely no idea on what to write. I hope that the idea will flow to my mind tomorrow. *Gawks*

Wish me luck!

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From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:Same date as above, 11:49
Subject: Weird Neighbour  

If there's the old lady in the shoe, then this old lady is in the house!So, I have a weird neighbour who lives in front of our house. She's an old lady who is in her eighties I guess, and surprisingly she isn't frail! I think she suffers from some mental disorder, I'm not too sure. But from what I've remembered vaguely, she has been shouting out really loud at odd hours (be it morning, afternoon or night) almost everyday since 1997 or so!

And funnily, some of my mom's friends has hypothesized that the more she shouted, the longer she will live! I don't know how true it was, but it does seem to make sense.

Her shouts can come in many forms. I really don't know how to put these sounds into words, but it's something like "Eee-yahhh" and "Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh" and "Ooouuwwwwwwwwww" and she even can sing some old Chinese songs very loudly. Oh, did I mention she talks loudly too at times?

Surprisingly, she doesn't know that she shouted. Sometimes, when I observe her shouting, she can just resume back to whatever she's doing. To her, it's like nothing have happened at all! It's strange, really. And doesn't she feel thirsty at all after all shouting? She's old, and well, she's all right. I guess it comes with "practice" from all the shoutings she had done all these years.

There was once when my other neighbour couldn't take it anymore, he decided to call the police. So the police went to investigate the matter, and they interrogated with this old lady. They left the place with confused expressions but decided to drop the matter. According to what I've heard, she managed to talk her way through to make it sound like she is innocent (she doesn't know that she did such things) and she pulled it off very well with her very fluent Malay.

And the other day a year or two ago, my neighbour decided to take things into his own hands by throwing a stone which broke one of her house's windows. The old lady had a grudge against my neighbours from then onwards. Sometimes when he drives to work, she will shout at him or rather the car, and give him a scowling expression. It happens to my parents too, although it's not as serious as them.

I guess maybe that's what compelled her to do this today. My maid ushered me to the window to see what she had done to our gate. Luckily, she did not vandalize it or did something horrible to the gate, but instead she threw and scattered tree branches and rubbish in front of our gate this morning. I don't know what is her intention, but all I know is that she had brought things too far. And she looked guilty too. She seemed to look in our direction of our house once in a while, probably to make sure no one cleans that up or something I don't know. All I know is that, the rubbish is blocking the very narrow street of mine and my other neighbour. And they can even poke tires and burst them.

I decided to call my mom and told her about it. I suggested calling the police, but she warned me not to, as it might only make matters worse and it's also going to be a long and endearing process for us, e.g. filling in a statement, getting interrogated, giving evidences etc. So she instructed the maid to just clean up the rubbish away.

I really don't know what is up with her today. Why is she doing this to us? I mean, what harm have we done to her; we even put up with her shoutings day and night, yet took no action. And this is what she has done? I don't know, something tells me something is not right with her. But thank goodness she is like a decent old nice lady at other times who looks harmless. She reminds me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde LOL!

Creepily, she did this during Halloween. Heck, her shoutings had sent chills down our guests' and visitors' spine, as they have never heard such odd noise before.

To us, that's just like background noise which doesn't register in our conscious minds! How weird are we! But I guess we, or rather I, have got used to it. Oh well, Happy Halloween *shrugs*.

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30 October 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:30 October 2006, 11:36
Subject: Revamp  

Blog revamped!Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates here. I've been pretty busy chasing my holiday fun. Hehe... So I decided to say bye-bye to the former layout this site is using, and now it has a notice-board theme! I hope you find this layout alright and not too distracting. I shall blog more later after I take care of my needs. I owe a lot of blog posts, heh, to make up for the lack of updates. See you later!

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18 October 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:18 October 2006, 12:59
Subject: Geography vs Add Maths  

To you, an IGNORANT Additional Maths student:

So what if I prefer Geography over Additional Mathematics?Stop dissing Geography! Seriously, I don't get you! Yes, you! I can't stand it if you continue your incessant nonsensical rambles about me. "Hey, why you drop A-Maths?" and "Hey! You betrayed us!" I don't mind these questions that I won't answer anyway. It's only human curiousity. But what I can't stand is that they have continued even until now! It's annoying and to tell you the truth, my eardrums bleed after hearing them for countless number of times.

No, I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about this!

"Without A Maths, you have NO FUTURE!"
"Without A Maths, you shall fail in life!"

Seriously mister, why do you keep flinging these remarks to me? Do you think I have not considered MY decision of dropping Add Maths? You think I just, "Oh! Today I shall drop Add Maths and go to Geography!" NO! I have spent a few days thinking and even rethinking my decisions that could probably alter my entire life. And in the end, I have decided to pursue Geography. Sure, I did not struggle as much with Additional Maths unlike others (I still find it hard though), but I feel that Geography is more of my type.

And stop dissing Geography will you (plus another creep who joined in the conversation just now)?

I have always liked Geography ever since I started learning it. How can I help it? It's not my fault that I liked it. It's one of the most interesting subjects that I've ever studied (and that probably contributes to the reason why I took up Geography: I can't stand the thought of not spending my 2 years studying it). Yet, you keep rambling about how I have "failed" to meet up "your expectations"!

Another reason why I dropped Add Maths is because I will not be persuing careers that are maths-intensive. I know I cannot deny the fact that Maths is inevitable; you need some basic Maths wherever you go. Yes. But I wonder how you got normal Maths WITH Additional Maths messed up. You made it sound like I have sinned so badly!

And I cannot believe that you are making me want to regret my decision. What's wrong with you? Why are you being so sadistic to see me going doubtful about my decisions and go on regretting it?


Why are you so ignorant? Why do you say A Maths is the centre of the universe? Why do you say that people will frown upon those sinful and "stupid" idiotic people who dropped Add Maths, and thus make it difficult to even get a job? And you think I will end up penniless and broke and lonely just because I have dropped A Maths? NOOOOO!

I can't stand the way how some Asians have this "stereotypical" thinking mindset when it comes to education. And the way how they can be so majorly pessimistic! I hate it! It's really ironic that how some people seem to have high intelligence and act very civilised, yet underneath all is an ignorant soul with a very narrow mind which dates back to 2006 BC! They think science and maths rules over everything. Yes, I agree. But not totally.

Asians frown upon those who astrayed from Sciences and Maths. They think these people are useless and too pathetic to take up the more "enriching" Sciences and Maths. You got to change your mindset I tell you and be more open!

Note: The above is a fact. I'm not kidding. I've seen it myself. Aunties and uncles bragging about how their sons and daughters have become surgeons, scientists, doctors, lawyers and countless other prestigious jobs. I can't believe how some can sometimes treated their children like their assets!

Geography ain't easy, I tell you (although it's easier than the you-know-what subject). I can't stand you trying to tell me "Oh! Geography is an easy subject. You know, like anyone can pass it!". I know you can and you have the potential but stop saying that to me, please! It's completely pointless and it takes a lot of effort to remember facts. But I'm glad I ended enjoying doing so more than doing Add Maths.

But most importantly, I ENJOY what I am doing now. So to hell with your remarks please! Spend your time doing something more "productive", like locking up in your room and doing some Phd. Maths questions.

Oh no! My future is doomed? Yes? NO! I have spent some considerable time doing my research on careers that don't require so much Maths, and there are indeed a lot out there! I can name you some, like artists, musicians, writers, lawyers, teachers, historians, archaeologists, TV broadcasters, actors, environmentalists, geologists, GPs etc. etc. etc. This list is non-exhaustive! I suggest you do your own research before saying things out of the blue!

So yea, you say I can take Add Maths as my ninth subject? Yes I can! But I have other plans so that's a no go to me! Besides, I don't want to give myself the extra pressure. And a fool said:

"It's better to do more subjects. The more you do, the better it is! That's what employers want!"

What a load of bullshit! I've never even heard of such statements before! I need statistics, brother! And also quotes from respectable employers too! Get your facts straight before saying something so unrealistic! It all comes to waste if you can juggle 20 subjects, yet you are a loser (i.e. lazy, don't know what/how to do) when it comes to doing your job. You dig? Besides, employers are more interested in your university degree, not what you did some 7 years ago. GCE O Levels is the gateway to further education and possibly a job, but doing more does NOT give you an added advantage (unless one is doing so if he or she is really interested)!

I don't like it when you guys are SOOO ignorant of Geography too. And you even classified it as useless! How dare you! Geography isn't useless, it teaches you about the world and its physical features and how humans interact with it. If it's that useless, the Ministry of Education would have scrapped it off the syllabus eons ago. Sheesh, how wussy can you get?

Bottom line is: Respect my decisions. I've made it, I've done it and I'm committed to it. You have no right to influence my already firm thoughts. You may comment once, twice, thrice even, but not everytime! Besides, who am I to you? Why do you care SO MUCH about how my future will be? So unless you're Raven Baxter, I advise you to keep your mouth shut if you still have nothing nice to say about my choice. You don't see me dissing Add Maths, huh?

If you meant it playfully, I wouldn't have make such a big fuss about it but you have turned it into some kind of serious discussion. Sheesh. Male chauvinism. Pfft.

Oh yea, and the "talk" went somewhat from A Maths - Geography into how brainiacs are conceived. My goodness, how lame can you get? You suddenly say M's father is [I can't remember his prestigious job] and his mother is a physiotherapist, and that's why they conceived such children of high intelligence. And then you used again the example of N, saying that his father is a chemistry supplier (I don't know how they put it) and his mother is an A-Level Physics teacher. That's one one's a scientific prodigy, while the other can take on 9 subjects and remains sane and intelligent.

And you went on to ask me who my parents work as?

My god, you thought that this decision I make, which you feel stupid, makes me stupid? And you proceeded to ask who my parents are? And you dare to compare me with these people?

Who am I, huh, A PRODUCT IS IT????????

For your information, my parents are both hardworking businessmen, and my mom's also a manageress and so is my dad, a manager. So what conclusion are you trying to reach? Intelligent parents make intelligent babies, and stupid parents make....... (dear readers, please continue)?! Insulting, really...

An incohesive conclusion I'm afraid. And you made these gene inheritance thingy sound so ... mechanical and artificial. All these are decided by God I'm afraid. You can't just conceive designer babies! (The 21st century brought a change to that though =\)

I dare not say my parents' jobs, for you may ridicule them ruthlessly, which I do not allow!!!!!! And I'm not a genious okay (I wish I was, but I would be misused and abused), I'm just like everyone else! But there are certain things in me which makes me different, in a way.

Sometimes, I don't know what comes to these people's minds, turning them all weird suddenly. I don't hate them personally though, it's just that these things they do and say can really get on my nerves.

I wish I could say more to them to defend myself. Unfortunately, humans don't take that lightly and they interpret it as a cue to start a tongue-forking argument (sorry, I can't think up of the correct..."phrase"). I know I do =\. Anyway, I wouldn't want that to happen and it's only making matters worse.

On the brighter side, few days are what separates me from exams and freedom. I can't wait!

P.S. I hope none of you Add Maths students and teachers take this post seriously. I'm not directing it to anyone in particular, except for the people I mentioned above. So don't worry, I have nothing against you people or the subject! Key word: ignorant.

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