20 March 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:20 March 2007, 11:46
Subject: Liberated!  

So happy!I finally plucked my courage and took the deep dive without caring for the world around me. The deadline to hand in the 'O' Level registration forms are looming closer and I simply had to do something. So I did. I went to see her, the Deputy Principal. After much discussion (or rather, a very pleasant informal conversation =) ), the outcome was this:

that frolicsome kid: "May I drop the subject?"
Deputy Principal: "Yes, you may."

Thank goodness she was able to see how much fifth formers have to juggle! Bless her! =D Even though admitting my mistake was the hardest step for me, she nodded her head in agreement and surprisingly, she was glad to hear that. She said that the school wanted me to achieve excellent results in my eight subjects, not to get mediocre results in nine. I think eight is more than enough; there's a lot more to life I want to see at this time. =)

Immediately stepping out of her office which I initially thought was claustrophobic and unwelcoming, I flew into a state of euphoria! My happiness and relief cannot be described in words, after all, it was as if a super big burden has been removed off me! Now I can finally concentrate and focus on my life and studies. I cannot believe this one big problem was a hindrance and a distraction in my life.

They say the first step is always the hardest. I agree. After overcoming it (i.e. fear), things can only get easier. =)

Now to settle up some other things, like handing up my O Levels registration form, completing my ASEAN scholarship form (yes, I was given the consent by my parents to try! =D), sending back the money order to the eBay buyer of which the sale of my item was unsuccessful since last month(charges incurred in banking in the cheque costs more than the book itself!), returning a book I borrowed last year (!) from my friend etc. Things are definitely looking up now! =)

Comments (15):

Congratulations on conquering a fear! Glad things are looking up for you now! good luck with all your registrationa and applications.

I hate to tell you this, but...

I told you so.


Excellent! Now, we need your help at the ship!

Do nay forget t' swear an' be naughty sea dogs an' land lubbers!

Ya horn swollgin' scallywag!

Well done, Fk! I'm glad you managed to do it - now you can concentrate on what's important to you, instead of letting everything else drag you down... I'm proud of you, FK - you did good!!!

by Anonymous
Date:21/3/07 09:29  

You are learning to face things and remedy them while deciding what is the best thing for you. Some of us don't learn that till we are soooooo much older!!! Good for you.

That's great! It's amazing isn't it, how just one thing can make such a big difference... :D

Hey whenn! Yep, I knew it at that instant things were starting to perk up. =) Thanks! =P

katelyn, you changed your profile picture! =P Hahahaha! ;)

Aye Cap'n, ye have no idea how I was gagged by the pirates! =O

Hey annelisa! I sure can finally concentrate now. First, I let the short 4 days holiday run its course, after that then I'll concentrate. ;) I think the Deputy Principal shares the same view as you too. =)

Thanks, technobabe, a remedy was definitely necessary; it was tearing up my insides! =X

Hey Terra Shield! I cannot believe after that one thing is gone, my life changed for the better! Lol!

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