21 November 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:21 November 2006, 15:58
Subject: Kinderella - Chapter 3  

Kinderella - My NovelApologies if this entry came in terribly late. I feel really lazy and unmotivated lately to finish up the novel. Nevertheless, I still have to strive hard and give it my best shot to hopefully finish the novel by the 30th of this month (why oh why doesn't November have 31 days!).

Let's see, there are 10 days more left, including today. I'm about 40 000 words away from the target, so that means I need to write about...

*does the calculation*

More than 4000 words to write per day. Eeeep! *shudders* Wish me luck! And punish me if I do not make it, hahaha!

Click on No. above the Date field to view the story.

If you're eyes tire after reading such long blocks of text, I have divided this chapter into 2 halves for your convenience. Words in bold mark where the anchors lead to.

Quick Jump:
First half
Second half


Chapter 3

She washed her face in the basin, looked herself in the mirror and cautiously closed the bathroom door. She opened her drawer and picked a floral-patterned headscarf and covered her head with it. Like the more modern Muslim women, she wore it a bit back on her head and made sure her side fringe peeked out underneath the headscarf.

She grabbed the overcoat that hung at her door and projected a fiendish smile. “I’m ready,” she said with a slight hint of Persian accent. She opened the window as quietly as possible and when the coast was clear, she flung the thick brown twisted rope out of the window. Very carefully and gently, she climbed down the rope. She sweated and hoped that no one spotted her coming out of her room.

She landed on the ground with a soft thud, and pulled the rope down with ease. She coiled the rope and hid it behind the shrubbery of bougainvillea.

“It always works. Camouflages too! No one will suspect a thing, no no!”

She tiptoed to the tall gates, and she looked to her left and her right to ensure that no one must follow her. “If not, I’ll be damned,” she figured. Behind the thick shrub of ixora was a relatively small hole, but large enough for a person of her size to crawl through. She bent down and crawled through the hole with some difficulty. She grunted and she pushed herself.

Finally she was out and free once again! “But I’ve got to do something with that hole. It seems to be getting smaller and smaller.”

She walked for a few kilometres, and when she was safely out of sight, she breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Phew! Almost thought I couldn’t make it there!”

She put on her cheap, tacky sunglasses and blended herself in with the few pedestrians who were walking in front of her. She stopped and looked at the end of the road. A yellow taxi with a dirty exterior turned at the corner and drove towards her. As it neared her, she flagged for the taxi. It slowly halted to a stop, and the chubby driver with a bubbly face and stubbly complexion pulled down the windows.

“Where to, Miss?”

“The city,” answered the young lady. She opened the taxi door and ushered herself in.

“Yea, I know, the city is goddamn big! Can’t you precisely tell me where exactly you want me to send you?”

The woman was slightly taken aback by his rude question, but she decided to shake it off anyway. “The Open Market, please.”

And the taxi drove off, sending the leaves by the sidewalk flying and scattering in the air.

The ride to the city was tense and rather quiet, too quiet, despite the radio blasting some new rap song which words are decipherable to the passenger’s ears. The taxi driver was humming to the strange song while drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

The lady stiffened. She fidgeted for a while before plucking the courage. She sighed and proceeded to ask the taxi driver, “Wait, you actually enjoy this song?”

“Well, yeah! I love this song! And ohh, here comes the good part!”

“Shake your money maker
Like somebody's bout to pay ya
I see you on my radar
Don't you act like you're a faker

You know I got it
If you wanna come get it
Stand next to this money
Like - ey ey”
(© Ludacris – Money Maker)

“What? A money maker and some faker who stands next to the money maker? Boy, and I thought poetry was weird, but this is simply ridiculous!” Unbeknownst to her, she said that out pretty loud.

The taxi driver scorned. “Hey, don’t diss this song, man! It made it to the Top 10 charts. Shit, you conservatives are all the same. Never appreciate song such as this!”

“Oh, I’m sorry! But that is my own opinion!”

“Yea, yea, whatever!”

She slumped on the old taxi chair. She noticed that it was not maintained in top shape and she could already see tears and some stitches coming out. And it looked pretty bad too.

“This guy has seriously got issues,” she thought to herself unhappily.

She stared outside at the bungalows with beautiful lawns zooming past by. She wished that she could stay in such houses though. Unfortunately, that will never happen in a million years, and she is stuck living her rather petite life.

She watched the trees planted at the avenue and admired in awe the way the afternoon sun’s rays streaked through the branches and the leaves. She tried to identify them, unfortunately she have forgotten their names which she have learnt up for a Biology class test a couple of years ago. So much for education.

The taxi suddenly screeched to a stop. The lady passenger nearly hit herself on the front seat, but fortunately her outstretched hands have helped prevented that. She breathed heavily, and instinctively asked what had happened.

“Can’t you see the many cars in front?! We’re stuck in a stinking traffic jam!” Furiously, the taxi driver pressed the horn really hard for the few times. After that, he seemed to calm down and took out his handkerchief from his pocket. He wiped the brow of his sweating forehead and turned up the air conditioner.

The lady was once again shocked at his response. She tried to tell herself that the poor man sitting in front of her was having a pretty rough day, but apparently that did not seem to be a logical explanation. If he did have a bad day, he would not even have recited the satirical poetry aired on the radio.

The exhaust pipe of the SUV in front of the taxi blew out black smoke. How environmental unfriendly, doesn’t he know how to use unleaded gas? Horns and beeps can be heard echoing throughout the congested avenue. She realised that she had picked the wrong time to go out; it was practically rush hour when people are going home.

For about five minutes, the traffic did not even move a budge. Frustrated, the taxi driver cursed out loudly, ignoring the fact that there was a lady passenger behind him. Heck, he wondered why he picked that stray off the street. He should have just left her alone instead.

“I rather lose a customer than let a moron into my car!” he murmured.

The taxi finally moved at last, but stopped again. It barely went an inch.

“Damn! I’m stuck in a massive traffic jam, and I got dinner at six with honeybooch, and worse of all, I’m stuck with an Arab who could be a potential terrorist here! God!” he exclaimed.

“Excuse me, what did you just say?” asked the lady defiantly. “How could you insult me like that, you … you … ARGH!”

The taxi driver went silent. It looks like his big mouth had led him into big trouble, heck, he could even get fired!

“If you don’t want me, just say so!” She opened her purse and handed him fifteen dollars, “Here’s your money, and I need no change. Because I’m not riding with any racist donkeys!”

She opened the door and stepped out in the middle of the road. She purposely left the taxi door opened, why should she bother to shut it? She walked across the congested avenue and got to the other side of the sidewalk. Spying a subway, she made her way down and joined the throngs of commuters waiting at the station down underground.

When the train arrived, she immediately stepped into it. She did not bother letting the other people out first as she was too engrossed with her own thoughts of fury. “How dare he insult me like that! And I’m not even Arab either! Stupid blinking donkey! Urgh! Urgh! I cannot believe how irrational some people can be.”

She found an unoccupied seat and quickly sat down on it. She sat cross-legged and stared the business executives who tried to squeeze themselves into the packed train. On ordinary days, she will stand up and politely offer one lucky tired chap a free seat, but not today. Today, she wanted to be selfish, thanks to some taxi driver who she hoped she will never see again.

The doors closed and she lurched forward and nearly fell off her seat when the train began to run. She managed to grab onto a support and prevented herself from getting into another embarrassing accident. She had enough commotions for one day.

She stared past the man who was reading the newspaper into the running big black tunnel wall that seems to be unchanged forever. Lights in the tunnel blinked as the train travels through smoothly. Another turn here and another turn there, the lady counted the number of turns the train has taken out of boredom, and also to forget about her frustrations that afternoon. The train then slowed to a crawl as it approached the next station. She got up and alighted the train, squeezing herself through the crowd of people going against her way.

With grace, she walked up the steps back to the outside world, where she was greeted by aromatic delicious scents of food. The young woman inhaled the rich smell deeply and enjoyed the sensation. Her stomach grumbled, hungry after a long day. She strode to Sam’s Good-Old Bakery and as she was about to enter, she stopped and stared at the window. She clapped her hands when she saw her favourite fruitcakes still sitting there at the cooling display.

The small bell chimed a melodious ring when she entered the shop. The cashier looked up at her and broke into a smile.

“Hey Zuleikha, how’s it going?”

“Oh Sam, I have a pretty frustrating day. I will have two of my favourite fruitcakes please,” said the lady. She helped herself to a table, hung her overcoat in a rack, and sat. She stared longingly outside and observed how the little children play a game of tag. They seem to have so much fun, and looked happy and carefree. Oh, how she longed the days of her childhood! She will not need to worry so many unnecessary things that only encourage the growth of white hair.

Sam gently nudged Zuleikha’s shoulder. “Zul? Your cakes are ready!”

Zuleikha snapped back to reality. “Oh, really? Gee, thanks a lot Sam! I was looking forward to this the whole day!”

Sam placed the plate and a mug of hot chocolate on the table. He winked at her and bowed slightly to her.

“Sam! You even bought me hot chocolate, too! How sweet of you!”

“Anytime, Zul! You looked pretty down today, so I thought a hot drink might just do the trick.” The young lad scratched his head and grinned sheepishly.

“Sam, Sam, Sam! You’re too kind! Hey, are you free now?”

“Yea, I am. Business is rather slow now, so yes, I can definitely buy some time.”

Before Zuleikha can say anything, the tall blond guy grabbed a chair and sat near his regular customer. In fact, she was so regular that they both have befriended each other over the years.

The young lady took a bite at her cake. She savoured the sweet taste of it. She took another bite and while chewing, she asked, “Sam, do you know how some people can be total idiots?”

“Oh yea, tell me about it. Some fussy weirdo decided to drop by today. Boy, did she make my day when she refused to buy anything at all! She kept on insisting for lobster thermidor when my store sign clearly says it’s a bakery shop, not a first-class takeaway restaurant!”

“Hahaha! Really? God, did you tell her that?”

“I did!” said the exasperated shopkeeper, “All she could do was to show me a horrendous black face, and she stormed off my shop!”

“Wow! She must be super angry and terribly embarrassed!”

Sam nodded in agreement. “Hell yeah!”

Zuleikha paused for a bit. She adjusted her headscarf as she struggled to remember what she was trying to say. She bit her lower lip.

“Right. I was trying to rant to you about the stupid taxi driver who was really being a racist. Goodness! And he called me an Arab, when clearly I’m not!”

“Ouch, that hurts!”

“I got so mad, I made him stop right in the middle of a congested road and got off. I didn’t bother closing his door. Why should I, since he didn’t want to care about me! Arrrgh! Just talking about this makes so annoyed how prejudiced some people can be!”

Zuleikha slumped on the chair and took one large bite of the fruitcake sitting on the plate. How she loved to eat away the stress and fury that got entangled inside her.

Sam was about to console her when a bell chimed. He quickly stood up and apologised to Zuleikha. “Sorry! I’ve got customer! I get back to you later. In the meantime, enjoy the cake!”

Heaving a sigh, he left Zuleikha sitting alone in the corner of the shop. Zuleikha savoured the taste of the fruitcakes as she stared wistfully outside. The setting sun cast an orange blanket over the city. The children that were playing outside began to walk back to their respective houses. Streetlights automatically came on and the lights in tall office buildings shone.

Zuleikha stared in sadness as the now empty plate. I wish this plate could refill itself with more fruitcakes, she thought. In one swift motion, she got up, wore her overcoat and approached Sam. She was about to take out her wallet when Sam, who was busy entertaining the customer, politely refused.

“It’s on the house!” He winked.

Zuleikha broke into a smile. She nodded, and quickly walked off to the city’s subway. She took no chances in flagging a taxi down as she feared her driver might be that crazy racist guy again.

(Catch Chapter 4 soon! Comments and criticisms very much welcomed =). Thanks for reading!)

Comments (30):

That explains the very short comment on my blog - you have to save your words for the novel ;-)

I have a lot of words, do you want to borrow any? *lol*

Though mostly they are bullsh*t...

*Good luck kick in your butt*

I am enjoying your story.
50,000 words is a lot for a month. If you don't get time to finish the story by the end of November then continue it later.
That's what I am going to do with my unofficial story. I'm at 7800 words now. But it should be finished in time for the next NaNoWriMo, ha,ha..

Well quite an undertaking..you are giviing it a run for the money ..I will be back to finish reading..ok I'll admit it, you hooked me I need to catch up to where you have left off..take care..m

by Anonymous
Date:22/11/06 05:25  

Good luck with that. There is no way I'd be able to write an entire novel in one month, but I'm sure you can do it.

Hey mrs lifecruiser! It's okay if they are "bull~", they actually can get me one word closer to that 50,000 words target! ;)

Hi happy and blue 2! Yea, I probably continue the story if I don't reach the target by the 30th. I like the way how the story turns out. I wish you lots of luck in completing your unofficial NaNoWriMo novel. Would you be putting up in your site as well?

Hi madd! I got you hooked up? Wow! =D Glad you like the story! I'm currently working on Chapter 4 now, and hopefully by this week I would have written more and post maybe one or two here.

Hey thinker! Thanks for the good luck! =)

Congratulations ! The more languages you know the more possibilities you have in life and now : Ich musste Englisch lernen, deutsch ist meine Muttersprache. So if you need some help I can do it for you. When some (not all) germans speak english it really sounds funny ! I had a boss who mixted up both languages and then you heard that : The Tür flight immer zu ! or Ich muss go zum restroom. Tschüss !

Sorry, ich kommentierte auf dem falschen Blog ! I meant of course your german learning !

Back to read the next installment later...

Hallo Frau gattina! It's alright that you commented on the wrong blog post =P. I find learning German really fun so far!

Hi annelisa! Sure, no problem! Check back soon ;)

Ehm, did I miss something? I swear Kinderella was a boy, so this must be the love interest... His 'princess'? (sorry, it's been a few days, and a lot going on... lost the thread a bit)

Question - are you writing for the competition, or because you particularly want to tell this story?

If the answer was the former, then it doesn't matter what the heck you write, as long as you write - no going back for corrections, no sitting thinking for long periods about how it's progressing... just write! Like the clappers, now, being as you've only got (sorry to point out the obvious) 8 days! :-D

If the answer's the latter, then try and think more about the plot, the story, the characters as you go...

You can't do both. The former excludes the latter! :-)

You're doing great already (I'm sure you can't have a whole lot of free time with studying an' all), so just do your best [whichever route you're taking!]

BTW - I wonder...Could you say that Zuleikha is racist for being offended at being thought of as an Arab??? I know it wouldn't bother me on that score - the bit that would bother me is the taxi driver's, "I’m stuck with an Arab who could be a potential terrorist here!" which is most definately negative stereotyping!

Hmm, probably! Yes, Kinderella is a guy.

To answer your question: Yes, I'm actually doing both. For NaNoWriMo as well as wanting to share this story I have already thought up of quite some time ago. I actually did a pictorial story on it for thesims2.ea.com but I never got round to finishing it. I also did try unsuccessfully to make a movie of this story through playing the game The Movies.

Somehow, as I write out this story, the plot completely evolved beyond what I had originally expected, and I am enjoy every minute typing them out. Being a pseudo-perfectionist myself, I try to ensure that the story can flow logically and concisely.

That explains why I'm writing at such a slow pace. I keep pausing for quite some time just to think up of words, or how I should connect the sentences together. Maybe it's all a bit too much for NaNoWriMo, and I don't have much time left. But I really cannot help ensuring that the storyline is okay and flows naturally. =(

Actually, I'm having the holidays now, so I have lots of time to write up the novel but ever since the mini-hiatus I have for a few days, I felt compelled to pick up where I left off until 2 weeks later. I wasn't supposed to do that, but I was really turned off to write so many words once again. And I'm struggling to write 4000+ words a day; the most I can manage is 2000 words lol! Nevertheless, I shall complete the story whether or not I can make it on time by November 30.

Anyway, Zuleikha wasn't really being a racist, she was just merely offended and annoyed that the taxi driver stereotyped ladies like her with headscarfs as an Arab and a "potential terrorist". And yeah, the taxi driver was supposed to be a very stereotypical, arrogant and prejudiced person.

I certainly don't mean it though.

Thank you so much for your input annelisa, I really appreciate it much! Chapter 4 should be uploaded by tomorrow. =)

Hey Frolicsome..yes..hooked!! finished reading yesternight(maddisim)..looking forward to next chapter..I like the interesting take on this old fable..I am a sucker for this story in any form. Even if you do not finish for the challenge..I know you will be compelled to finish your story..as you said it is starting to lead you where it wants to go..a true sign of a writter, guiding but still letting the story lead you..I alo want to wish you the very best of Holidays..take care..m

That's what I thought - you are writing because you have a story to tell, and using the NaNoWriMo to give you a push into writing it!

That's great because, if you get several chapters in, you will have built up a little fan-club (including me) who will want to know what happens next, so no going back - you're officially a novelist now! :-D

I have a few suggestions to help the narrative flow smoother, but don't want to put you off your pace, so I'll save them for a later date, when it's really pelting!

Hope you're sitting at your pc writing just now... :-)

I put in a better piccie of the double rainbow (well, it's a better one of the rainbows, but not a better image overall) at the end of Last Call just for you! :-)

Have a good day!

Hi madd! Yeah, the story is starting to become independent, lol! And thanks, madd!

Hi annelisa! Yes, that is exactly what I'm doing now, using NaNoWriMo as a factor for me write the story =). And thank you so much for adding another double rainbow picture at your blog post! I shall go over there and check it out now! Thanks a lot!

Yikes, what did you do to the comments? They got all their html in them (thought you were handling it, eh? :-) )

I don't know, annelisa. They got pretty messed up after I switched to Blogger beta the other day.

Good luck with that.

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