18 February 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:18 February 2007, 10:40
Subject: Happy New Year, Again?!  

Happy Chinese New Year!I'm so happy to see my elder brother and his girlfriend back again! Time really flies by fast! I remember hugging them goodbye during the last week of December 2006 back at the airport. Boy, I can't believe I'm seeing him again.

I love Chinese New Year because this means that my elder brother will join our family again to celebrate this auspicious festivity. It also means another time to start afresh again. I'm determined to make the best start as possible. Now, if only my motivation and spirits are not dampened that fast... =P

One thing this festivity bugs me is that my house is opened for people to visit every year! Swarms of people, i.e. relatives, acquaintances, friends and colleagues will flock over to visit. I find it pretty scary to go down to the living room and confront so many people sitting there, laughing and having a good time. And I don't know many of them. =S I remember people looking at my way everytime when I come down the stairs. I feel so self-conscious when the eyes kept staring at my way. =S

People, especially my parents' friends, who see me will be shrieking, "Oh! Look how tall you have grown!" or "Hey, is this your son? So big already!". Man, I feel so embarrassed to be complimented that way, lol!

My mom says letting people to come over to my house brings good luck. I guess I have to bear with it. After all, I'll be compensated with lots of red packets (and a chance to show off my new clothes). Hahahaha! (No, that frolicsome kid! Don't have such selfish thoughts. >=P)

Hmmm... Have you guys ever wondered how Chinese New Year came about? My Dad told us this story last night and I remembered hearing that on Disney Channel:

A long time ago in China, a grotesque and horrible monster always came to haunt the villagers on the eve of the New Year. Oddly enough, this monster is called (nián - which also means "year" in Chinese!). The people were upset that this monster kept appearing to hurt them every year. One day, when Nian came again, it confronted a red colour in one of the villager's house and it became frightened because it was afraid of red (that is why Chinese wear red during Chinese New Year ;) ). Then suddenly, a lightning striked and the monster howled with fear. The villagers then discovered the monster's weakness so they ensured that they put something red in front of their house and make loud banging noises during the eve of the Chinese New Year.

Soon, this legend then became a tradition of the Chinese. When firecrackers were invented by the Chinese, they adopt that method to chase out the old year and welcome the New Year. So if you guys heard firecrackers last night, you now know why. =P

In case you guys haven't noticed, Chinese New Year falls on a different day every year. This is because it is based on the lunar year, not the Gregorian calendar. =) (I don't know how it works though.) And this festival is also called Spring Festival.

This Chinese New Year falls on a pig year. It's like each year is represented by a different animal, which we call the zodiacs (pretty similar to the Western Astrology). Legends of how the 12 animal cycles came about can be found here.

Anyway guys, I got to go now. I will be back soon to blog more. =P If you know any Chinese friends who opens their house during the 15 days of the Chinese New Year celebrations, feel free to pay them a visit and observe the celebrations first hand. I guarantee you find it interesting. ;) So, I'll leave you all with this and...

I want to wish you guys Gong Xi Fa Chai; have a healthy and prosperous New Year to everyone! =D

Comments (19):

by Anonymous
Date:18/2/07 11:53  

This is so nice to be learning such interesting things from a kid~~~~ You really make it fun to read and to learn. I did not know about the Chinese New Year, thanks.

Why I had no idea about Chinese monster! I love red and so no wonder the monsters stay away!

Fantastic post - thank you for the info!

(p.s. You do memes? Tagged you in case)

Thanks for the informative post.

Gong Xi Fa Chai to you too :-)

..and I really mean that. It sounds like you've been under a lot of pressure studying, so I hope it gets a bit easier for you this year.

I'm so glad that I'm an adult and not have to study anymore... *lol*

Though I still do, in some meaning. A lot about blogging and internet and computers now and then ;-)

I know what you mean with all that people. I've never liked it and probably never fully will. Yes, I got more used to it as an adult, but not completely.

It's just to accept fact: We can't be like that every one of us :-)

Gong Xi Fa Chai to you too Fk!!

What an interesting and lively post... so much in there...

I seem to remember a time before when you didn't like lots of visitors... guess things haven't changed already.

When I read about your visitors shrieking "Oh! Look how tall you have grown!" or "Hey, is this your son? So big already!" the thought that popped up into my head was very wicked... I immediately thought you should claw your fingers up in the air above your head, and do Little Red Riding Hood's line, "All the better to eat you with!"... and see what their reaction is... don't suppose too many will say such things to you again! :-D

Hope you are enjoying your time with your big brother!

I became interested in the Zodiac when I started reading Fruits Basket/Furuba. Kinda strange, but whatever... :P

Hope you have/had fun with all those visitors! I know how awkward it is to see all these people and have them make weird comments :S


Happy New Year..

Happy New Year!
Thank you, yet again, for great reading!

happy chinese new year!! hope u get lots of angpau

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Hey technobabe, it's great that you know something about the Chinese culture! =) It's still on now, so you might head to your nearest Chinatown and catch the people celebrating this festival. =)

Hey Maryam! Hahahaha, that could just be the very explanation. =P My mother loves red too; she will instant buy a red dress or shoes when she sees one! ;)

Hello TopChamp! Thanks for tagging me, but unfortunately, I am unable to do it these couple of days as I'm quite busy. I'll do it when I'm free. =) Thanks for tagging me! =D

Hey mrs lifecruiser! Gong Xi Fa Chai to you too! =D Unfortunately, the teachers were evil enough to dump us with loads of homework, LOL! There's so much to catch up now and we're actually rushing through the syllabus so it isn't a walk in the park anymore; it's like a run at the Olympics race! =O

It's great that you're learning about ICT! =D Horray!!! =D

I feel uncomfortable when I'm thrust into a sea of people who knows me, but I don't know them. It feels really awkward. =S

Hey annelisa! Gong Xi Fa Chai to you. =D Did I mention about me not liking lots of visitors before? I don't remember... hahaha! =P

Hahahaha! That phrase is good! =D I don't think I will get the same reactions as you thought though, I most probably will be given blur looks and them going "Huh?!". Hahahaha! =P

I definitely am enjoying spending time with my big brother! =D Too bad he still has his friends and girlfriend to entertain as well. =P

Heya katelyn! I remember seeing an advertisement on Disney Channel about a movie called Zodiac airing on the eve of Chinese New Year. It's a shame that I couldn't watch it. =(

Some were quite fun! =D There were many who I just don't really entertain because I don't know what to say! I'm quite bad at entertaining guests. =S

Happy Chinese New Year to you happy and blue 2, whenn, uncommonly u and terra shield! =D By the way, whenn, you're welcome. =)

And to uncommonly u, the amount of angpau I got this year is more or less the same as last year's, if not less. Are you married? Maybe you can give me an e-angpau or something... ;) =P

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