18 March 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:18 March 2007, 21:51
Subject: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?  

Bye bye... =(I cannot believe it. It was only two hours ago that the aura of my brother's jubilance and his girlfriend's soothing and melodious voice filled the house. Now, it's slowly dissipating away. Time flies by too fast. Too fast...

It was quite painful to say goodbye at the airport, despite me desperately trying to coax you two to change your minds and stay here. One month has passed and I enjoyed hanging out with you guys very much. You two have spiced up the family and we shared many good times (and bad times =P).

I just want to apologise to you both for being rather moody this past few days prior to your departure. It's just good timing that insignificant negative vibes began to take its toll. But it was great to share some of the "burdens" I had with you, and thank you both for lending your ears and giving advices. At least I know where I stand now. =)

I long for the days when we just cruised around the towns in the Lexus car. Even though we didn't do anything "productive" =P, I had a blast talking to you guys in the car. I long for the humorous jokes you love to crack everytime. I miss talking to you.

I miss you a lot, big bro and sis. =(

Hopefully, in the blink of the eye, December will come and we will once again see you in Australia.

My heart sort of shattered and I felt like crying when the glass doors to the departure room closed, acting as the separator in our lives. I knew that we won't be seeing each other for quite some time. *sigh* As my family and I walked down the stairs to the arrival hall, it was packed with people and I remembered fondly how we were one of them, and how my family and I greeted you two with a big welcome hug on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Despite our distance apart, you two will always be my brother...and also my "sister", as well as best of friends.


I hope to see you guys soon. Take good care of yourselves. All the best to you two in your lives...

Comments (10):

Wow! You really live in a long distance from each other.

I should just remind you about your DJ duties for Lifecruiser in Barcelona :-)

Be aware of the time difference - right now it's 07:25 am over here - both in Sweden and Barcelona and I'm going to bed now. Very foolish to stay up this long, but I'm weird, don't blame me ;-)

Cu L8er

Hi Captain! Yessiree, I have begun my DJ duties. Check it out!

Yes, I'm aware of the time differences. It really is early morning there now, huh? =P I think it's a good time to bask in the Mediterranean sun before it gets too hot! =P

Is piped music available in your cabin? Maybe I should purposely play the music (looping incessantly, of course ;) ) louder. That way, I will keep you awake. Mwahahaha! *evil grin*

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