30 January 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:30 January 2007, 11:41
Subject: Things that make me smile  

All smiles for me!A few things happened over the weekend that has made smile and I went over the moon! Hahaha...

I still remember reading one of my friend's blog posts, and she recalled the times when our "family" (a make-believe one), a group comprising of 4 girls and I *wink* *wink* just had fun on the first outing we had. It certainly was a blast, of course. We bonded together a lot through that outing alone, we were just being ourselves and having fun teasing and talking to one another!

She (my "daughter") then recalled back the happy times we had when we just joked to each other and talked, and also the pretty miserable times when "family ties" were strained/severed. Nevertheless, through thick and thin, we stuck together and since this is going to be our last year together, we have to make full use of it to bond even closer and go out on more outings.

I am not the kind of person who likes to go out on outings but I think for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed hanging out with them outside! As for the outings I had with the guys, let's just say it wasn't really that fun and exciting. In fact, I don't quite like it and I find it really dull (or maybe we don't share the same interests)...Sorry to say this!

I also love talking to her! I can tell you, our chats can last for two hours rambling about incessant nothings. We laughed a lot! It was really fun, and no, we are just good friends and I won't go beyond that! ;)

It rained on Sunday! I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to miss my swimming class! =D I am so sick of doing front crawl drills! Last week, I had to do 5x100m and 3x150m and it was pretty tiring. I so do not look forward to another lesson again. Thank goodness the sky heard my wishes and ever since then, the sky was overcast and it was drizzling lightly most of the time. And that means no basketball game(s) with my neighbour too!

I used to loathe rains on Sundays as they prevent me from going to swimming classes, but now they are a blessing in disguise!

As I was about to leave for German class this afternoon, I met my brother's art teacher (who was also my PE teacher in school) downstairs. So he asked the inevitable question, "Where are you going?" My fear came true, he asked me that question! To tell you the truth, I don't like people to know that I take German classes.

I remember vividly that on a family (maternal side) reunion dinner we had last time, my mom told them, just like that, that I take German class. Of course, I was confronted by shocked expressions. My granduncle asked me, "Why don't you want to take a more useful language, like Spanish or French?" I sunk low into my embarrassment and my face drained out of its blood. I have my own reasons to study a "useless language" such as that, okay? I was lazy to elaborate on that.

There is another case when an arrogant businessman came into my house and have discussion with my parents. When my mom saw me coming down, she passed to me the Spanish book I bought online at Amazon.com. Do you know what the stupid businessman said?

"Why study a stupid language like Spanish? Learn Japanese instead!"

If I couldn't control my anger and embarrassment, I could have given this man a tight slap! I'm serious! What an ignorant fool!

That is why I never told anyone that I take up German class. So when his teacher asked me that, I thought to myself, "Oh no! What will his reaction be?"

"German class."

He echoed back. "German class? Oh..." I bet he was very surprised!

Later, when I came back, he was still there! LOL! I was like, now what is he going to say to me again! I received a really sweet and pleasant surprise from him when he greeted me, "Guten Tag!" I was laughing a little as his pronunciation was a bit wrong, but nevertheless I greeted him back! =D He then asked me what it meant, so I told him it actually means good day. =)

He's such a nice, cool guy. He actually took interest in my German pursuits. I was more than elated. I was on cloud 9! =D

I am also quite pleased that school is starting soon. I know it's ironic for me to suddenly say this after ranting how much I hated going back there, but honestly, I think I had had enough of staying idle and not doing much useful things during the holidays. So it's a welcome change to me!

Actually, my intention is more to seeing my friends again, not pursuing my education! Hahahahaha! But I enjoy most of my classes, though.

Hey, look, the sun's shining now after a few days of drizzle and overcast. Hmmm... this is going to be a good day after all! =D

Oh, before I end this blog post, please take some time and head over to Maryam's blog, My Marrakesh. It's really nice, and I especially love how her house looks and of course, her descriptions of Morroco. It's another eye-opener into this part of the world!

I let you in to something: That blog is actually a nominee for the most prestigious blog award, The 2007 Bloggies! That is so awesome and it's great to know that she got into the voting phase! So please vote for her! I'm going to, but I have other blogs to nominate as well and I have no idea how am I suppose to vote for them! =P

Comments (13):

Well, if you start now, there is no reason that you can't learn German, French, Japanese, and Spanish....Is sleep really necessary after all?
PS Thank you for your support. You are so sweet:-)

Great post, FK!

I was forced to give up my favourite subject -art- in order to learn German. My parents even had a visit from the teacher, asking them to peruade me to do the German, as I wanted to do the art... the pressure won over in the end :-( I had to go back after I finished my o levels to do art and chemistry (another much neglected subject - and still my weak point)... but it meant I never took it further. I always blamed having to learn German for that, so even though I was doing fine in the language, I didn't enjoy it as much as I could've. But, what I did enjoy was the way they join a whole lot of words together to make one word...

You managed to get out of dealing with your basketball buddy then? guess you were being watched over, eh?

Hope you had a good day!

Hey Maryam! Wow, that's a whole lot and I don't think I have the time and energy (and commitment ;) ) to learn them all up! It would be cool to speak all of them though. =D

And no problem! =)

Hey annelisa! You were forced to give up your favourite subject? Ouch! You can still draw in your free time, right, as a hobby? ;) I'm sorry you have to give up that, especially since it was your favourite subject!

Yeah, I love compound nouns too despite having difficulty pronouncing them and writing them, e.g. das Regenschirmgeschäft which means rain-shade (umbrella!) shop. Hahahaha! Sometimes the literal translation sounds funny!

Managed to worm out is more like it, annelisa! Thank goodness their basketball hoop is sent for repair and that means I missed another "game" yesterday again!

You too, have a great day! =D

We used to do this funny walk to "Ein hut, ein stock [stick], ein regenshirm" and then you stop, and with your right leg you make these movements as you say it: "Forward, backwards, sideways, in"

Walked miles like that (and didn't we look silly! :-D )

Hahaha annelisa, how old were you back then? It sounds like fun (exercise)!

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