7 January 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:7 January 2007, 12:38
Subject: Sociology? And other thoughts  

Sociology - I'm not ready for it!Last night, I was haunted with very bad thoughts - school related thoughts that is. Boy, I wonder if I suffer from pre-school (no, not kindergarten; before school) symptom! But seriously, I myself realised that I did not do much study on this subject called Sociology. So far, I only did light reading on the first three chapters (skipping the second one), and those are the syllabus for Paper 1! I have yet to study 4 more for Paper 2. *groan*

I think a little bit of explanation will shed some light on this current dilemma. Sociology is NOT a subject offered in my school and it is NOT a popular subject. Heck, only a few people in my country take it each year! Sometimes, I think I am stupid for falling into my excitement and taking it, not weighing the consequences I may have to face and the work dued prior to exams. Actually, there's more to that. I spent quite some time last year researching on what I would like to major in for university (so I have 3 more years to go--inclusive this year) and it was when I discovered how much fun Sociology can be. The study of society. This is what I can call life education. At least I can gain the knowledge of how groups of people function, and I can understand more about what's going on in the news. Science fails to explain that.

Okay, no, Sociology isn't what I wanted to major in. I found out that Psychology is more to my liking; the study of how humans behave and of course, oneself. Nothing can get better than that (although Biology is slowly becoming more of my fancy). I was thinking of majoring both (uh-oh, unwishful thoughts!).

I don't know, I do not want to give them too much thought. I just let life takes it course. I definitely do not want to despair at another failed plan and besides, 2 years is a long year and anything can happen!

Anyway, somehow, someway, I found out that Sociology is indeed a subject offered at O Levels and that means I don't need to wait until A Levels to take up Sociology. Okay, so my little 15 years old version of myself was ecstatic and overjoyed. I did more research to confirm that "Yes! I should take it." and I did (Mind you, I was already so biased by my own thoughts!). I bought my textbook recommended by CIE (the exam board for international O Levels) from Amazon.co.uk and I wrote a letter to the school telling them of my desire to take up this subject for my upcoming O Levels. I was given the green light and I was allowed to sit for this exam externally and register through the school for the exam (does that mean I can sit for this exam at my school?).

Now, I'm in a big trouble. I've just broken my "I will do my very best for the upcoming examinations" promise as so far, I am slacking off in this subject. Yeah, I know I am interested in this subject but seeing the really thick textbook discourages me and the amount of content I've got to remember - hoo boy!

Can I successfully juggle my 9 subjects, i.e. Malay, English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Studies, Geography and Sociology? I know four of these subjects have an extraordinary load of content!

I'm scared and paranoid now. Suddenly, I don't think I can do it. But I got to persist now that I've already got my approval from the school. Or should I just back it out and stick to my 8 subjects?

I admit... Another reason why I took this subject is also because a few of the other guys (the smarties) took up an extra subject as well. So, to not feel left out, I took up an extra one too as well.

And I never told anyone about my decision.

So, I am now proving to my peers (and to teach the top students - well, not all but my rivals and one arrogant one who I don't quite like) that I will be the odd one up and take up this subject.

A big mistake? I guess...

I already weighed this as my concern but didn't think too much about it. Now that registration forms are to be given to us when school reopens in February, I cannot help BUT seriously wonder what the whole school will think.

"WHAT?! Why a smart guy like you is taking a stupid subject like this?"

"My God! So instead of taking up Additional Maths/Geography as your ninth subject, you took up THIS?"

"Boy, are you stupid!"

"Come on! Everyone can do that!"

"Why, (insert my name), why?!"

"You abandoned us..." (said by the top students)

"Why take up this wussy subject?" (said by the guys)

And a plethora of questions sent hurling towards me. It happened when I dropped Additional Maths in favour of Geography. In fact, I can very well assure you that it will happen, again!

Can I seriously stand up against all the questions and insults thrown to me? Dare I to be different?

Initially, I said, "Yeah!"

Now, I will creep towards the smallest mouse hole at my house and force myself inside and hide myself there.

I'm seriously weird. People will be asking me, "Why aren't you utilising your smartness and take up some challenging subject like [stress]Additional Maths[/stress]?"

Fact: I am not so interested in Maths-oriented subjects even though I enjoy doing it at times.
Fact: I am more interested in humanities. Then again, I dislike History (because of the large number of facts, names and dates that have to be crammed into my brain) and Economics (I just cannot stand learning the theories of business!).

But I never tell this to people, of course. I have to CONSTANTLY repeat myself, and I find that my shootbacks lack strength anyway.

*sigh* I suppose I'm self-conscious (or as my best friend have put it, image-conscious). *embarrassed* But I can't help it. Why does people have to constantly question me? Then again, I do the same too. *shrug*

Or maybe I can just drop it and run away from all these potential problems. I'm considering this option as well.

And I have another problem. My elder brother is stressing me to leave for university when I graduate Year 11 this year. He "advices" me to take up a foundation course instead of A Levels. The thing is, I'm not ready to leave my home at the young age of 17 and secondly, foundation courses are worse than A Levels. But he says they are more focused, and no one does A Levels nowadays. He said that A Levels are for those who cannot afford to go university and needs to find a job asap.

But I think he's bloody wrong. Hey bro, this is the second millennium, not the 90's!

He wants to know my decision during Chinese New Year when he comes back. And he wants to hear me saying "I will do the foundations".


ARGH!!! I'm so frustrated. Year 11 is starting to bite me! =(

I really need your opinions on this, guys, please? Happier blog posts will follow soon.

Comments (19):

by Anonymous
Date:8/1/07 01:58  

It is good that you do listen to others and take their advice into consideration. Bottom line is that you do not have to prove anything to anyone, you just need to be true to yourself. You are taking more than a full load. You must have honestly felt you can do it and you must have been prepared to put forth the super effort to accomplish this goal. Sounds like you are second guessing now. Whatever you decide, take care of yourself.

Woah! Slow down, FK...Things really aren't as bad as they seem right now!

For one, Sociology is one of the most popular subjects around. My school is small so we don't offer it, but the universities I tour have it as an introductory course, and everyone is recommended to take it. It does sound fascinating, and really, who cares what everyone else thinks? If it was something you were terrible at, then I could understand if people questioned your decision, but that probably isn't the case.

And *expletive*! Nine courses! I only have 4 per semester (even though I'm suppose to have 5), and I'm overwhelmed!

Personally, I think you are challenging yourself by taking up Sociology. Not only are you going against the norm (haha), but it sounds like a lot of work. If you go through with it, best of luck!

If you have another 2 years left before continuing to university, then I wouldn't worry about what you're going to major in! Most places will wait until your second year to let you decide anyway! Most people end up changing their minds, so no worries there.

I can't say I quite understand your predicament with your brother. We don't have the "levels" or whatever, so I'll be starting university when I'm 17 (this year! eek!). All I can say is even though he's family, you shouldn't be pressured to do something you don't want to do.

Long response. Sorry :P
Cheer up :D

Sorry, I can't give you any advice regarding the school work. I'm too OLD and in a different country with a different school system.

But, follow your own heart and gut feeling as I always say about everything!

After all, it's YOUR life it all is about.

Love your new little favicon :-)

Hi technobabe! =) Thanks, I need people's advice as well so that I can make sound and wise decisions - I'm a pretty indecisive myself. Initially, I thought that I can do it and yeah, I am carrying a heavier load than most of my friends. And I'm really worried that I cannot take it.

Hey katelyn! I don't think I'm terrible at the subject (I haven't sat for any tests yet - not possible) but I certainly do understand what I read.

Nine courses? Usually people take eight, and we study those subjects in school for 2 years (Year 10 and 11) before sitting for the dreaded GCE O Levels.

I am! I took this subject as a sort of challenge but it seems like it backfired =(. I'm definitely going against the norm and I don't know whether I can accept that...

I don't know why I was fussing over university when it wasn't the time yet! Maybe I was too excited, or something. But with my mind changing every time, it's hard for me to settle on one, and stick to it. I'll just wait until Year 13, then I will think about it!

I have a feeling he's pressuring me to take up foundations, but I could be majorly wrong! FYI, A Levels is just a stepping stone to university, especially British ones (hopefully).

I don't mind your long response, katelyn, I really appreciate it! Thanks a lot! *hugs*

Hallo mrs. lifecruiser! It's okay, I understand that each country has their individual school systems. But yeah, thanks for the advice!

You like my Favicon? *blush* Thanks! Glad you like it!

Hey there, frolicsome kid!

I'll agree with katelyn on this one-- I think it's a good idea to stick with Sociology, it sounds like a challenge (but a good one!). And props (is that a word? Do people say that anymore?) for going against the norm.

*gives high-five*

My school doesn't offer it either, but I have a friend at another school who is taking, and she just loves it. (In her words, it was "just the challenge she needed").


by happy and blue 2
Date:9/1/07 10:46  

Listen to the advice of others and then do what works for you. It's your life, not theirs..

Thanks jamie! I don't know about whether props is used or not, but I know what you mean. *high fives back*

Hey happy and blue 2! Yeah, I guess in the end, it's all up to me.

Ok, FK, I skipped over answering this post first reading... I needed to think about it more before answering.

As everyone, including yourself, says 'it's your life' But, knowing that doesn't help you much, does it!

I, personally, went to university and took Pyschology as the major, and sociology and biology as the minors (Scotland system) and thoroughly enjoyed the courses.

Not every thing you do in life has to lead to a job (though at first I was going to study viruology and microbiology and save the world from disease! :-D and then I was going to be a child psychologist, and save children from their fears..... I ended up being a partner in a fashion business!)

Secondly, it helps to enjoy a subject you're studying, and that's at least a part of the reason for studying it, isn't it!? What's the point of studying things you don't like - you probably won't use them later anyhow, if you don't like them.

Thirdly, studying any subject is a challenge, however 'mickey mouse' it appears to be. The humanities are good to study because they balance the sciences and languages - you get an all round education (by the way, sociology is study of groups - it is a science!)

I studied for 10 'O' levels, and though there were times I wondered at my sanity, the teachers didn't question it. And, like I said before, you don't take all the exams at once. Set yourself a study timetable, and balance your studying (though place a higher importance on the subjects you really would like to succeed in) and you'll be fine. If the school didn't think you could do it, they wouldn't have registered you for the exam (go ask, if you're not sure if you're taking it at the school - don't leave it to guessing!)

Your brother wants what's best for you. He thinks he knows what's best for you, but he doesn't necessarily - only you do. And, if you don't, then trust your instincts. You don't sound like you want to go with what your brother thinks would be right, and there's no reason his way is any more or less right than yours... but the way you choose is the right one for you - go with it - trust yourself!

And lastly, STOP WORRYING!!!! Believe in yourself, FK! You can do it (or have a bloody good try!) What you think of yourself is three billion, zillion times more important than what other people think - they don't know you like you do... Trust your instincts. That's what they're there for!

(so, I guess now I've made Katelyn feel a whole lot better - she's not the wordiest, long-winded person on the planet! :-D )

Hi annelisa! *jumps in joy* Oh my gosh, you studied those in university? WOW! I definitely need to get your opinions when it is about time to decide on my major! *excited giggle*

Wait, I thought you are a teacher? =P

Yeah, I definitely agree. That is why I dropped Add Maths in favour of Geography; I'm more interested in the latter and enjoyed studying it more, and I was regretting when I did not pick it up.

Unfortunately, most people here tend to avoid/diss studying "mickey mouse" subjects, they think it's too easy! Those ignorant bunch of donkeys! And I thought my subjects are well-balanced, on the contrary, some people think I have wasted my "brainpower" by taking up a humanities subject instead of a more rigorous and "more challenging" mathematical-intensive subject. (I still take Discrete Maths)

You took 10 subjects? Wow! I have heard GCSE candidates in the UK take up like, between 8 - 13 (!!!!!) subjects. I think 13's a bit too much.

And yeah, last year, I was glad the deputy principal gave me the green light to sit for the subject. All I have to do is write in that subject on the examinations form later when I get back to school, and make a query about the location of my exams. I still think it'll be at my school, since I am the only candidate who sits for it! =O

I know my brother wants the best for me but I still think A Levels is still the best route. I guess I have to pluck up the courage and rebute against his suggestion...

Thanks annelisa! I feel much more confident now! I will give it my best shot. Wish me luck! =)

P.S. I don't mind long comments! ;)

Hey FK - no, I'm not a teacher (though I did a few months of training, I decided it was the wrong time of my life for it - kids were little, and I ended up spending more time on other people's kids than my own :-( )

I'm a science technician (physics to be exact) in the school... The job has all the holidays my kids have, and at the moment I finish the school day when they do, so I can be home when they get out!

I have to admit, I took 2 of the O levels in the first year of doing my A levels - chemistry, because I was interested in it, and Art, because I'd been pressured to give it up in order to do German, but Art was my first love and I went back to it (had to - it was calling me :-D )

This is one reason I feel strongly you have to make your own decisions. Other people think they know best for you, but if that's not what's in you, then there's no point in you going in that direction. If your interest's in the humanities, then study humanities... it's more likely the direction you will take later in life (and maybe you'll go an entirely different route). Do you know what you want to do once you've finished studying, or (like most your age) are you leaving those decisions for a bit? Nothing's concrete, anyhow. Even your studying... You can always change course, and then change again... whatever it takes to get you where you want to go... or, indeed, simply if you prefer the route better!! After all, studying should also be done for its own sake, not just to get a grade and go onto something else!!

Anyway, luck with it, FK - I'm sure you'll make the right decisions, and if you don't, you learn from that (it's your right to make mistakes!) and do something different...

BTW - people only call subjects 'Mickey Mouse' subjects, because they don't know what's involved. You can take any single subject on the planet to any level of difficulty or depth... There's always more to know about stuff... so don't let the other kids convince you that it's easy. It's only as easy as you want it to be!

Thanks annelisa! Really appreciate it =).

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