1 January 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:1 January 2007, 14:12
Subject: 2007 holds so many surprises!  

Pretty optimistic about 2007!Just this morning, when I woke up and checked up the comments in the blog post below, I got the biggest shock in my life: My best friend has found out my secret blog. It was of course my mistake, I accidentally posted 2 comments with this username I'm having now at my other blog which I share with him. I was really scared and I didn't know what to do. I panicked (naturally, for me) and quickly removed those comments which could cost me my privacy and secrecy.

Now I'm paranoid that in that span of roughly 12 hours, how many friends of mine have actually clicked on that comment, saw mine there, and curiously checked out my blog site? I shudder to think about it. Fortunately, my fears were suppressed greatly by the fact that only my best friend has only stumbled upon this blog so far, and I really hope that no one else has. If they really do, expect to see a relocation of this site if I feel my privacy and security has been jeopardized.

I then signed in to MSN, hoping that he's online and sooner or later, he came on! I immediately asked him about so many things relating to his discovery. I guess that it was only fated for him to find out about this website, and for me to accidentally commented with my username. Soon, the topic went on to our friendship, and we both learned a lot from each other, repaired and strengthened the fragility of our relationships and in the end, we welcomed each other back into each of our lives. It has been indeed, a very trying year for us last year and we had some communication barriers which unfortunately, has lead to the downfall of our relationships.

I'm really glad that his discovery had taken place, as without it, we would still be "far" from each other. Talk about a blessing in disguise. It was definitely the sweetest start to a new year. I shall never, ever forget it and I thank him that he will always be there for me and for taking the time to chat with me. It definitely cleared up the fog between us.

Once again, I thank you so, so much, my dear best friend =). And you are always welcome here anytime!

There is so much to comprehend, but I'm glad everything is clear now. A fresh start to a new year, and that is great! Of course, a new year comes with another New Year's Resolutions which I hope I will not break this year. I must, must, must be fully committed to it! Even though it's easier said than done.

Genies dish out three free wishes, and because of that, I should write out three resolutions. There isn't much point trying to be "greedy" and writing out 10 pages long of resolutions when I can break each and every one of them. Talk about a world record! =P

1. Send my devil of procrastination to hell, permanently. I have this tendency to procrastinate things, postponing and delaying doing them up until the very last minute. I don't know why I do that. I guess it's better to be late than never. What an excuse! Well, procrastination has brought me so many difficulties and scoldings and bombings from people. And it actually made my effort seem so in vain. Like studying last minute, and I got results lower than expected (even though it is way better than so many students in my class!). Doing projects last minute, which ensures me of a bad hair day tomorrow and of course, getting cranky when bombarded by the relevant people. Even to telling my mother last minute that I have to go somewhere in the next hour, which resulted in me getting scolded by her. Whoops!

See how many problems my inner devil had landed me into? There are many, many more examples, but I cannot remember them all. But I know that it always ended up with me being sorry with myself, which is often too late. So I'm determined to send that blasted devil to hell, and sending me to many successes, including getting good grades in my O Levels. Wish me lots of luck in tackling this; the most difficult feat of all time.

2. Be patient. I am not always a very patient person. Even though I may appear patient, but deep inside, oh how I wish knives will be sent flying towards that poor guy! I have to be patient with my dad who is known to take up lots of preparation time prior to going out. I have to be patient with myself who keeps getting into tantrum when things don't go their way. I have to be patient with everyone; family, friends and teachers included. And to be patient, one must learn to understand those around him, and put himself into other people's shoes. So that's what I'm going to do. Tough, but if I can master it, my life will be so much easier to live. =P

3. Keep fit and do more sports! I've just discovered recently how reasonably unfit I was. I lost my flexibility due to laziness, or procrastination, and my stamina went from good to not so good. Which is bad, as exercising is vital to keeping a good health. Without it, I will feel lethargic, easily tired, and very quickly getting very frustrated and sulky. And of course, no energy to even fulfill my resolutions. I have to try and take up taekwondo in my own free time, run whenever possible (so that I can join in my country's marathon later in December, hahaha!), stretch more, and improve my swimming. So many things, so little time.

Yep, I think that is it. Three. They aren't a lot, but boy, are they tough to stick to and fulfill. Nevertheless, I've got to try my best and make good use of 2007. I want this year to be as productive as, or even better than, last year.

I don't know why, but I'm pretty optimistic about this year. I think I can do it. I hope that I wouldn't say the opposite in a few days' time!

I guess everyone has crossed into the New Year already. Congratulations to everyone for making it to 2007! Once again, a very Happy New Year to everyone!

Comments (16):


Itt's great that you and your best friend are on very good terms again, and you've managed to bridge the gap! For someone who is now a skeptic where best friends are concerned, this is heartening news. There is still hope for me :P

A couple months ago, I posted a comment using my secret blogger account on a community blog that my friends and I are a part of, but the one who picked up on it respected my privacy and promised not to tell anyone else. I always appreciate help like that.

I'm also very optimistic about the upcoming year! Usually it doesn't impact me so much. I think your enthusiasm is contagious!

Have a wonderful 2007, and good luck with your resolutions!

Hi FK and a Happy, Merry, Fun, peaceful and productive year ahead!!!

Wow, I find that one resolution is quite enough - and that's the one I do every year of staying stopped smoking.

I'm a bad procrastinator too - which is why I'm sitting here instead of starting my first new resolution for years - to spend an hour a day clearing up!

patience? as a teenager? give yourself a break!

going for a marathon? sounds like you must be pretty fit already!

So, congratulations on your renewal of friendship - that's fantastic! Isn't it nice to re-find what was once lost?

And, yes, I will wish you great luck in your studies... it's hard to stay focused at your age. But, again, it sounds like you're doing it... and maybe being just a little hard on yourself...

Want a laugh? Come over to my Head Shave blog - I've put my video up! lol! :-D

Great that it came out something good of it and you found each other again. I sometimes regret that I've not hold my blog as a secret. It does limit my writing.

I wish you a hilarious happy new year!

I do hope that you're right there, that 2007 holds a lot of surprises - and fun ones too :-)

2006 has hold surprises alright, but mostly not so very fun....

Hey katelyn! I hope things between you and your best friend will turn out alright! Yeah, I'm also glad that he wouldn't tell anyone about it! =)

My enthusiasm is contagious? Cool! Glad it affected you =P. All the best to you in 2007 too!

Hi annelisa! Happy New Year to you! Hope 2007 makes you healthier and richer, lol!

I hope you persist of abstaining from cigarettes. My elder brother is trying to cut down on his smoking, boy, did he have a hard time trying to!

I think there is a need to have a Procrastinators Anonymous. It definitely would help us =P.

Okay, I admit, I think my third resolution is pushing my buttons a little way too much! All I want is just to be fit, not to be an Olympics athlete! *chuckle*

Yeah, I agree, it's nice that things are starting to go well for us both =).

I know, I sometimes can be quite harsh on myself, but sometimes it is the only way for me to get things straight.

The video finally went online? Cool! I'm so checking it out!

Hi mrs lifecruiser, glad to see you again! Publicising one's blog really does limit what one can write. That's why I decided to have this one.

I believe 2007 is going to be a great year! Enjoy the New Year!

Hey you..HA!! I told you I wished you a new year full of surprises..love it, this was a wonderful surprise for you and I am so glad that you and you best friend are doing even better than before..keep on looking the new year face on and have fun just being you my friend, a great Kid who has the whole world right there in front of you just for the taking..hugs..m

by happy and blue 2
Date:3/1/07 10:43  

It's hard when you find out someone you know is reading your blog. Lots of people either quit blogging or move.
Glad you didn't have to do either.
All the best with your resolutions..

Hahaha, madd! You're really right! And I had another surprise too these past few days, unfortunately, it is a bad one, and I am trying hard to resolve it to the best of my ability!

Yep! Glad that we're pretty good now! And thanks, I'll definitely be me! =D Take care, madd!

Yes, happy and blue 2, I find that I face many restrictions every time I blog at my other blog which my friends knew about. It really is hard to write.

I will never quit blogging. It's my only form of self-expression. Else, I will be bombarded by too many thoughts and having many sleepless nights, lol!

Hehehe, so far I failed to stick to my resolutions. And it's only Day 4 of the New Year! Great! *mischievous grin*

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