9 January 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:9 January 2007, 13:50
Subject: More surprises?  

I really cannot believe it. 2007 really is so full of surprises, like what madd had commented here:

......I hope your year is filled with just enough (good) surprises to keep you expectant of the next one and enough wisdom to deal even if they are not just the kind of surprise you wanted..they all make up the uncertainty that is the adventure ride we all are on called..LIFE..have fun, it's a kick ass ride..love ya madd

Thanks madd. =)

I now understand the German noun declensions!I finally understood (or got the basic fundamental gists) of noun declensions in German! I am so happy of my accomplishment. What once used to be a very big "Huh?" for me has became something that I'll go "Oh, I see!".

[you can skip this if you want]

There are four cases in German, i.e. nominative, accusative, genitive and dative, and it all depends on the sentence itself. So I can say:

The dog bites the man.
Der Hund beißt den Mann.

Here, the man is the direct object/receiver which receives the action of the verb, so he is classified under accusative. The dog, on the other hand, is the subject/nominative.

He is the dog's master.
Er ist der Herr des Hundes.

In this case, dog's master is the subject. But because the dog is the possession of the master, it is thus a genitive case.

The taxi driver drives the lady to the hospital.
Der Taxifahrer fährt dem Krankenhause die Fräu.

You know the taxi driver is the subject. The hospital is the place where they are going to, or the indirect object, so it is a dative case. The lady will be the direct object as she is driven to the hospital, thus it is an accusative case.

What changes in the case is the article and sometimes, the noun itself. I don't know why it happens to the latter as I wasn't provided a good explanation. It just happens! Too bad there are a lot more for this: tenses, plural forms etc. Oh my, the sheer number of words I have to learn!

Disclaimer: My explanation is not 100% accurate or correct. It's pretty basic. =)


My German vocabulary is horrendously small. I have to constantly check up on my vocabulary lists for some of the words that I had used up there. I kept thinking, "Now, how do you say this English word in German again?" Happens all the time even when I am studying Malay and the last time, Chinese.

I guess English is becoming my first language!

But German class yesterday was fun! I learned a lot from that lesson. I look forward to tomorrow's class but first, I need to review what I have learned to avoid giving blank stares to my teacher! =)

He shoots, he scores; one point for neighbour!Later in the afternoon, as I was cycling around my house compound, out of the blue, my neighbours called after my brother. My brother ignored them (!) and when he called again the second time, I braked by the fence and asked what's up.

Guess what? They wanted us to play basketball with them!

I, of course, was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time at their request. You see, I'm not a very good neighbour myself. I rarely talk to the kids next door, or to the other neighbours around my house. In fact, it was mostly "Mind Your Own Business" scenario, to put it rather crudely, although my mother does talk to our neighbours next door sometimes.

So at first, I hesitated because I wanted to get back to my computer. But I thought "Hey! Why lead such a sedentary and lonely life when you can get a chance to play with your neighbours a game of basketball? Besides, you made a resolution to keep yourself fit."

And I told my conscience to keep his mouth shut. I naturally went, of course.

AND IT WAS FUN! I'm not a good basketball player myself, heck I don't really like basketball. But hey, there's no competition going on. It's just about having fun! For the first time in a very very long time, I spent an hour outside doing sports. I think my mom was very happy to learn that! *cheeky grin*

We played a few games and my partner (the elder of my two neighbour siblings)and I kept winning, hahahaha! I think it's due to my height and my neighbour's height (I'm 1.75 m tall when I checked a long time ago, while they are still about average pre-teens' height). And no, I don't get so tall because I play basketball every time. That's what everyone said when they haven't seen me in a very long time/never. And it's a really annoying notion.

But boy, it was fun! I even sweated out a lot too! In fact, our neighbour even invited us to have another game with their friends later today at half past four! Wow, I didn't know our neighbourly relationships can rekindle and restore in such a short time. I think this is a really neat opportunity to know them better. I can't wait! =D

By the way, regarding the blog post below, I guess I will stick to my initial decision. Boy, I really need to begin studying as soon as possible for all my subjects. This is one exam I definitely do not want to screw up! Anyway, thanks a lot guys for commenting and inputting your opinions. I really appreciate them! Thanks guys! *hugs all*

Comments (23):

by Anonymous
Date:9/1/07 14:09  

Hello! Where are you from by the way? :) Stumbled across your blog! :)

Hey anonymous! Thanks for stumbling by! =) Umm, can you e-mail me instead (my e-mail's found under 'My Stuffs' at the sidebar to the right)? I would rather not reveal my exact destination as there might be people out there who know me! =O

English isn't your first language? Could've fooled me...

:-D Got lost in the german...it's been years (more than you've lived!) since I last spoke the language... and I never took it that far either... loved the way they strung together a whole sentence into one word though!! :-)

Reading your post reminded me of something... the times I've been happiest living in a place are the times I've allowed myself to get to know the neighbours (I'm still good friends with the ones I had in London)... it makes all the difference having someone nearby you can hang out with - so good for you for making that step... I don't think you'll regret it! (and you might get fit at the same time :-D )

I just came over to give you a hug for being there for me - you've been around 'through thick and thin', and I just wanted you to know I appreciated it FK! You are a good friend...

Hey katelyn! =P Technically speaking, my mother tongue/first language is still Chinese (I count my numbers in Chinese!), so English is actually my second language.

Even though my English is way better than my very basic Chinese, so much so it is becoming like my first language! =)

Hahaha annelisa! Yep, I love the syntax of German, you know, the capitalization of nouns, the ohmygoshwhyarethesewordssodamnlongandwithoutspaces compound nouns, the way the verb has to be placed at the very end of the sentence etc!

Yep I won't regret it! I didn't know the pre-teens from around the neighbourhood are the ones who played basketball over at my neighbour's. So yeah, another big plus plus to my social circle! =D And at the same time, get fit too! What more can I ask?

*hugs* You are a great friend too, annelisa! I'm really glad to know you =).

Chinese? That's pretty cool. I know nothing about where you come from, so I guess it's no suprise that this news shocks me :P

Hehehe, I live in a multiracial society so people here speak a variety of languages and dialects with the lingua franca as Malay.

I'm a Chinese myself, but hehe... my Chinese is not decent enough; I tend to mix in so/too many English words when I talk!

That's still pretty cool!


by happy and blue 2
Date:11/1/07 05:38  

Glad you got to play basketball.
And I'm glad lots of people have found your blog. It's really interesting..

=P to katelyn!

Yeah, I'm quite glad myself that I played basketball too, so much so that I actually enjoy it! Or maybe I'm too tall and the kids aren't that tall. =P

Yep, I noticed more people are coming here too. Yay!

I am so glad you decided to play basketball..sports was on you resolution list..and you were out there socializing..yea!! ..;) you are always full of surprises and info...I always enjoy visiting you, I always learn something new, good luck on your test and keep enjoying..take care sweetie..m

Yep, sports was on my New Year's resolutions. And I'm glad I stuck to it! You take care madd! =D

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