25 January 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:25 January 2007, 19:59
Subject: Blogger cracked me up!  

I'm pwned by Blogger! Noooo!I mean, cracking my head! I have spent at least 2 days trying to recode this blog to utilise the new Blogger widgets, but unfortunately, my efforts were all in vain! I have tried and tried again for three times and I keep failing!

Most of the site appears but the vital parts did not, and they are the blog posts! They keep hiding from me. =( Honestly, I'm really frustrated now because I am quite sure that syntactically, they are correct but somehow, someway, it's wrong! This is so majorly annoying! And I keep on going, I don't give up. It's so strange that I'm making things hard for myself. =( Or maybe I'm just stubborn because I have this feeling that I only need to make a few changes, and everything will work already! The problem is, I can't pinpoint exactly the problems.

Blah, why can't the Blogger employees incorporate the new features into the classic templates?! =\


That's weird, why didn't I sound angry? Hahahaha, something is wrong with me today! =D I won't blog anything of interest now as I'm persistent in trying to figure out what is wrong with my HTML stressed and sad because Blogger made me look stupid! quite worn out myself. ;)

Comments (16):

by Anonymous
Date:26/1/07 11:27  

You have more stamina than I do; when something won't work for me, I ask my sweet boyfriend for help and he helps me from becoming frustrated. Does your brother blog or someone else in your family?

Hahaha, you're lucky! =P No, I'm the only one who blogs in my family.

Can't say anything here other than: change to a wordpress blog.... *lol*

Oooh, mrs. lifecruiser! I actually tried using Wordpress when I was thinking of setting this up. Problem is, Wordpress doesn't give me the complete freedom to manipulate with the template, except for CSS. That's the major disadvantage which I don't quite like. Maybe one day I would though; I really like the features they offer! =)

You do know you can revert to the classic template, don't you? I was getting so fed up trying to sort all the widgets out myself, and in the end I dumped the new template, and went with what I knew! (there's an option somewhere - I took it!)

Hope things are better now. Talking of problems... ever since I put the frappr in the sidebar, I've been having problems with my stats - did you get this?

Actually, I'm using the classic one and I am trying to revert to the new one. And my efforts were futile! I feel miserable not fully implementing the cool new features, especially labels!

They really are making things hard for us, huh?

You mean how many times people view your map? Mine should be working fine, but when you click on the link to take you to the main Frappr site which has my map, it kept saying 2 views, despite me checking there for countless number of times!

No, the frappr map's working fine in itself... it's my stats (sitecounter that wasn't working since I put the frappr in) that wasn't working for several days... I was just thinking about removing frappr tonight, and suddenly the stats are back!!

I haven't used all the new blogger features...ehm, I haven't used any of them actually. I kind of liked how it was working before, so I stuck to that!

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