11 January 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:11 January 2007, 22:12
Subject: Off to be blessed? =P  

Hello guys! Just to let you know, I won't be blogging next week as I have to go to Taichung, Taiwan to attend a Buddhist ceremony. I don't know whether you guys know this or not, but I'm a Buddhist belonging to a Buddhist association called True Buddha School (真佛宗).

So I'll be off there and meet the Grandmaster and receive his blessing. I'll talk about it more when I get back. Sorry if this is a really boring blog post. Anyway, I spent the rest of my evening and night chatting with my school mates (it has been quite some time since I last chat with them on MSN Messenger) and so catching up with a few things.

Hmmm... One of my friends has a hard time accepting the fact that the girl he fancies, unfortunately, doesn't express the same feelings towards him. And my friend and I have a hard time convincing him about it. Oh well, let's just hope this fact wakes him up from his daydream.

That gives me an idea for the next blog post. My crush(es)! Hahaha... stay tuned! =) See you next Friday!

Comments (15):

A curse on friends and unrequited love.

This is a topic that never ceases to annoy me :P

Good luck with the buddhist ceremony :-)

Ah, that sounded very interesting, crushes, keeping us curious here huh? *lol*

It can be very annoying when a friend isn't "speakable" in the matter any longer, but go into that unhappy loop all the time, on and on and on for ages.... Phew!

It's a matter of finding a thing that can break that loop.

Enjoy your festival and I can't wait for your next post..take care sweetie..m

Poor guy.
Have fun at the Buddist ceremony..If you are supposed to have fun that is..

Hey katelyn! Yeah, it annoys me too, especially how some are blinded by love so badly.

Hello mrs. lifecruiser. Thanks! Yep, I'm trying to generate some curiosity here. ;) It might not be the next blog post though, but keep on checking!

It isn't an unhappy loop. A lovesick one. We can't snap him into the fact that the girl clearly does not like him. Heck, he was even told off by her several times blatantly. *tsk tsk*

One of my friends say one day (whenever it is), he will snap out of it. ;)

Hey madd! I believe that would be another eye-opener for me!

Err, yeah, I try to have fun there, happy and blue 2 =).

And to all, please take care in the meantime. I got to run now, byeee!

Wow, Taiwan! Whatever the reason, it's always good to change the scenery - but I hope it's enjoyable for you as well!

Your friend? Well, that he will eventually snap out of it is inevitable... Just let it ride, if I were you...that is, if you don't want to bust up your friendship. By telling the guy she doesn't return his feelings, he could take it that you are saying he's not worth returning them to. If he does the running and gets hit back, then at least it's only the one girl... If you want to get him out the loop, introduce him to someone a bit more friendly to him... distraction's the key here :-D Anyway, if he's smitten, let him be - it's a pretty nice feeling letting the imagination and fantasies ride... ;-)

Good trip, FK -

I look forward to your return!

by Anonymous
Date:16/1/07 11:04  

You are an astonishing young person, with many interests. Is the rest of your family also Buddhist? It will be so interesting to hear about your trip and it sounds good that you are doing something important for yourself. By the time you come back from Taiwan you probably won't even remember your crushes. But it would be fun to hear about them.

Hey annelisa! Taiwan really is a big change for me. The cities there are humongous compared to the "towns" here in my country. It really is amazing to see so many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers shooting up from the ground. And the highways, oh my goodness, don't get me started! =D

I was so tempted to shake him out of his puppy love but I thought what the heck? I think I'll be annoying him to no end and straining our friendship. Even though this means I, along with the rest, have to bear with his publicized love for this certain lady. ;)

Good news - I'm back! I will blog tomorrow. Got to unpack and catch up with friends on MSN. Lol! =)

Hey technobabe! Great to see you again. My immediate family members are Buddhists, but some of my dad's siblings are Muslims.

Oh yeah, I still do remember my crushes, but before that I guess I need to talk briefly about my trip, depending on my mood tomorrow *chuckle*. See you around soon!

Great to see you back, FK!

Hope you've caught up with your friends already, 'cos I can't wait to see your post, how it all went! (Even without the laptop :-) )

You've made the best decision, re your friend... best not to try get between the arrow and the target (however badly aimed :-D )

The blog post is up already. Check it out! =D And yeah, like they say "Ignorance is bliss"! =D

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