26 January 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:26 January 2007, 21:50
Subject: Feeling rather morose  

I feel moroseAll of a sudden, I feel rather down today. I don't know why or what has happened to me, but it just suddenly hit me. Maybe my conscience is bugging me to do something useful like reading the pile of books I bought overseas or flipping through my school textbooks. After all, school is going to reopen soon and a part of me do not look forward to it! I'm pretty sure teachers are so going to ask us whether we have "studied" or not (and the answer will be a resounding no from us) and we will be so badly pressured to catch up with the syllabus. *rolls eyes*

Especially Maths, Chemistry and Physics; oh boy, I need to revise again sometime this week to recap my understanding of the concepts! Oh, and I really don't look forward to some classes! *shudder at the thought of Computer Studies*

My worry is further added when I came to realise that some of my friends are going to tuition classes. That scares me. I know, schools in my country have already begun, except for us, and it's normal for students to go to tuition but that makes me even paranoid because I myself have yet to touch my school books.

Why do I always get this sickening feeling prior to beginning of school? =S I suppose that's another weird part about me! =D

Going to school tomorrow just sent me to the doldrums. The school prefects are organising an orientation tomorrow for our new recruits. I can't wait to get to know them, I think it's going to be exciting. Then again, I loathe seeing the sight of school. It gives me the creeps to know that in a week's time, I'll be stuck in a classroom suffocating while trying to grasp what was thrust to me! =O

Unfortunately, I have to train the new members of my council in doing their jobs and it's going to be tough! Last year, only 2 of my council members, i.e. the current boss of prefects and I, actually did something. The other one produced sub-zero quality work (at least to me)...no offense.

I hope the members I get are okay people, friendly and cooperative. =)

I really need to shove thoughts of school far away into a secluded part of my brain!!!

Do you guys still remember the neighbours whom I play basketball with? Bad news: I don't really look forward to playing with the kids anymore, especially the eldest one. He's too kiasu! I'm really sorry if I have to say that out blatantly, but honestly, I can't stand it.

Now I remember why I hated basketball. I find most of the players playing dirty and unfair, and they literally try to bend, twist, using it to their advantage and find ways to get around the rules. It's outright disgraceful! A curse to those rules. So many, and they make the game turn sour!

When my ball was about to fly into the hoop, he cried "Time Out" as he wanted to get something, and my ball actually went in! Another time, he said the garage wasn't within the boundary, and when his ball got out, he continued playing as if nothing happened!

And when my team mate (which was his little brother) last touched the ball and he cried foul, he said "Since you were the one who last touched it, it's our ball."

What? Your ball? I saw it with my own eyes that you ignored your imposed rules!

I also noticed that when the ball got slipped out of his hands into his little brother's, and who passed to me, he cried "Foul" again, due to roughplay, when I didn't see anything at all! So what is he trying to do? Trying to win all of the games just to show us how good he is (and he made a pretty good effort to show off his success and skills)?

He is very impressive for a kid his age, but his attitude fail to impress me. Whatever happened to the friendly games we had? His kid brother even knew he has playing unfair! I felt like a fool standing there trying to be naive when I myself know so clearly something is very wrong. I felt like trying to tell him that it's wrong, but I suppress myself from doing so. I definitely don't want to start a major argument.

And that's what make me quite angry. For Pete's sake, there are winners and losers in a game and it is inevitable that you lose once in a while. Don't have to go all the way to bend the rules and win, and parade in front of us like a winner when clearly, you do not really deserve all the fine glory! >=(

Make games fun. Not a war.

And I feel so bad for saying this behind his back. But then, he is wrong in many cases. >=(

Maybe I shouldn't go tomorrow. I just stay home and go online, or read some good novels I bought.

And why is my friend trying to compare my previous results with a guy in my previous year? So what if he gets 6A1 and 2A2 while I got 7A1 and 1B3? It makes no difference!

P.S. Thank goodness he realises that I'm no longer that "competitive" anymore. I used to fret over my results last time though.

Comments (19):

Aww, cheer up, FK.


I know going back to school is tough. I hate it, but for a different reason. My friend and I work at our school in the summer, because there is also a type of museum located there, and we are free to do whatever we want. I have a key to the school, so pretty much everything is accessible. I really don't like when school starts, because suddenly it's not just us there, and we're restricted.

That, and I just don't like being around a lot of people. :P

As for your neighbour, I have seen people who are that intense. Instead of getting angry, just ignore it! Easier said than done, but doing something else instead is a much better idea. Just don't let on how angry he makes you...


You should have taken your schoolbooks with you last time you visited us and burnt them... That would have make you feel a lot better, I'm sure ;-)

Phew. I get so tired of all this studying talk... *lol*

Got luck finding some energy :-)

I have added you to my sidebar buddies list. I hope you will do the same. You have a great blog, kid.

Thanks katelyn! I feel so much better today. =)

There's a museum at your school?! That is so cool! On my last school trip to Sabah, we went to Universiti Malaysia Sabah which has a museum in its campus, and it's so nice, I wish it was mine! =P

Do you know you can do so much with the school key's in your hands?! =P (Don't take my suggestion to heart, OK? =P)

Yeah, I get what you mean by your "restriction".

I don't know what else to do besides playing basketball, since I'm not a sports enthusiast myself. I try to keep things cool and shrug it off; I don't want to start a World War III near my house! =O

Nooo, mrs. lifecruiser, I can't do that! I still need to use last year's books later this year (Year 10 and 11 syllabuses are covered in them). I can't do them yet. Maybe I visit in December (perfect timing: it's winter and your blog will be in flames, I hope =P) and toss my books into the fire, and watch it burn before my very eyes as I cackle out a sadistic laughter! =)

Hey, you're not studying in school anymore! No wonder you're tired! =P

Mimi! Great to see you here! =) Yep, my links need to be updated too! I'll definitely add you, thanks for dropping by!

Oh dear... guess you're back at school now then... just wanted to say "sickening feeling prior to beginning of school"= perfectly normal!!!!! And I'll tell you, it doesn't go away... unless you get a job you really like (no, even with a job you really like!) - you still get that feeling on a Monday morning, and after holidays! :-(

Studying? Well, it's too late to study in the holiday now. So, count that as your holiday. Say you never intended to sully your holidays with such awful thing as studying.... then... Study like the clappers from now until your exams - Go, FK, go!!!

See that boy you played basketball with? Always when someone doesn't behave very well, ask yourself what might be making them be like that. If someone's having a go at you, it's usually because they're not happy with themselves, or they've had something unhappy happen to them.
Doesn't sound like this guy has a lot of confidence. Funnily enough though, even if you don't think it, it sounds like you've got enough confidence to know right from wrong, but not enough to stand up for yourself. If you and his brother know he's wrong... how come you can't say so? Is ti because he's big and tough or something? 'bout time you stood up for yourself Mr FK!

Anyway, back to school... how come you go back so late there... what a long holiday you seem to have had! Appreciate that... you won't have many more of those (sorry, don't want to make you feel any worse... just enjoy what you got, while you got it... ) Mind you, I'd be pretty fed up going back to school again too!

Should you be doing the council thing, whilst studying (using the word loosely :-D ) for exams? Can't you pass this on to someone else now?

Don't worry, FK. This time next week it'll be like you've never been away... (*evil grin* )

Tuition classes? You've got the internet, haven't you? Lots of kids over here use that to help revise... Loads of sites with help on them, that work through different areas of the curriculum..
Maybe you could have a window open whilst you're blogging!!! :-D

And, don't worry about your results, already... just do your best... no-one can ask any more of you!

It's been named a "Living Museum", and all the information is online (or, almost all of it), and the archives/pictures are in the school. It's pretty cool :P

No, not yet annelisa. I went to school yesterday though for a leadership orientation course for us prefects. School starts officially next week! *shudder at the mentions of school*

Oh yeah, I definitely have the Monday blues too! =D

LOL, you're right. I just try to enjoy the last bit of my holidays, because I won't have a holiday on the next first term school holiday (to replace the missed lessons in January, i.e. now)!

I honestly don't know what makes him act like that. Attitude problem I guess, or lacking attention. I honestly am not sure. This happens among my acquaintances who are basketball players as well. Afraid to lose and wanting to stay winners all the time.

Yes, you're correct annelisa! I know right from wrong but I definitely don't want to stand up for myself. Firstly, it's just a game which we all are to have fun (even though clearly, we aren't) and secondly, I do not want to strain the relationship with him and make the whole situation awkward.

Yesterday, we nearly have an argument, calling fouls over the most menial things and keep on restarting the game. My goodness. When another neighbour from my neighbourhood asked us whether we want to have a walk, I instantly shot my hands up. I am SO sick and SO tired of all those nonsense!

I clearly want to do something about it, but I thought to just wait a while and see how things go. *sigh* I just don't want to be seen as a bad guy lecturing kids a few years my junior! *ugh*

The school had to undergo intensive renovations. It's still not completed yet, but the construction then will not be much of a distraction, since the pilings of the new building and what-not loud noises have already finished.

I still think the holidays are too long! =O Yet, I still suffer from this weird/normal syndrome. =P

Oh, no worries. Us senior prefects will give up our post in June/July. The junior ones will take it from there. ;) We only "work" for the first half of the year.

Nah, I rarely use the Internet for revision. It has proven to be a major distraction for me and besides, most of the time I understand what is being taught to me in class! I do love going to The Student Room forum and read through the interesting posts there and ask some academic questions. Ever heard about it?

No, I won't fret about my results too much. It's not worth to stress about it and I also found out there is more to life than just getting good grades.

You know, katelyn, saying that reminds me of the movie called "Night at the Museum", LOL! =P My old school has got a gallery too, even though I never wandered inside. It was too bad it had just finished building when I left that school. =(

Ah, school renovations... that would explain it...

Back to the basketball issue (like a dog with a bone, I am :-) )... maybe you could be subtle about it, and make some sort of comment about those friends who play basketball, and how they're so competitive, and how you're so glad that your games with (neighbour) aren't like that... that they are a little competitive, but not as bad as your friends... kind of downplay what's happening between you by talking about someone else... he might, if he's any sense at all, hear what you're saying about the others, and kind of 'disown' that sort of behaviour because of what you said... and all without you being confrontational...

...it sometimes works...

...just an idea...

Hmmm...I'll try, annelisa, but I'm quite doubtful whether it will work or not because in a way, he will know that I'm actually bringing up his bad point to light (despite it being better off than my friends, which isn't really) and yeah, everything will be rather awkward...=S

Nevertheless, I will have to address his issue because if this continues, no one wants to play with him anymore (including yours truly). I see how the game goes later today.

You're presuming he's actually aware of his behaviour... although some of us are, not all people are...

You're right, though... at some point you need to stand up for yourself - I know it's easier not to, but it doesn't do your own self-worth any good by letting him put you down like that. It's not right. It's never right.

Yeah, I was just assuming that... I honestly don't know whether he's aware about it or not though.

Exactly, he's putting me down (I didn't realise this until you pointed it out!). He even told his brother that I don't know anything about the game. Maybe I should do some research on these "stupid rules" on the Internet myself (but I'm too lazy myself and I don't really see much point in doing that =P).

Thanks for building up my courage in standing up for myself annelisa! =D

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