1 February 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:1 February 2007, 17:44
Subject: The Sound of Ringing School Bells  

Bringggg! It's school!I just want to say that school has started! I was happy to reunite with my friends again, and we laughed and talked about a lot of things. That what first day of school was meant for anyway, to catch up on friends, not syllabi! =P

It wasn't easy waking up at 6 in the morning again. I had lots of difficulty waking up and adjusting to my "new" schedule after days of sleeping late and sleeping in! =P

Just now, we were given a pep talk on how we are supposed to work hard for our upcoming GCE O Levels and basically, our teacher told us to be more serious and she was constantly stressing on how we only have 9 intensive months left before the exams and how important this last year in high school is. It was really scary but I felt rather motivated to begin doing light revision starting from...tomorrow? (Another wishful thinking of mine! *rolls eyes* =P )

Maybe I should with languages. I managed to obtain a file on the country's O Levels results and did an analysis. I found out that most people had obtained a B (no, I didn't bother with those who scored less than a credit) in Malay. That's a disheartening news, especially when I realise my vocabulary has shrunk to an infancy level! No, I'm not exaggerating, I'm serious! I can't even communicate with my fellow countrymen; I have to constantly speak Manglish or English. Even though they don't mind, it's not doing any good for my upcoming orals.

I have got to work hard to recover my use of Malay! I must make sure my vocabulary will expand to the level expected by fifth formers (Year Eleven-ers). I would love to get an A in this subject (and I definitely want an A for English!). Make it all subjects, LOL! =P

Speaking of the results, I was slightly possessed by jealousy when I saw the fantastic and incredible marks some have gotten. Why must I always be so jealous about these sort of academic achievements, heck I have yet to sit for the exams! >.<

Before I daydream of impossible dreams, I first have got to work hard at it. It has occurred to me in a number of occasions that sometimes, I can get so obsessed with my dream/fantasy, I actually forgot to include the effort needed to do things well. And that results in me "screwing (sorry!)" up things a couple of times.

Yesterday, my mom called my piano teacher to withdraw my little brother out from piano classes mainly because he is lacking the interest to continue playing to piano. He said that piano is so out of his league (i.e. he finds it difficult). Thank goodness the conversation my mom had with her was full of laughter and cheerful talks. I was almost afraid to confront her (I definitely do not want her to bombard me with questions regarding my brother!). I am so relieved that everything is alright now, and according to what she told my mom, this trend of dropping piano is too common.

My brother was terribly overjoyed last night! He was pretending that all the piano musical notes were falling out of his brain! It was such a hilarious sight! I have never seen such a happy person before, it totally scares me! =O Nevertheless, he has been bugging us about this matter for quite some time already, so I guess I can understand that! *shrug* =D So now, he's picking up Art and I must say, he has a talent for it! His drawings were amazing for a "new student"! Maybe I can post up a few here if I can...

Alright, I got to end now. I need to relax after a long, hard, arduous day at school and an exhausting piano class. It has been a long time since I have last played Sims 2. What am I hearing now? I hear the Sims CDs calling out my name weakly. Somehow, I am hypnotized by their voice... Time to insert my CD into the drive and start playing!

On the other hand, I have My Sister's Keeper to read. The story is about a girl who wants to stop donating her organs to her sister, since she was conceived (or rather, genetically created) to let her sister live. It's really fascinating to read how she is now fighting for her own rights after all those years.

Great, I'm having a dilemma of choosing my mode of relaxation. I must be the first person in the world who does this "unique" decision-making! =P

Comments (13):

Congrats on making it thru your first day back. And not even a single comment about any girls. Oh my:-)

by Anonymous
Date:2/2/07 09:56  

I know the story of My Sister's Keeper; that was quite a dilemma at the time.

You have such a busy life! And it sounds like a full and wonderful life.

Hahahahaha, Maryam! No, my classmates are still the same, no new faces (maybe fresh old ones though, some got a new look and I must say some look better! =) ). Nah, I don't comment on every single beautiful girl that I spot a few metres away. ;)

Hey technobabe! I'm nearing half the book and the story is starting to build up. The most unique part in this novel is that each character has a chance to explain the story from his/her point of view. It makes the story really interesting. Anna seems confused at the point of me stopping, she wants to stop donating her organs to her sister, yet she somehow still listens to her mom...

Okay, I better stop revealing so much. I don't want to spoil the story for those who are interested in reading it! ;)

My life isn't that busy at the moment, but I fear it will become frantic after the first few days are over. =O

Glad you're back & it's not as bad as you were dreading, FK!

Sounds like you were given the standard motivational speak... stop worrying about grades, and just try to do as much between now and then as you can - you'll be fine, I'm sure!

I'm still not well, hence unusual briefness, but just stopped by to see how you are doing!

(tried my first audio today - probably shouldn't do it with a red nose! :-) )

hope you are relaxed now!

catch you soon.

Hahaha! First day of school is always fun! *grin*

Standard? Well, I guess it's a "standard" since it happens in schools around the world. =P

Awww, you still feeling in the doldrums? Well, you must get well soon. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of Vitamin C and feed yourself good (and healthy!) food! ;) But thank you so much for stopping by here anyway! =)

So you microphone finally works? That's great! =) Can't wait to hear it, but first, rest a bit until you get better to record! ;)

I'm definitely getting used to school although my schedule's going to get a little bit tight soon. See you later! =)

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