12 May 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:12 May 2007, 16:35
Subject: Streaks of Relief  

Happy!I guess there really is the occasional silver lining behind those dark clouds. I came back from school a couple of hours ago after tackling two of the most mentally stimulating challenging mind-numbing exam papers - and it is not the big one yet.

I'm glad and relieved that I managed to write a pretty good Malay essay - I think it's the best one I have written this year despite the limited vocabulary (but still much larger than most of my peers') I've demonstrated in the paper. (Read this blog post to understand why I say that.)

On the other hand, Paper 2 Maths was a total horror! =O I think I've lost at least 10 marks as there wasn't ample time to think through all. Yes, the few questions which befuddled me totally distracted me and as a result, I lost precious time. *shudder* The paper was insanely difficult albeit most are doable. I think this paper was specially tailored for Saddam Hussein's execution - it was a real murder! =O

Normally, I will get distressed over how badly I've done but not today. I was so relieved that I have managed to sit on my rear and sweated out to finish the paper. Difficult or not, I'm glad that one of the toughest papers I sit for is over for the time being. =) So I went out of the exam hall not knowing why I was there or what my name is momentously before I snapped back from a numerical world of Mathematics to reality! Yep, it's that tough!

Since my exams finished before school lets out, I had to wait for my brother so I stayed back for a while, talking to friends and catching up with acquaintances. I originally intended to do Chemistry past papers but I was so tired and exhausted I decided to do it later at home (yes, I'm going to do it later! =P). Quite a number of happy things happened which made me relaxed, like:

  • The wave of relief hitting me after writing the essay rather "coherently". Nothing pleases me more than writing passionately. =)

  • I finished sitting for the most mind-numbing Maths paper ever! =P

  • Catching up with Mona Lisa about the speech competition she had had yesterday. Turns out she nearly turned out a loser because the inadequate judges made silly calculation errors which is totally unforgivable. I'm so glad that my English teacher who was there got pissed off and demanded to see the marks - she is an eloquent speaker! In the end, she was told rather reluctantly that she was a winner and was qualified for the finale! =D

    I'm so going to show her moral support this time by coming as a supporter on the real day. I couldn't go support her yesterday because I had to stay home and study for my upcoming exams. To tell you the truth, I wasted more than half of my day and I was upset with myself. =( I could have gone there and supported her. I couldn't forgive myself. And I was afraid that she would be disappointed with my absence. Thankfully, she's not. =) (Yes, I was somewhat avoiding her just now, until I assured myself that nothing can go wrong.) My mutual friend was right the first time that she would be understanding about it! =D

  • Talking with Mona Lisa again and hanging out with a few of my girl friends and acquaintances. She cracked a silly stereotypical joke though. And it resonated with so much truth. =D

  • The fact that everyone thought the Maths paper was a killer.

  • And I accidentally *touched* a close girl friend (no, not romantically associated). You see, I was in the midst of telling Mona Lisa about her speech competition until suddenly, someone covered my eyes with their hands. I thought it was one of my guy friends at first, so instinctively, I tried to reach out my hand and try to touch him and guess his identity. That was intentional but what was unintentional is that I touched her sides of her hips. It was so scary!

    It...felt...so...smooth... The skirt material I mean. No, the skirt wasn't thin enough to actually feel the "contours". But, well... Just use your imagination! The doubts I felt at that time! =O

    She suddenly reacted with a "What?"-like grunt/groan and I was so shocked to see that it was a close girl buddy, not what I initially thought. I apologised profusely to her and she forgave me. But what was embarrassing was that it happened in front of a lot of people! =O Sheeesh! =O Everyone around me laughed... And I laughed too. =)

  • My brother's sketch of a teacher in my school. Man, he really has refined so much of his artistic skills! It was incredibly life-like! =O He also drew a portrait of himself and I chuckled. Not because it looked funny or his portrait looked grotesque, but it doesn't look like him one bit! =P But it certainly does give me a probable peek of his future appearance. =) I'm so proud of my brother. =D

  • Annelisa's virtual Walk in the forest. She did a really good job of videoing her daily morning walk and giving us the views of a British forest. It was a beautiful walk! =)

  • Today's a Saturday. A weekend. Yahoo! =D

Who would've known destressing agents are all around us?! The most wonderful thing is that, they mostly come in the form of humans. I guess laughter and joy shared is really laughter and joy doubled! =D Have a great weekend!

P.S. Hey, I just realised that happy blog posts are dotted with emoticons while I use them sparingly in more serious/pensive/sad blog posts. It's so weird, huh? ;)

P.P.S. Great, my neighbour called me to play basketball again. =( I made up my mind. No. Thank goodness I can use exams as an excuse to not play for a fortnight. No questions asked. =)

Comments (13):

Yay! I'm glad you are feeling happy again.
Also glad you had a chance to catch up with your Mona Lisa! :)

Do you know, FK, just a few moments before you said it, I'd just noticed myself how many emoticons were in the post, and thought 'Oh good, FK's feeling much happier today - it shows!' :D (((((hugs)))))

Well done on surviving your first papers... a few more like that, and you'll be sailing through! (and you'll be finished!! :-) for now)

Glad to have been part of what made your day a better day!

Off to look at this other post now... with the Jackson Pollocks!


Nice to see you happily blogging away.... good luck with any remaining exams. I'll check back in a while to see how it's going!

Glad that you're feeling good! You have a tough situation with all the studying.

Oh, I must admit that I liked to read the touched part most :-P


I'm so looking forward to have a cruise stop at Hamburg Sunday - and the Greek Festival at Monday :-)

Hey whenn! Believe me, you're not the only one who is happy to know that; even I myself am happy after days of melancholy. It's a real welcome! =D

Hyak hyak, still catching up with her! =)

Hey annelisa! Yeah, I pratically overused emoticons to show my happy feelings. Weird, huh? ;)

Roughly less than a fortnight till hell is over. =S I'm glad the first plunge has been taken. From that point onwards, everything is much easier. Plus, I couldn't procrastinate no more. I reached my limit. Yeah! =D


Thank you Topchamp! Take your time in coming back as there won't be much updates too.

Hiya Cap'n! I've just came back from Hamburg and wow, the harbour system is very commendable! *nods head* The studying part is still okay, it's beginning to study which is the tough one!

Hey, the touching part wasn't funny! =P Thank goodness everyone has forgotten it by now. =P

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