20 May 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:20 May 2007, 15:25
Subject: Just want to get over it!  

Almost done with exams!Okay, a few more days before (or rather, a week more if you count the Sciences practical exams) till exams finally break off and I am left on my free will to do anything I want to do! I can't wait!

I have no idea why Saturday's papers are hard/done horribly (it happened last Saturday too). Yesterday I sat for an English comprehension and Geography Paper 2 and that involves a lot of writing! I love the English comprehension as it piqued my interest once again on the famed ghost ship, Mary Celeste by providing another account from a different perspective what actually happened. We did a comprehension of this before in class, but this one is a different one. I was really spooked out when I read the mysterious chilling accounts when the sailors from Dei Gratia hopped aboard to find absolutely nothing and everything in perfect order. The crew on board were gone and there were no traces of them abandoning the ship. So I spent some time yesterday surfing the Internet and trying to get more information about this mysterious disappearance and creep myself out! =P

There is something about true stories like this which always catches my interest when I fear reading them. I will die of curiosity if I don't read them, and once I read them, I will get really spooked out! =O It's funny, huh?

It's a shame that my summary was overwritten by 15 words. I lack the time. Same thing goes to Geography. Boy, the structured questions, a.k.a. "essays", were tough too. I didn't study thoroughly enough for the paper. I feel quite disappointed with myself since the paper was doable despite it being difficult. =(

What's left is the Geography MCQ paper and another paper on Mathematics. There isn't much to study anymore, so I'm going to spend some time to chill, relax and enjoy (although it's a bit too early to do that). I had had enough. Just finish this and kapish! Whatever... =D

I don't remember me being this eager for the end of exams. Sigh~ I'm just not concentrating anymore. I hope that I won't cram from 9pm - 12am for the mocks as well as the real O Levels; it's just isn't worth it, I discovered. =(

On the brighter note, I am taking precautions from falling into the trap by starting off again with my GCE O Level computer coursework since I was brimming with a fresh idea which can be included in the analysis phase of the project. So I went online this morning and yesterday evening trying to understand as much material as possible before I can put them into words. It's so difficult deciphering what I have read but it's totally worth it. I hope my teacher won't reject my idea just because it's far "too advanced" and advises me to exclude it instead. It would really drive me mad!

I am trying to get back in the habit of reading since it's done in an off and on manner these days, and I have a lot of books in my shelf that are yet to be read. =P

I can't wait for June (holidays), but I am afraid too. I think June's the time (or the end of May) when the Singaporean Ministry of Education will send me a response to tell me whether I am successful in my application for the ASEAN Scholarship or not. =S If I am successful, I'll be sitting for a "qualifying" test in early June. Ugh, the future is so uncertain!

Comments (12):

Yay! Exams are almost done! No more stress for you! :)
I'm also still holding thumbs that you get that scholarship! (and I'm still sure you'll get it! :) )

The future is always uncertain, Fk, that's because it's in the future! :-)

Glad to hear you've nearly finished these exams... will you go mad and celebrate, do you think? What can you do, where you are, if you want to celebrate? What will you do?

Forget the response from the 'Singaporean Ministry of Education' for now... that's a future thing... get through the now first!

It sounds to me (and looks from your blog too) that computing might be one of your strongest points... do you think you might end up doing something with this?

I love stories of the 'unknown' too... fascinating and curious. I'd forgotten about the Marie Celeste... thanks for the reminder. I meant to look up about it some time ago!

Good luck with the rest of the exams, FK. Not long now.... :-D

Your testing is so much more complicated than mine. It sounds terrible, as most testing is. You're lucky that you get out soon. I have to wait until the very end of June.

I haven't taken my finals yet, but I am (luckily) done with my A.P. tests though. [They're exams that can theoretically give you college credit and are, as you can infer, also no fun.]

Have a good summer and good luck on the rest of your exams.

Hey whenn! I hope I won't get even stressed when results are back (I'm trying hard not to think about it). Thanks for your support! =D It's funny how I suddenly am not too confident about securing it anymore. =|

Hey annelisa! Yeap, the future is very uncertain. ;) No, I don't think I'll be going for a celebration. =P I will stay home and probably just do random things that catches my fancy. I can't help but think about the result because it's nearly the time to hear the results and it's pretty scary and nerve-wrecking to wait for it. =S

Computing is a great suggestion, annelisa! =D I did thought about doing computing but I mainly do programming (my blog) once in a while. It's not something that I want to do everyday! =O So computing does not really ignite any passion in me, besides, Maths is needed if I want to major in it! =O

Mary Celeste is a very intriguing case! So have you looked it up? ;) There isn't a lot in the Internet though since it's a "mystery" and no one knew what happened to the crew on board the ship. =S

Can't wait for the end and get over everything! =D

Hello theaudball! In what way is it complicated? Do tell! =D And yes, it's terrible (I didn't have ample revision)! Good luck to you in your exams! =)

Over here, it's perpetually summer. =P Hahaha, and it's going to get pretty hot and nasty in the upcoming months. ;)

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