16 June 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:16 June 2007, 22:53
Subject: Random Facts About Myself  

Rediscovering myself. Lol!I was tagged by the lovely whenn to do this meme which I believe similar memes have been circulating around blogs for quite some time already. I was also tagged by Irish Church Lady quite a while back on a similar meme. I thought I would take this opportunity to combine them into one, but that doesn't mean I'll list down 8+5=13 facts about me! I don't think I am able to do that! =P

Anyway, here are the rules for this meme:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.

2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3. People who are tagged need to write their own post about their eight things and post these rules.

4. At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Without further ado, here I go!

1. Just today in German class, my mom didn't show up after the class ended. To make full use of the time, my Deutschelehrenin continued teaching me. When my mom failed to show up 15 minutes later, I was getting paranoid and I started to form strange thoughts in my head. My concentration wavered and I couldn't understand what my teacher is explaining (Perfect tense is a murder, I tell you! Even in the English language!). I perspired a little in her cool house when she offered to allow me to stay and have lunch. I could feel my heart jump out! I know she was being nice and courteous about it, but honestly, it would feel really awkward to dine with her family members who might ask funny questions about my life and probably converse in German! =S

I'm more worried that I wouldn't be able to go home. I don't know why I have this irrational fear of not going home. I hate the fact that I have to rely on people for transportation. I really wish I have my own car (even a stationwagon will do; I'm not picky) or my country has better public transportation. The buses are completely unreliable, trains are non-existent, taxis are notorious for charging passengers ridiculously and it is a norm, no, a must, to have at least a car here. The fear of not being able to return home is frightening.

In the end, I found out that my mom had been waiting outside the whole time for half an hour. We didn't notice it. I was worried she would act up in front of my teacher but fortunately, it was uneventful. I stayed silent throughout the whole journey back home, trying to reel in from the shock. Poor mom! She couldn't understand what really was going on in my head!

2. Speaking of silence, I always stayed silent in car rides. No, I don't talk with my driver with the exception of telling him where to go. Nor do I talk to my parents who fetch me sometimes. It seems awkward at first but after a while, I appreciate the silence and I spend time reflecting on anything while staring at the all too familiar scenery zooming past the window. I think the people who rarely pick me up and transport me around find this very strange. I think so too...

3. Ringing telephone and doorbells always produce an averse effect on me. I totally hate it, and I even have a fear of it. Let's call this "ring-ring-phobia". I can recall how this started actually. Back in Year 9, we students have to work on a computer project for the public examinations. Despite the teachers' explanations, some doofuses (sorry to say this) have the cheek to constantly call me and ask for help, expecting me to spoonfeed them. Hey, I was busy too and I had no time to entertain their useless calls. Seriously, I wished they could ask the teacher instead. Yet, I was too weak to say no to their insistent begs. So everytime when the phone rang, I start to dread and began fearing.

That is why unlike most teenagers, I absolutely have no intention of getting a mobile phone. I think when the phone rings, I will start throwing tantrums and curse before answering the phone and greet the person sweetly. Ugh, talk about faking! Hahahaha! =P And can't they use Windows Live Messenger and e-mail to contact me instead? I'm online almost everyday anyway! Those facilities weren't invented for no reason! ;)

The fear of doorbell rings, on the other hand, arose because my little brother has this funny quirk of ringing doorbells incessantly when he sometimes arrive at home. It sounds very annoying!

4. Then, we come to having guests at my house. Sorry to say this, but I have a fear of guests. Let's call this gestrophobia (hahaha!). I especially dread Chinese New Year, the time when my parents always have an open house and somehow, hordes of friends, relatives and acquaintances flock into our house, filling every inch of space in the living room. It's creepy to see hundreds of people visiting your house. =( I don't fancy it at all, not even one bit. I quiver as I walk down the stairs into the living room with hundreds of eyes staring at my direction. It feels awkward too! *shudder*

A house is supposed to be a private and peaceful abode of one. It isn't really meant to be visited by people. I don't believe people should invade that privacy and come to have a look at what really is going on. My household is "different". People might think things. I don't want them to form the wrong impression.

To be truthful, this fear mainly stems from the fact that the piano is in the living room. If you can remember from this blog post, you know what that means. Some snobby friends of my parents want to listen to my music playing and I haven't got nice experiences with performing in front of people...

5. I'm a closet pianist. I don't perform for people. I perform for myself. I can't sight read. And I don't think you'll believe I'm a Grade 7 pianist. I can't believe that either. I don't think I even deserve to be bestowed that high a grade. The only songs I can play are my 3 ABRSM exam pieces. It's pretty sad, I know. There is a local Malay idiom that goes tinggi-tinggi payau which means being in higher grade although displaying little basic knowledge.

Unlike most musicians, I'm not musically inclined or talented. Sure, the emotions may be there, but the technicalities are not accurate. Sometimes I wonder whether all these years, I have just wasted my parents' money in doing something I'm not good at. Heck, sometimes I don't even know what I am doing. I struggle to sight read. Just this afternoon, I wanted to play a simple Grade 2 standard sheet music for a music in the Twilight Princess game but I struggled and wasn't able to sight-read it properly. It came off as ugly cacophony of noises. I was so frustrated that I stopped playing it after the second try.

Sometimes, I think there really isn't much point in playing the piano even though I enjoy playing the limited music I know for myself. It's not like I'm going to persue a career in music or wanting to dedicate my life to music. Many times, I feel discouraged with my piano, and I question a lot in my piano playing skills. The other day, a friend of mine who is going to sit for the Grade 7 practical exam wanted to hear me play the jazzy song we both were playing. I think I went pale. I immediately rejected him. I can't. I didn't prepare adequately (I'm still not prepared for it).

I am so going to fail my Grade 7 exam. *sigh* So many frustrations with this silly musical instrument. Hahahaha, and I'm taking of picking up violin. Hoo boy! I am so ridiculous! >.<

6. I don't remember people's birthdays. I don't really give birthday gifts to them either. I think I'm stingy. Anyway, I don't really celebrate my birthday too. I just want my birthday to be a perfect day where nothing goes wrong, not throwing extravagant birthday parties or having a dinner with family and friends. I hate my way of thinking, but that's just the way I am. =( In an episode of Teen Titans, Raven wasn't so enthusiastic about celebrating her birthday, but that's only because she was doomed to some prophecy. If it wasn't for that, I can totally relate myself to her.

7. You can guess that I'm a party pooper. Hahaha, I'm not exactly that kind. I just am not the party kind of person as I don't really enjoy parties. You will definitely find me either sitting alone at that corner and wishing time will pass by quickly so that I can get home, or I will be making small chats with close friends of mine. People find me strange acting like that. Again, I can't help but feel the odd one out among the party-goers. My kind of party will be spending a comfortable, intimate time with my lover, by the fireplace in a cold, wintry night. (Impossible considering where I live.)

8. People have caught me staring into space and just blank out. I can stare at anything and everything, from tyres and tables to trees and buildings. Out of the blue, I can just zone out just like that and begin to think about absolutely anything. There was one time when my friend caught me smiling. I think I must have creep her out. Lol! =P

There you have it. 8 completely random facts about me. =D This took a while! ;) I won't be tagging anybody in particular since everyone has already done this, or a similar meme. So I'll leave it to you guys whether you are game or not. Check out my weirdness meme here and here for even more odd facts about me. ;)

See you guys soon and have a great weekend!

Comments (12):

Wow. It's amazing...I've been away from blogging for so long, and I come back to the surprise of realizing again that there's someone else almost exactly like me out there. Minus the random bad moods, of course ;)

It's scary how I relate to some of those! I hate phone rings and other random loud noises. I dislike having people in my house, and the transportation (or lack of) situation there is very similar to that in Rothesay. We live in the suburbs of a big city, so there's no buses or trains out here, and we can't get around without a car or two. I've been without a vehicle myself for almost 3 weeks, and I feel lost!

It's good to be back reading your blog again. I'd forgotten how much I missed your 'unique' perception of things :P

by Anonymous
Date:18/6/07 10:52  

Good job, you explained each fact clearly and gave us even more insight into your heart of hearts. You sound like a pretty healthy person, tuned in to what you are comfortable with and allowing yourself to be in a comfortable silence when you choose to.

katelyn, it scares me too that you actually share some of my traits! =O After knowing all these, I don't think my "perception" is unique anymore. =P Anyway, welcome back to the blogosphere! =) *hugs*

Hey technobabe! I may share my heart with you guys, but I make sure none of my friends and parents know about this. I don't know why I keep them as secrets. I feel uncomfortable sharing with them, but strangely, it feels liberating to put them in a secret blog. =)

I appreciate silence a lot. It gives me time to just look around me and also to contemplate things. ;)

I’m convinced that we’re probably genetically related to each other somehow. I’m a phone-phobic, door-alarm wincing, crowded-party loathing, “androgenous” female who used to be a closet pianist too. *lol*

Wow R'acquel, you too?! =D Hahaha! This is so cool, I thought I was the only one in this world crazy enough to have such odd traits. I guess I'm no longer alone and "unique" now. =P

Yes, we have the genes of Adam and Eve in us (and with everyone else for that matter). =P Lol, are you willing to trace back your ancestry? I'll promise I'll do my homework too, and then we will compare, okay? ;) Hahahaha!

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