18 June 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:18 June 2007, 17:29
Subject: The Want of Freedom  

To drive away to freedom!I suddenly have this desire flickering inside me to be free. To get my own car and run away from home into places I consider a haven, e.g. parks, beaches. I don't like to tell my driver or my parents where to fetch me too as it is entirely a personal matter. I hate to be so dependent on them.

Today is a really lazy day for me. Never in my life have I felt so lethargic or lackadaisical. There are many things that I want to do today, yet I've spent the entire time in front of my PC. Just now, I was craving to swim in a cool pool! =O I have not swum for several weeks already and I'm afraid my stamina in water can no longer hold past 50 metres. I wanted to swim in the local stadium but I heard that the place doesn't have a clean washroom. Some more, it's not within walking distance (but a stone's throw away if I were to drive there). I don't want to trouble anyone to pick me there. Boy, it was terribly difficult to suppress that urge.

When I thought I have successfully eradicated the want to swim, suddenly I have this urge of wanting to head down to a park. It's too bad they are quite some distance away from my house and I don't have a car! =(

I would love to go to these places alone without any companion. I want solitude in doing these activities. I truly appreciate the absence of someone who can monitor each and every movement mine, and his presence greatly restricts what I long to do. I want to enjoy beautiful sceneries on my eye and enjoy the setting sun by the pristine river with the glimmering palace somewhere in the background. I want to swim a few laps and float on the water and just enjoy the sensation of the cool water lapping my body.

What about going snorkeling in the sea and watch the beautiful tropical marine life unfurling before my very eyes? To dare myself and touch the fish and to soak up that sensation. I'm not too sure whether it's available in my country, but I do know that just crossing the border, there are many places to snorkel.

Oh, this reminds me that I really should treat myself one day and check in into that luxurious five-star hotel and exploit its facilities, from beautifully landscaped grounds with swimming pools and the beach to its gym, notably the spa! Ahhh... *cannot help but smile at this thought* To spend a day in its suite and its ultra-comfortable bed.

To enjoy such luxuries myself is still a far fetched dream. I do hope I can do that once my important exams are all over. I love to have this treatment! *heart pounds*

It's too bad I have to let someone know of these desires before I can do this. Really, I wish I can just kapoof and end up at these places just like that.

Am I asking for too much? Lol! Hey, it doesn't hurt to dream, does it? ;) I do wish these desires will be picked up by someone telepathically. No, that will be creepy. Hahaha! I guess I can only long for these...

Comments (19):

Dream on!!! Without fantasies, what would life be like? Phew!!!

I wanna go some where too and luckily we are, the 2d of July we're heading for our summer island and it's going to be sooooo niiice :-)

Come on over and have a look at a Swedish wedding!

Oh No! One of the tyres has fallen off your car!

*gasp* Cap'n, do you own an island? Wow, how I really envy you (even if you did not own it)! I bet it will be loads of fun!

I would love if these fantasies actually become a reality. That would be like so awesome! =D

I have been waiting for the wedding. I'll come over soon. I just need to sort things a bit here beforehand. *sigh* ;)

Hi TopChamp! Did it really? Hehehehe, I sketch badly! I never was good in Art. *grins*

It's always wonderful to dream!
But, I'd say you must enjoy the time and situation you are in now, as "freedom" is not as easy as it sounds,hey! :)
I'd love to still have the luxuries of home. Now, I feel I had more freedom at home... :)
On the other hand, it IS wonderful to be able to do exactly what you want, when you want...

by Anonymous
Date:22/6/07 06:10  

I'm so glad to have found you from Technobabe's place. Linked to you, for sure. I'm really happy you're blogging away, letting us more... uhhh... mature folks know how it's done. Keep it up, you rock.

Hey whenn! Yeah, I have heard from adults that the working world is so much tougher, and they even wish to go back to school. =P For me, I can't wait to move out and have my own pad where I really can have the freedom to do whatever I want! Can't wait! First, I need to settle my own work. Heh! =(

Hi James! It's wonderful to see you here! =) And hey, blogging is something of a personal preference; everyone has their own style of blogging. ;) I'll check out your site soon. Thanks for commenting!

I only just acquired my provisional license at the ripe old age of 30yo early this year. I started on my L's when i was 16, but being disowned by my parents at the time truncated my ability to finish the process. Spent years with friends who had no cars, so the support network was not good for completing that leg of life.

I spent many years feeling trapped and that sensation of being "stranded" (especially with public transport & expensive taxis) was horrible to live with for so long. One of the worst feelings for me to live with, i truly didn't cope with it well. It left me feeling powerless and helpless.

The worst was probably a horrible argument with an ex-boyfriend, leaving me trapped within my own home. No buses, no taxis at the late hour and how i needed to escape. Many other moments of being stranded that have left me in tears.

It's worth fighting tooth & nail to acquire a license to drive ASAP. Don't leave it off for as long as i did. Go get it, as soon as you possibly can ;)

Hi R'acquel! It is more especially in my country where it is very advisable to be able to drive. The public transport here is barely decent and cars are easily obtainable. =) As soon as I turn 18 (the legal age of driving), I will most likely acquire my driving license and use one of the cars at home (my parents own 3). =D With the rise of road bullies, road rages, and simply bad drivers, I have to think twice before obtaining my license and be extra cautious at the roads. =(

I can't believe that teens out there my age are already driving while I am stuck to depend on other people for transportation. =( Boo!

When my transport somehow does not arrive, I feel completely helpless and that I am at the mercy of the place I am "stranded". =P It doesn't feel good!

by Anonymous
Date:2/1/13 23:52  

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