2 June 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:2 June 2007, 21:58
Subject: I can't believe she did it!  

Is she a deception?No, I absolutely refuse to believe it! =O She, Mona Lisa, "backstabbed" her childhood friend who is now overseas. According to the backstabbed friend, she asserted in her blog that Mona Lisa is spreading rumours about her among her friends (?). I am quite vague about whether the rumour is supposedly positive or negative as I have read both parties' blog posts and each has told her different stories from their individual viewpoints.

I came to know about the friction in their friendship when the backstabee blogged about how she came to know of the rumours from her friends back here when they heard these rumours and gossips regarding her from the backstabber. She posted it only the last week and I didn't think too much of it. Maybe because it's just my nature not to get involved in people's businesses although deep inside me, I felt sorry that she was victimised and I was quite angry with the backstabber (I didn't know Mona Lisa was the "criminal" behind it for she wasn't mean enough to stoop down so low to reveal her name) for what she had done to her friend. Besides, I didn't know the whole story and I don't think I left a comment regarding the matter seeing that I didn't know what actually happened.

This morning, a close friend of mine approached me and asked whether I have read the backstabee's blog post or not. I shook my head feverishly since I was busy modding the Sims 2 yesterday. I was surprised to find out that the backstabee finally revealed the person who started the rumours in her blog post and technically, she wrote an accusative post. I did wonder why she was telling me this and in such a urgent tone too. I wanted to get her name so that there would not be any surprises for me but this close friend of mine refused to reveal it to me.

Naturally, I was very curious at that stage. The subject matter wasn't really brought up until the last period. It wasn't right until the minute before school lets out then I somehow guessed the rumours spreader (she did left clues here and there) and as much as I was shocked to learn that, she was too last night. Really now, of all people!

I wished she was cracking a horrible joke but she wasn't. It was like a nightmare coming true! =( It was like some prophecy was fulfilled! (Okay, maybe I watched too much cartoons! =P) It wasn't until a long time later that I can finally accept that she really did do it. I needed to see the blog post myself to fully satisfy myself, and unfortunately, I wasn't able to get home until nearly 5 pm as I had to involve myself in some school activities.

When I saw the backstabee's blog post myself, I was flabbergasted, bewildered, surprised, dumbfounded (you name the synonyms, I have them!). Mona Lisa's full name was printed in bold, capital letters and there was no denying it - it is indeed her! Emotions began to surge through and conflict in my soul. The happy world I had submerged myself in suddenly dissipated. All that was left was a desolate landscape full of hurt, dejectedness and sadness. Suddenly, I welled up into silent anger that was quickly repressed and replaced by sadness and longing.

Is she nothing but a deception? Doubts rushed into my brain. She seemed so nice, so sweet, so kind, so...humanly. And now, the victim thinks she lacks the humanly qualities because Mona Lisa has spread unjustifiable rumours about her. One thing that strikes me the most is that this isn't her first time apparently. She has done it over and over again to her. I can sort of justify her ruthless action if it was her first time, but apparently it wasn't. I guess that is where the trouble stems.

She then went on to talk about the way she begs for sympathy so that she can gain the attention from others. You know, I never thought of it that way until she said it. I wish I can just go up to her and say, "You're lying!" but I don't think she is. I've known her for a few years as an acquaintance and I can safely say that the backstabee isn't the kind who fibs and fabricates stories. She's an honest girl.

Come to think of it, somehow it made some sort of sick sense. I still remember the other day that Mona Lisa asked whether she had done well in a speech competition. She was uncertain with her performance and thought she did badly when in fact, she did well! So she asked for my opinion and I assured her that she was fine. Maybe this is a pretty poor illustration since I do do that too (when I don't feel confident). Her friend gave a few other examples too and when I come to think about it, I realised that they make sense.

So, is she a two-faced person? An angelic demon? I honestly don't know and I can't make a sound judgement because I only got seriously acquainted with her in the third quarter of last year. Even though I have a crush on her, I honestly don't know her much yet.

It is really creepy come to think about it if she really has an evil alter ego. It is very cruel to masquerade as the nice guy and playing with my emotions and others as well to do her every bidding to achieve a selfish motive. I really cannot bring myself to think of her that way. That thought itself creeps me out.

I decided to take a trip to Mona Lisa's blog and see what she has to say. She started by saying that it is sad that people view her as a goodie-goodie two shoes. I was startled when I read her remark and I was deeply disturbed, because I always thought of her as a perpetually nice lass. She then admitted that she had spread rumours, backstabbed people and whatnot before. Another shock for me because I have never thought of her as that kind of person.

So she went on and apologized to the backstabee for talking behind her back but since the rumour was vague, she originally intended it to be positive, and not what the backstabee thought as negative. She then went on to lament about her innocence which sadly, I can't remember much. She did say something about how this wasn't the first time she was blamed for backstabbing though. I have tried accessing her blog just now but it seemed like she had taken it off the Internet a few hours ago. I really don't know why she did it, but it gave me the impression that she was the guilty party.

Who's right now? Who's wrong now?

Oh, I hate these moments! I honestly don't know anymore; I can't judge the situation because I do not know what had actually happened and I don't really know these two people inside out. Whose side should I support? The acquaintance who knows what she is talking about, or my crush who claims that she is innocent and somehow, her intended message were misinterpreted by people?

They both gave their stories. It's really up to me to believe one of their side of the story. I can't do it! I can't tell the truth from lies. Oh dear! =(

Why must this suddenly happen? I really don't know what to do now! My perception of Mona Lisa has completely changed. There goes another crush. There is no happy ending with my crushes at all! =(

Comments (14):

by Anonymous
Date:3/6/07 23:32  

The good thing is that you maintained your proper and healthy place in a situation that does not actually depend on your involvement. And you are ready to be a friend and not judge, it would just be nice for you to know who is telling truth, is that correct?

You could confront each of them individualy and get their sides of the stories first hand?
I believe you should always stand by the one you love right until you know ALL the facts.:)
This, however, should not be done as an attempted intervention from your side, but purely as a method of calming your own spirit and confusion.

You've not gone into any great detail regarding what the girls have done.

From my experience of girls and their b'tching - keep well out of it! And I agree with Whenn - if you haven't heard the stories first hand you'd be better reserving judgement.

Fingers crossed it blows over quickly.

I found it quite funny though that this is all being discussed by blog! (even between the girls). How things have changed... In my day... (Feeling old!)

by Anonymous
Date:4/6/07 22:53  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Technobabe, that is exactly what I want! Just the plain, old truth (which may hurt badly!).

Hey whenn and TopChamp! To be honest, I don't really want to confront both of them and try to investigate the matter because I shy away from trouble and I do not want to involve myself and complicate things (especially matters like this!). The other reason being I'm not so close to both of them...

Whenn, Mona Lisa is yet the love of my life and after hearing this, I can't help but feel crushed. =( TopChamp, I guess I only managed to get the gist of what's happening but I'm still quite blur at what is really going on. And like what you have said, I'm not in a position to judge things.

I have no idea how things are currently. =O

The backstabee is venting out her feelings in her blog post. This is followed by Mona Lisa's response in her blog post. Since she shut her blog down, it does give the impression that she's guilty. I'm surprised why the two did not confront each other at least by chatting in Windows Live Messenger!

Yes, communication certainly has changed alright! =P

by Anonymous
Date:4/6/07 23:00  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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