6 December 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:6 December 2006, 18:26
Subject: The Weirdness Meme  

I'm tagged by annelisa! Yay! My first meme too! Without further ado, may I present to you my weirdness! :-O

Note: I might not finish this meme and upload it incomplete. I'm sorry, but I'm actually not in my home country now. I'm over at my elder brother's place in Australia, and my flight to Melbourne will be leaving soon. I'll be leaving for 10 days, so there wouldn't be any updates till then. I won't blog over the month of December, but I'll try when opportunity arises =).

1. I smell myself! Seriously, it's my most disgusting, most filthy and weirdest habit of mine. I won't do it in public, of course (no, I don't seek attention THAT way!) Anytime when I'm at home, no matter what I'm doing, be it blogging, chatting with friends on Instant Messengers (IMs), reading books, watching TV... I am very prone to just scratch on whatever areas in my body and just smell my fingers! I'm sorry if I really gross up you guys. It's just too weird! And it's ironic that I'm a neat freak too! Don't tell the whole world about this okay? Please... I don't think the whole world is ready for this!

I also need to watch out. There are already several times I have caught myself doing such a disgusting habit in public. Haven't been caught so far. Whoops! I'm desperate to break this habit, but so far my efforts are in vain, and I didn't try to stop myself from doing so either! Heck, as long as no one sees it!

2. I have a very compulsive behaviour to use emoticons in my blog posts, comments etc. I don't know why I do it though, they do make my blog posts seem a bit informal but it adds a personal touch to them as well. I believe that sometimes words themselves don't do justice to how I am currently feeling now, especially when they're online. And there are also many instances when they could be misinterpreted to be sarcastic or insulting or a bit crude as well. Hence, the emoticons. Especially =) and =P. My use of emoticons is also partly due to the fact that I gesture and make lots of expressions and change my tone whenever I talk. It's al very expressive, not neutral like some of my guy friends. You can't tell whether they are being funny, sarcastic, sad etc.

I guess I still owe you guys 4 more weird points. I got to have dinner now, and then fly off at midnight. So I guess I shall keep this short for the time being. Be back in 10 days! See you guys later, and in the meantime, take care!

Comments (18):

by happy and blue 2
Date:7/12/06 08:29  

"Smell ya later", ha,ha..
It's a quote from the Simpsons. A cartoon we get here. In case you don't get it where you live..
Have a good vacation..

"It's smell to know ya!"

(you're going to wish you didn't tell that one!! :-D a little bit of ribbing coming your way...

Two very good wierdies - like it! I can't imagine you blank faced - your posts are wonderfully full of expression... and it wouldn't be you any other way. Much better to show your feelings (most of the time :-) ) - makes you more real.

Still need to learn your emoticons - what do these two here mean? I presume the first one's smiling, but what's the second?

Have a lovely holiday, FK! Enjoy the break! (Hey, this'll give me time to catch up with Kinderella! :-) )

Well, there are worse habits to have...

Unfortunately, I can't think of any.


Joking! I have some pretty crazy habits, too... None of which I'd willingly admit...

Hi guys! Thanks for leaving your comments, appreciate it much.

Hey happy and blue 2. Yep, Simpsons is aired on television in my country. It's very popular too. I didn't quite like it because no offense, I found it a bit weird. But then, I gave it a chance and watched it when I was on the plane back to my brother's place. It's really funny!!! No wonder it's so popular!

Hey annelisa, which emoticon are you talking about? Yea, love to express myself online through emoticons; it gives colour to my sentences =P.

Hey katelyn! I also have more weirder habits than the ones I mentioned, I think, and I'm not willing to disclose all of them.... Thank goodness I only have 4 more left to state ;)

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