15 June 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:15 June 2007, 22:34
Subject: Twilight Princess  

The symbol of TriforceSorry if I have neglected this blog for quite some time, especially without saying what I was up to. In fact, I have pretty much neglected my own life and I had dedicated my time during the past 5 days to playing this superbly entertaining and exciting game called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And I'm proud to say that I finished the game! =D

The Cover of Twilight Princess, Gamecube version

I did that without any external help from either a strategy guide book or online. I'm so happy of my accomplishment! =D Okay, I admit, Midna (an ingame main character) helped me a lot by telling me vague clues, but that's in the game itself! =P It feels so immensely satisfying to complete the puzzles ingame by yourself. I cannot believe I did it all on my own accord, so much so I've overtaken my brother's progress in a matter of a few days. (And being brothers, I took every opportunity to rub it in his face and go "Nyah nyah nyah! I'm better than you". =P) Hahaha! I can remember the last time when I played the previous The Legend of Zelda series, I had to frequently ask my brother how to progress from the difficulties I am stuck with. This time, I make sure that I exercised and made full use of my grey matter and scrutinized every nook and cranny in the game that, no matter how minor, is essential to progress the adventure further.

This game is seriously the bomb and it is incredibly addictive. I remember vividly that I was glued to the sofa in the living room for almost the whole day and with sweaty hands, I invested every ounce of energy manoeuvring my character. Wielding the sword and shield, with dexterity I try to kill, stab and slice gruesome monsters. I too use other weapons I acquire along the way to aid in my quest of killing bosses and overcoming obstructions that come along my way. Transforming into a wolf and back into a human is fun too and of course, not forgetting the few moments of getting stuck at a particular place for a good hour or two before I loudly utter an "Oh!" for not thinking or looking at the obvious and laugh at myself.

Those were the good old times (although they're just days ago). Time, at that time, played little significance in my life. The difference between day and night was blurred. Yes, the game was that engrossing! =O The only thought that was in my mind is the (mis)adventures of that game. I eat, drink and sleep Twilight Princess! =P

I am so glad I thought of picking up this game immediately when the school holidays begin! Otherwise, I would not be able to concentrate on the holiday homework and projects I need to complete. =( Maybe I should not be thinking of it, but starting tomorrow, I have to spend time with my work (or even showing at the very least some dedication to it). After all, it wouldn't be that fair if I concentrate more on my game than my work. Now, if only I could work as hard as I play! ;)

The Twilight Princess game has many qualities that has made it such a successful game in my eyes. One of the main reasons is that it teases your brain, a lot (there are basic physics involved =) ), but one's observation skill plays a major role in completing this game. You really have to open your eyes wide and take a good look around your character's surroundings. There are many little things out there which are hiding along somewhere, and they are crucial to your progress. And of course, you have to remember things.

I must say the storyline of that game is pretty good. It made a lot of sense and is completely relevant to the game. I have read better stories and watched better movies than that, but for a game, it's awesome! And it actually moved me; I can actually feel myself tearing up at the melancholy parts of the game. And oh how my heart beat in joy when the credits began rolling! =D The ending was what should be expected - a happy one, except for a sudden twist that happened right before the words "The End" flashed in the screen.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read if you are thinking of playing this game, or you are currently playing it! Scroll down to END SPOILER a few paragraphs later.

I cannot believe Midna, revealed as the Princess of Twilight, actually looks ravishing and attractive when the curse was lifted from her. Compared to her previous impish looks, she definitely looks more beautiful and more womanly (I actually preferred her impish cute looks despite her beauty as a true Twili woman). I love her reply when Link was speechless as he feasted his eyes on her for the first time. It went "What? Am I so beautiful you have no words left?". *chuckle*

It was pretty disheartening when she decided to destroy the only link between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm. The tear she shed which I presumed was for Link (the character the player controls) headed for the Mirror of Twilight instead and it shattered for good. Being the true leader of her realm, only she had the power to do that. And she did.

And I thought she would be back. =( She was a really great character. She will truly be missed by me...


I love how the game designers who created the wonderful world of Hyrule, especially the dungeons. It can be summed up in two words: "Pretty clever!". I admired the way how certain small things altogether can form the big picture. The fact that certain items can combine together to proceed into the game is just marvelous! However, my eyes had to endure agony to carefully look around the game environment to look for the missing piece of the puzzle.

My favourite dungeon is definitely Snowpeak Ruins, a rather dilapidated mansion where a Yeti couple resides, Yeta and Yeto (how cute!). Even before entering the mansion, I was so taken aback by the looks of Yeto when I first encountered him. He wasn't the big, scary yeti I have come to anticipate. He looks pretty harmless and his face exuberates joy and kindness. Whoah! I thought the mansion at first was going to be easy (hey, how hard can a house be) but boy, was I so wrong! It was terribly tough!

The adventures I had in their mansion is humorous! I was supposed to find a key but after Yeta, the sick yeti, gave me the wrong directions (to find ingredients for a soup her husband was boiling indeed! =P). The ending was pretty shocking. Yeta was possessed by a shard of the Mirror of Twilight and she became one gigantic scary monster. Totally unexpected! I mean, she looked harmless and cute initially! The end of the battle was sweet and romantic, with the couple hugging and Yeto declaring his love to his wife, affirming her that he'd rather love her than some stupid mirror. So I got the mirror (yay for me) and as the couple hug, many hearts floated out from them which I gladly collected to fill up my life. =) Very, very cute! Probably the most unique dungeon in the game! It's a big humorous relief from the seriousness of the dungeons I have been.

Following Snowpeak Ruins is Lakebed Temple. I love the architecture of that dungeon which relies on water and canals to complete the adventure. I wish I lived there! =) Another one is Temple of Time. Controlling statues is loads of fun! Another favourite of mine is Arbiter's Ground, for its weapon, the Spinner, and Hyrule Castle, also for its architecture and clever design in hiding the treasures!

I don't really play the mini-games that are seen as optional breaks away from the main adventure. Perhaps the one I like best is the Boat Rental Cabin where one rafts along the fast-flowing Zora River which cuts through a deep gorge. It was loads of fun and it brought back fond memories of me rafting with fellow friends on a trip last year. =)

Although it was difficult to get used to the graphics of the game (I was used to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker game environment which uses cel-shaded animation, a lot cleaner and crisper), it looked more and more beautiful as I gained control over my character and my sense of direction. In fact, it looked very artistic!

In short, what am I trying to say here?

I highly recommend you guys to try out The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! It's one of the best games out there (I don't play much games too) and it promises you countless hours of entertainment. Play it! But be forewarned that you might get really hooked on the game and forget about everything else. Don't play it when you have a lot of work to do. Play it if you have a few days of vacation. It's worth it! =)

Comments (16):

I will! I will! I will! :)
What a great review! This is exactly the type of game I like! thanks for introducing it to me! :)

Hey whenn, it's no problem at all! =) I also wanted to provide an explanation for my sudden absence. I'm glad that you are going to play this game (but don't say you have not been forewarned of this game's addictivity! ;) ).

For your information, this game is available in 2 consoles, the Wii and the Nintendo Gamecube. I play the Gamecube version, but I think the Wii is much more exciting, seeing that you can actually use some control and move your body to control Link. ;)

I loved this game! I played it with my boyfriend mostly.. though I couldn't resist going on without him now and then which drove him mad. It's brilliant.

It is a fine excuse for blog absence!

I'm so happy that you are another fan of this game, TopChamp! =D My little brother is pestering me to spoil him with the spoilers and solutions, but I didn't want to because I want him to finish it on his own. (Also, I want to laugh and mock at him when he gets stuck in the game, lol! *evil grin*)

I'm glad this is a fine excuse! =P

I haven't played Twilight Princess yet, but one of my favourite games of all time is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!

Hey katelyn! I was only introduced to The Legend of Zelda games when the free Wind Waker game came with my Gamecube purchase as an offer. It was my brother who started playing it first, and I joined in after seeing how much fun the game is! =D

Again, it was my brother who brought the Twilight Princess game. I took my current school holidays as an opportunity to try out this game. I have no regrets! If you think that game is fun, then this is even better! Try it!

*hint* *hint* After you graduate! =P

It was my boyfriend who got me hooked on it.

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