29 December 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:29 December 2006, 19:15
Subject: Wedged in between Christmas and 2007!  

Christmas is over. It's on to the New Year.Hey guys! I'm finally back at my place now, listening to the pitter-patter of the raindrops. It's that time of the year again when there is heavy rainfall and floods are all too common in my country. Rain can be fun, of course, but having too much is a major bummer!

I'm actually am back home on Christmas Day! Can you believe it? I have to fly so early in the morning at 4 a.m. for goodness sake! I seriously wonder who flies at such an odd hour. Well, my wonder ceased to amazement when I saw the 200 passengers congregating at the airport in the wee hours of the morning, on Christmas Day! Wow. I had tried begging my mom to postpone our trip back home but unfortunately, it wasn't possible as all flights from post-Christmas to the first two weeks of January are fully booked. Not even a seat! That was how terrible the scenario was. Hordes of Australians (or the English) are using our national carrier to go to London from Perth and vice versa, transitting in my country. Apparently it's cheaper by 200 dollars (not so sure about the currency, but it's definitely not in Sterling Pounds!) compared to Qantas or British Airways (if that carrier does fly to Perth), plus with that amount of money, one can stay at my country's most prestigious 5 star hotel for a day. I don't know how true it is, that's what my mom told me. Anyway, on that flight that morning, about 3/4 of the passengers were transiting. I think we were the only local passport holders even!

Now on to the important question. Did I celebrate Christmas?

YES OF COURSE! HORRAY! Technically, that is.

At the stroke of midnight, right before we leave to the airport, my family and I (including my elder brother's girlfriend who I call my sister - she's the bomb!) exchanged gifts! Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I got a Nintendo Wii (How I wish! Hahaha) they like the presents I gave them! Each and every one! I was so happy, I almost wanted to shed a happy tear or two.

Christmas always gets me. It moves me when I show my love through gifts. Okay, that sounds very materialistic, but hey! It's the thought behind that counts! I hugged each and every one of my family member, and deep inside me, I thank them for giving me such a good life and showering me with lots of love, even though I can be a real mischievous and misbehaved son at times =).

It's really cool. The crinkling of present wrappers, the shout of joy when they saw their gifts beyond the wrapping paper. Let's just say the Christmas humbug bit all of us. In short, it was an amazing short time when the family bonded even closer. But then, everything has to end when we have to get to the airport. Everyone stuffed their gifts inside fat and oversized baggages (it was so full, we were worried that it was overweight). Thank goodness our luggage did not exceed the maximum weight imposed by the airport, the weighing scale was being kind to us!

So yeah, my Christmas this year to me seemed so short. We didn't do anything special when we got back home. Everyone was too exhausted from the whole return trip although my brother and I tried on the new video games that we bought back from Australia. (The games they sell in my country are mostly pirated anyway and are not so reliable.) Hehehe...

I'm happy that at least we got to exchange gifts and had an early Christmas dinner at a French restaurant. Damn, I didn't know French can hit the spot in my stomach; yum, yum! No turkey though, haha! We had a jolly good two and a half hours dinner.

I've said it already, and I will say it again. Christmas is AWESOME!

So what have I been up to nowadays? Well, nothing much. Except trying out Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. I actually wanted to buy its newer version, Flight Simulator X but unfortunately, this game was released too early and only about 5% of the gamers can run it properly. It is too demanding and quite unplayable for modern day computers. According to people's reviews I've read online, they stated that this simulatorwas meant to be played on Windows Vista, with DirectX 10 and well, this system is yet to be released. So staying on the safe side, I purchased the older game which was cheaper and was sold for AUD$10 less. So what the heck! *big toothy grin*

I have this weird fascination for aeroplanes (here we go again!). When I was young, I used to grab a small model of an airline, pretended my bedroom was one big airport and fly the plane, always either taking off or landing. Flying mid-air was too boring for me! Hahahaha! You can imagine me making the sounds of the aeroplane engines and make the aeroplane land or takeoff, and the aeroplane goes zooming by the long runway. Oh yeah, I love it!

The game is fun, but is currently a major bore to me as I need to learn how to fly properly first before landing (Boo!). Hopefully, after I have mastered the controls, I'll fly all over the world and make stops at the world's most busiest airports and admire it's monstrosity and beauty (Changi Airport!). There's something about airports which excites me...

Oh yeah, I've signed up for eBay.com under my "mother's name" since I am underaged. Thought it was high time I got rid of a couple of things around the house and make money out of them instead of feeding them to the dumpster. And that's what I have mainly busied myself these past few days. That explains my inactivity, I guess. It is loads of fun selling! Now I know how it feels like to be a e-seller! If you would like to check out what I am selling, you can ask for my username at eBay by e-mailing me at frolicsomekid at gmail dot com. Reason being my username is easily recognizable by my friends should they stumble into here and find out that I have a secret blog. And my privacy will be shattered... *shudder*

It took me a long time to figure out the mechanics for selling, and I've managed to understand the basics. The hardest part is the shipping, since not many locals will browse at eBay, and international shipping prices don't come in cheap. I was overjoyed when I discovered that a bidder has bid on one of my items! I intend to make the sales to go as smoothly as possible! =)

It's just great that Taiwan had to suffer an earthquake. The Internet connection isn't stable and very slow nowadays, and it will last for a long time until some undersea cable is repaired. What a bummer! At least I still can get online, I heard that our neighbouring countries isn't faring so well. But it's weird that it happened on December 26, eh? Coincidence?


Well, I guess that's that for this blog post. I'll blog more when some random blog-worthy thoughts hit my brain. Heehee. Until then, I wish you guys a very belated Merry Christmas, happy shopping at the after-Christmas sales (and cry when you learn that item you bought for $100 is given a big 50% discount!) and of course...

A very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year! (in advance, in the event that I cannot blog on December 31 - January 1)

And brace yourself for the flurry of SMS-es wishing you a Happy New Year!

Joy to the world! =D

Comments (20):

Oh my god... someone else who knows what Direct X 10 is! Sweet salvation!

I need nerdier friends.

Sorry... it's just a nice looking blog you have here...

Shame you had to spend Christmas Day in transit, but what an unusal way to spend it!

Couldn't work out if you did or didn't get your Wii??? It's crossed out, but still there... My younger son wanted one of those, and I'd built up to get one for him, joining forces with my sisters to afford it, when he changed his mind at the final hour, and asked for a PSP instead! So, ordered one on e-bay, which was supposed to come from UK. Double trouble on the horizon... First Paypal messed up, and paid for it by e-cheque, which took 9 days to clear, then I got an email saying it was coming from the States instead of the UK, because it had run out in the warehouse over here. Needless to say, my poor son didn't get it in time for Christmas, and now he's away with his dad until after the New Year :-( C'est la vie! At least he should have it on his return!

Sounds like you had a nice Christmas, anyway - the time with your family is the most important thing...

Christmas sales? Heard they were on, but haven't managed to make it into a town yet... but all I need is new work-trousers and jeans, so I'm not in a hurry!

Just in Case I miss you between 31st and 1st - Have a happy, Happy New Year!!! And I hope the coming year's good for you, and you get your wishes (wish carefully :-) )

See you soon!

Hey jamie! Hehehe, glad you like the blog! I actually don't know a lot about DirectX 10; I've only got a vague idea about it.

Hi annelisa! Yeah, one of my friends thought that too. Definitely a Christmas to remember? =)

NOPE! I never got my Wii! Oh, how I wish I own it! It has really cool features. Unfortunately, I don't quite agree with the price. Give me a year or so, then I "might" get it for Christmas. If not, I can always beg my parents for it! ;)

Awww, I hope your son gets the PSP! Hope everything gets settled when he comes back.

Yep, it's always the family that is important in Christmas. Without them, it would just be a total dud!

Yep, I'm gonna ponder on my New Year's Resolutions tomorrow. Check it out soon!

Happy New Year to you, and everyone else too! =D

Hey, FK - had a thought about your Wii... why don't you do what I do with my kids? Instead of them not getting anything they want because neither they nor I can afford it (or it's just downright expensive) I make a deal with them. I say I'll put in £... if they put in what they have, and if any relatives give them any money, that goes towards it too... so it's a joint effort. And everyone gains.

Just an idea, if you haven't already thought of it...

That can do, annelisa, but I don't really need a Wii at the moment as I'm not a hardcore gamer myself. So I don't see the need for it. It's a very minor want. =P

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