16 July 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:16 July 2007, 10:12
Subject: On a Study Leave  

Lately, I am becoming more and more involved in my schoolwork. First and foremost is the computer coursework, which I can safely say I have completed 50% of it. My turmoil doesn't just end there. I have signed myself up voluntarily (woe is me for doing that!) to participate in an oratory speech contest and a debate. Even though it begins in a few days time, I have not done any work on that. My mind has been engulfed by thoughts of computer coursework, computer coursework, computer coursework! It's terrible, I tell you. =(

Relaxation nowadays is a luxury, if not, I was forced to take some. It feels sickening because I'm paranoid that it will eat up precious time which could instead be used for doing the coursework. Handing it up next week does not spell the end yet! I have to spend roughly 3 weeks on my upcoming mocks. I can't believe I will abuse my brain and try to cram as much as I can. 2 years' work in 2-3 weeks. I seriously wonder how I will manage...

By the way, the October/November Cambridge GCE O Level examinations schedule is out! I have just got my statement of entry a couple of days already and I can't believe I am going to sit for it so soon! I still remember when I was in primary school, I used to look at the paper which tells O Level candidates the venue of the exams and I wondered when it would be my turn. And my turn is nearly here! *shudder*

So, in the interest of my studies, I'm staying away from the Internet and the blogosphere. I really miss you guys and I hope you all are doing well. I'm not coping with academic stress as well over here, but it's not too bad (and hopefully it won't get worse!). Priorities comes first, and getting distinctions is my top priority. Yeah, I guess I have to sacrifice most of my time spent surfing the Internet. =( Harsh, but something has got to go to accommodate something else. I guess that's how things work.

Take care guys, and I hope things go well in your life! I'll be back after all these is over (or when I have to blog about something urgently), I promise!