1 April 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:1 April 2007, 21:59
Subject: Mistakes  

My brother committed a grave mistake. In his fury, he condemned a religion and its God in a tagboard at my other board. Fortunately, there were few responses to his tag, but it devastated me. How could my brother committed such idiotic and major sin of putting the damn on other people's religion? I know he did not purposely do it, but still....

I am so confused and lost in my own angry thoughts. I need sleep... I really hope this matter could be resolved tomorrow.

Comments (15):

I don't know exactly what he did say, so it's difficult to give a comment. But to calm down, join the cruise members and come to the market in Brussels !

Oh, it's never a good thing to speak in anger. To easy to let regretful words flowing....

What about coming over and se some volcanos - and geysir having outbursts instead?

And then a long hot steaming bath in the Blue Lagoon and the icebar in the evening?

Iceland Is Niceland :-D

Sometimes it's difficult to hold back if you disagree strongly.

I know I find it hard to bite my tongue on religion sometimes.

Hope you've had a good nighs sleep and feel better today. Maybe you see this from a different perspective too?

Hey FK..dropped by to say HI and am sorry you find yourself so angry about something your bother did. Get some sleep and maybe do a disclaimer..'the views expressed here etc etc'..if that would help in any way. Hope you feel better..take care..m

Hey Gattina! I will elaborate more on that if opportunities arise (and if my memory does not fail me =P). Is it too late to visit the market in Brussels? ;)

Ahoy Cap'n! It's not only my brother who gets blinded by anger at times, I too have fallen victim for anger. It's a pity that words, once spoken, can never be returned back. It would be such a happier place to live in if that is possible...

I think a long steaming bath is needed. I hope I can still go to Iceland! =P Hopefully I can first withstand the chill! Brrrrr!

Hi TopChamp! The problem is, he put the blame on religion for his problems, and he attacked on it very badly instead of blaming it on the other party which has to be blamed. It's hard to explain. All I know is that, even though he does not practice that religion, he would not normally condemn it.

I noticed that he does that when he is very provoked. *sigh*

I told my mom about this issue with my brother already, and there was a long lecture. Stern, firm but kind at the same time. I really hope my brother learns to be more careful the next time.

As for me, I'm quite alright when it comes to religion. Everyone has their own belief, and I do not want to question it. It's what gives us the strength to live life... =)

I had a good night's sleep. Thanks RennyBA! This problem is no longer in my head now. =D

Hi madd! =D How is it going over there? I just do not want to see my brother get himself into trouble. =( I apologised on behalf of my brother at the tagboard and deleted his message long before that. Thank goodness nobody seem to care much. *phew* The only insult that was spewed was from a friend of mine who likes to insult everyone, anyway. Take care, you! =)

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