4 September 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:4 September 2006, 20:36
Subject: Indulge in pleasures of life  

Escape from work into my fantasy worldYou know what, sometimes I just have to play a game or daydream and just slack off from my "priorities". I am always so concerned about time (having lack of time), yet I always snatch the opportunity, go away from all those workloads and just simply have fun. I seriously don't know why I am like this, I mean, I am not really like that last time.

Everytime when I have to study or do an important biggie, I will moan and groan, and immediately, I put them aside and quickly turn on my computer and get online, surf the Internet and looking for some "random" stuffs. I really don't want to elaborate so much on that, I leave them to your mature imaginations.

Otherwise, I get on TV and quickly tune in to the latest cartoon series. And when the clock strikes 3 p.m., I immediately go down and hunt for food. Groan again when there is none. And I'll get back up and play or waste time until, well, it's 9 p.m. and I shall cry in horror because I "forgot" to do this or that.

And I can slowly feel the effects. Deterioration of work quality is definitely the most imminent. Why am I soooo lazy? Why do I keep shunning away from studying, when I actually love doing so? Why is it so hard to get into work mode? Was I born like that? I don't think so, I wasn't certainly like that last time.

I detest changes. Seriously. I hate to adapt myself and be flexible. When I say I will do it, I will either commit my whole mind to it, or not at all. Everytime when I try to concentrate on my work, my mind just simply wander off to think about some pretty random things.

This blog is written pretty badly, forgive me for that. I'm just too tired to blog. Yea, I have to burn the midnight oil yesterday and finish off a project, which majority of the class didn't do. I think my group was the only one to do so...

Besides that, there is a lot that I want to blog about, you know, reflections on my own life, my friends. Who they really are inside, and yea, stuffs like that. I feel so upset that I even started to despise my best friend a little. It's really bad. I doubt him, because he tried to hide a lot of things from me. Probably deceive me, or was it my imagination that is overworked? And he's a hypocrite too! Or maybe not. I don't know! My friends know him so much better than me. So much of calling ourselves "best friends".

I don't get a lot of things in life. I know I have yet to learn from them. But sometimes, even my very stubborn nature cannot learn from experiences. Once bitten, twice shy doesn't always apply to me. I keep making the same mistakes, and regretting about it again. Countless number of times. My major mistake was procrastination as you can see. Bummer!

You know what's the worse thing? They say life is shitty. I myself have even experienced it first hand. And yet...


I live in my fantasy world. I hate to get out of my sanctuary and face the harsh life. I just want to be left alone there, thinking about happy things, pleasurable things, and enjoy all the fine things in life.

Unfortunately, that isn't possible.

I feel so depressed. All I want is just happiness.

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by Anonymous
Date:7/9/06 16:07  
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