15 September 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:15 September 2006, 11:27
Subject: I'm So Happy!  

Hitting the right notes at piano class, and knowing that I have friends; this sends me into ecstacy!I really cannot believe I can pull off my Grade 7 pieces to my teacher pretty well today, and I am so proud of my own accomplishment! It's one of those rare moments where my pieces are actually played to "near perfection". I'm so happy, and I think I made her proud too =). But, I still need more practice though to polish up some nastier parts.

Yesterday, I spent English period helping out my friend with some problems on Chemistry and Maths. And, I really like it when he goes something like "Oh! I get it." and "No wonder! I could have got this correct!". It gives me a sort of sense of accomplishment. I really like that guy though, he has a cute personality but sometimes he can get really buggy. But forget about those instances. I just like hanging out with him and talk nonsensical things. Haha...

And yesterday I slept late as I was chatting with another friend online last night. She seemed rather down these past few days and she wasn't her usual chirpy state. I wanted to ask her if she has encounter any problems, but I didn't dare, not until last night. I think her best friend told her that I wanted to ask her something, so she simply told me to ask her directly instead of going a big U-turn. Sighing, I typed that I simply wanted to know what's making her feel so sad.

And well, after listening to her problems and telling me about it, I can't help but symphatise her. No wonder she's so stressed out lately. I mean, that's a hell lot of problems she's going through, and there are still countless others that she did not want to tell me yet. I didn't ask her more, because I believe that sometimes, some things are better not told. And it's personal anyway. So I tried my best to give her some advices and suggestions on how to deal with some of it, and basically I just lend an ear to her most of the time.

I wish that she will solve her problems asap. But I know that it's going to take a really long time. Problems don't just diminish just like that. I wish her the best of luck in solving them.

Well, these past few days, I actually started to hang out more with some of my peers in class. And it's really great to know them and stuff. At the same time, the relationships I had with my other friends in the other class slowly but is surely deteriorating. I take it as both a blessing and a curse. Oh, and I'm kind of glad that my best friend and I still communicate with each other, although our bonds weren't as strong as last two years. But it's still a great start.

It's only now I realise how valuable it is to have friends on your side. I mean, you can share your happiness, your sorrows (with only a few ones unfortunately) and other things. It gives me a feeling of euphoria! It's really amazing, it beats being lonely like 99.5% of the time. But still, I don't trust them all. Haha... I only maintain intimate relationships with only a few people whom I can trust and confide it. I don't know how I choose them, but let's just say it's my gut instinct.

I thank God that I finally rediscover friendships. Another one of the most important things to have in life. But I'm still cautious though, I generally try to avoid those who I feel should be avoided. I still don't know how I do it. It's like as if I'm born with some instincts.

Oh, and you know about the other guy I told you about in my previous post? I confronted him yesterday and just simply told him to do a better job. I'm glad that he got my message, and I can see that he tried his best in doing them. And because he did two of them pretty well, I'm going to post them up on Saturday in the notice board! But sometimes, I wish that he can find less pedantic articles. Yea, he's a nerd all right nice guy.

I shall stop here. It's a really Good Friday today! But 3 more weeks to the finals, and I'm not prepared at all! Bummer...

Self-reminder: Hit the books!

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