6 June 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:6 June 2007, 23:01
Subject: Dona Nobis Pacem II  

My peace globe

This is the second movement of Dona Nobis Pacem organized by Mimi Lenox! (I participated in the first Dona Nobix Pacem way back last November.) The aims of this blogblast peace shoutout is to get as many bloggers as possible promoting and emphasizing on the subject of world peace, which is crucial in human unity as well as making Earth a better place to live in for all living beings.

War. Terrorism. Hatred. These three are the main criminals which rob away peace and stir uncertainty in our hearts. They wreck havoc on the lives of the innocent people. They breed nothing but contempt, disgrace and paranoia. We certainly can do without these three phenomena and qualities, in fact, life is so much better with these three in our daily lives.

The 9/11 incident was unjustified. The London, Bali and Madrid bombings were pointless. The war on Iraq is simply wasting people's time and preventing the involved parties from developing their own nations. More recently, the JFK Airport terror plot was thankfully averted. All these events have stirred up fear among the locals, and their security is jeopardized. The question on world peace is constantly brought up.

From my perspective, these events have taken place and were properly planned by masterminds. Their main objective is to terrorize people and to instill fear into their lives. To put it rather bluntly, the criminals intended to show who is the boss by manipulating the civilian's minds and traumatizing the victims. They know that fear cripples the people's defences. All this is done just to show one's superiority! Isn't it a selfish and a very attention-seeking motive (not to mention very sadistic)? =(

It is not only terrorism which destroys tranquility. Within a country, citizens can become unrest and unnaturally hostile towards one another due to several prejudices that are rooted in their mind. Just because of differences, people fail to respect them and they start fabricating tall tales and making false assumptions about the other party without even bothering to understand the other party. This happens not only among citizens, but surprisingly even among political leaders as well. Again, they will do anything to try and gain power to rule the country and sadly, this sometimes include taking dirty measures which upset the tranquility of the country.

Come on people! Stop all the violence now! Make peace, not war. =) It's high time for us to work together peacefully with one another, forget the past history which caused so much conflict among our ancestors, forgive and forget one's mistakes.

Take in look in your mirror. What do you see? Now grab a random person and look at his/her reflection in the mirror. Tell me what you see and explain the major similarity you both share. (No, note not the differences.)

We all are human beings. Whatever our "differences", we all belong to the same species. We are all Homo sapiens. And most importantly, we all share the same home in Earth. We should not shed blood and fight over the most menial things. We have come a long way ever since the beginning of Genesis. We have evolved and learned over the years from behaving barbarically like animals into civilized and modern humans who has a very developed sense of thinking. We all should know better to behave rather than to fight and seek trouble with one another.

Diplomacy with one another can actually prevent a lot of fights and bloodshed over the century. From history, we learn that some humans can be quite rash in their actions and are very stubborn as well when it comes to desiring things for their selfish need. Either that, or great wars can emerge from simple misunderstandings which can be resolved by simple and effective communication between people.

Conflicts do not define the essence of humanity. It is love, kindness and benevolence which makes human, well, human! =) Do you feel good to pick fights or argue with someone, even if you are "defending" yourself? Is it satisfying to see you yourself unleashing havoc and making people's life miserable? I tried it and I don't like it one bit. Sooner or later, guilty conscience will haunt you, or karma will get back to you. How can you be genuinely happy if you life is so full of evil? Happiness is the seed of one's inner peace, and with inner peace, one can spread the message of peace and goodwill to the people around him and his life will be so much more meaningful and peaceful. That is when you can start achieving so many things in life.

You might not realize it but once achieving inner peace, you are a living testimony of peace and you can make peace with those around you more effectively. People upon learning that peace really does make the world go round, they too will try and make peace with themselves first, and then with others. This will start off a wonderful chain reaction and before you know it, everyone is now one, big happy family living in a wonderful community.

Now, wouldn't you like that? Of course you do! Now, we have an urgent matter to attend. In case you don't know, our past generations had unknowingly made our planet Earth a bit of an inhospitable place to live in. Look at the residues of urbanization and industrialization. There is so much stinky and smelly filth left behind just like that, in land, in water and in air. Our natural resources are quickly depleting and overpopulation is imminent. We need to learn to share the natural resources and use them considerately as there are many more people who need them. Plus, we need to work together to clean up our environment! Look at the Kyoto Protocol which is more or less a failure as countries are not cooperating with one another to achieve a common goal, i.e. to reduce the greenhouse gases.

(Okay, to be honest, I did a research for a debate the other day and I was to oppose the topic 'Humans are to be blamed for deterioration of the environment'. I found out that some scientists believe global warming is a natural phenomenon and it has had happened before millions of years ago. Coinciding with the Industrial Revolution, Earth was also transiting into an inter-glacial period of warmth. This explains the increase in temperature. Furthermore, carbon emissions by man are of an insignificant value compared to the carbon dioxide which already exists naturally.)

Sorry to go out of tangent but I cannot help but to believe that theory a little bit. I'm not too concerned about global warming, but I am very concerned about the other kinds of pollution that man has created. The rubbish on land and especially Earth's contaminated water supply. We all are heavily dependent on water as if it is our life, so why aren't we doing much to clean up the mess? Why are we still squabbling over the little things that aren't worth our time and energy? We have to do something, together. It's not a one-man show, it is a many-men show. To co-operate, we have to go back on the topic of peace. Peace builds trust, and trust allows us to co-operate easily.

See how important the role of peace is in our lives, and its potential gains when we are in peace with one another? ;) That is why there is this pressing need to promote the idea of peace within fellow men and women (and children). Make peace now for a better tomorrow. Be a good example for our children and the future generation. =) Demonstrate to them the power and beauty of peace, one very important qualities of humanity!

Happy Dona Nobis Pacem! =)

Sunset over here

P.S. I was surprised to learn that Mimi has chosen this date for the second Dona Nobis Pacem blogblast. Unknowingly to her (lol!), it falls on my little brother's birthday! Happy Birthday! =D Love you always, no matter what (and even if I don't show it at times =P).

Comments (33):

Very well writtten!

What a well written post...

Grant Us Peace - "All You Need Is Love"
Sitting On The COUCH For Peace

Excellent! Thank a lot for sharing - and, of course, we´re wishing a very Happy Birthday to your little brother (or "Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag" as we say in Germany)

Sanni, Frank and Luis,
Jersey, the furry diva and
The Pimping Team

are wishing LOVE & PEACE to you and yours ♥

happy birthday to your wee brother!

I love peace day!

I want to write everything with exclamation marks!

And smile all day long!

May the warmth and spirit of this Peace Globe Day bring us all peace. You’re globe is beautiful.

From WTIT: the most peaceful Tape Radio Station ever…

You are an inspiration to us all, FK... and as one of the 'next' generation from most of us, you give us hope that the future is in good hands!

Excellent post!

Happy birthday to little bro!!

and (((hugs))) from me

by Anonymous
Date:7/6/07 22:14  

Hello my friend..sorry I have been away so long..just stopped by to say Hi and let you know that I love your peace post..!!!! Great job..hugs to you..madd

Wow, FK, WELL DONE on another wonderful post. :)
You are wise beyond your years.
I wish you much greatness.
Happy Bday to your brother :)

by Anonymous
Date:8/6/07 06:45  

Wonderful peace post you've written here, well done!

Not only that: it's also the Swedish National Day!!!

How about coming over and toast with us for old Sweden? *s*

I'm cruising by from Mimi's.

This is very insightful. Well done!

Happy Peace Globe Day!

Peace to you!

by Anonymous
Date:8/6/07 10:14  

You are always showing more and more strength and you need to know this is a great post.

Thank you lynn and Bond. =)

Hallo Sanni! Vielen dank! Wishing you peace, love and happiness to you and your family as well as your loved ones as well! =D

Hey, TopChamp! I was so tempted to end my sentences with exclamation marks too, but it would look funny. =P I too like to smile all day long. It was (and still is) a great Dona Nobis Pacem day as well. =D

Amen to that, Bud!

Hey annelisa! Thank you for your nice comment! =D There's still a lot of youngsters out there of whom the future depends on. I'm just one of them. Well, hopefully the Dona Nobis Pacem movement will attract their attention and influence them to spread the message of peace. ;) *hugs* Happy Peace Day!

Hey madd! =D How have you been doing? And thank you! Peace and goodwill to you and your family! =)

Hey whenn! Thanks! I wish peace to come in your way. ;)

Whoa, Cap'n! So many coincidences with the Peace Globe day! Well, I definitely will check out the Swedish National Day!

Hmm... I just realised the World Environment Day was held on the 5th of June too, in your country if I'm not mistaken (or somewhere in Scandinavia)...

Peace to you too, travis!

Thanks Technobabe! Happy Peace Globe Day!

Happy birthday to little brother. How sweet of you to mention him.
And happy BlogBlast for Peace Day to you. I knew your globe would be awesome and it is.

Peace to you and yours,

Hey Mimi! =) Thanks for commenting! =D Well, he's my little brother, after all. =P Thanks for organizing this Dona Nobis Pacem blogblast; it sure was lots of fun doing a part of my favour and promoting peace. ;)

Happy Dona Nobis Pacem day!

by Anonymous
Date:9/6/07 20:36  

Yes, the world Environment were initiated in 1972 in Stockholm.

The World Environment Day slogan selected for 2007 is Melting Ice – a Hot Topic? and was supposed to be held in Norway, our neighbor country, but I haven't heard anything about it actually :-)

Something else:

If you're interested to see a Swedish student graduation, go here:

Captain Lifecruisers nephews Swedish graduation

by Anonymous
Date:9/6/07 20:37  

PS. Don't miss that you can click the I in the center of the pic to get the text to the pictures....

by Anonymous
Date:11/6/07 02:47  

BTW, You've been tagged:

The Birthdate Meme

*whenn runs up to FK and taps him lightly on the shoulder*

by Anonymous
Date:15/6/07 06:07  

I hope you're having a good time despite some disappointments lately :-)

...truth is that you're probably as busy as I've been lately, phew!

BTW: I missed you at the Stockholm Archipelago Boat Day, don't you like steamships?


Hi Cap'n! So sorry with this late reply. *embarrassed* Yes, I was quite "busy" with the Twilight Princess game but I'm now back and raring to continue living. Hahaha! =P

I also did not hear much of the World Environment Day. The G8 discussion on the environment constantly made the headlines, even though I myself didn't know exactly what they were up to. =P

By the way, I saw the graduation pictures already and I must say it's a pretty unique way of graduating. =) Congratulations to your nephew! =)

I have already done a similar birthday meme. Thanks for tagging me, anyway! ;)

I'll go round to check out the boat day tomorrow as it's getting late here. It sounds like a very interesting day! =D

Hey whenn! Thanks; I will check it out tomorrow! ;)

by Anonymous
Date:30/6/08 11:26  

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