11 September 2007

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:11 September 2007, 00:24
Subject: Unexpected Daze  

Outing nearly crushed by phone callAn outing today with two of my good friends almost went horribly wrong when there was an unexpected phone call for me yesterday afternoon. I croaked a hello and I was quite nervous to hear an unfamiliar voice over the line. I wondered who she was. She called in to inform me that I had won in a science essay writing competition.

Yippee, I was overjoyed! After a few years of writing for that competition in vain, I finally won something. I was very surprised that I have won because I was pretty sure I did not write well for it. I think it was one of my worse compositions. =\ I began to ask a string of incredulous questions to confirm what she had said. And I was quite embarrassed that I was behaving rather "unofficially". After realising that, I composed myself and asked more seriously when is the prize-giving ceremony. Guess what was her response?

Oh, it will be held at some school. Tomorrow (okay). In the afternoon (wait, did she say it was in the afternoon? Oh no!).

I apologised frantically and told her it was not possible because I have an outing to go. I have been looking forward to it since it was planned quite some time ago and besides, I am itching to watch Ratatouille! =( She was sorry to hear that but I was instructed to be there. I did not have much of a choice there, so I uttered a weak yes and waited for her to hang up.

I was really lost. No, it isn't possible! I simply cannot miss the outing. Instinctively, I ran up the stairs and signed in to Windows Live Messenger, hoping to find her online. She was, and I immediately told her the bad news. Needless to say, she did not take it quite well. She suggested that I send a representative and skip the whole thing. As much as I want to, I can't. I simply do not want to take the trouble to beg or coerce someone to go in my place while I recline on the cinema chair and laugh at a funny moment in Ratatouille. That's pretty unfair. I know this sounds pretty ridiculous, but I would like to get my own hands on the prize. To be pretty honest, it would be really strange to see my name being represented by someone else in the newspaper tomorrow. It would be funny. (In my country, the media usually publishes interesting reports on such a monotonous fanfare an event!)

I wasn't able to answer her when she asked what would I do. I was groaning out of sheer frustration. Not again! I thought I have been through this already two days ago. I think once is more than enough. So I stared at the screen looking dumbfounded as I scanned for solutions and ideas. I wanted to strike up a compromise, but I have a feeling it won't compromise well. I entered panic mode again. I was breathing hard and the world around me cease to exist. My problems are getting amplified and I was heading no where. "This is crazy! I need to talk to someone! Anyone!"

I was hoping a guardian angel would sign in, but alas, it didn't. I was hopping in frustration and fear. I kept asking myself the same question. As much as I disliked doing it, I have to ask for my best friend's help again. *groan* It's not that I hated doing that, it's just that I did not want to trouble him again. What can I do? It's either that or turn psychotic myself! And I spilled all my troubles to him. It took a few minutes, but after my spillage, I was so surprised that I actually ran out of words to say. *chuckle*

He suggested me to do the same thing as well. To go ahead with my original plan. Tell her that I can still make it for lunch but I have to leave for the ceremony after that. I contemplated about it and other possible solutions but that was what I have got. It's the best so far. Besides, she would be understanding about it if she really is my friend. Besides, I can't help it. It's the other party which is at fault for telling me the day before the real thing! =O (At least, that is what those two convinced me.) Well, thank goodness she is. And how was I supposed to know she thought I would be away the whole time? I laughed out of sheer comfort. =D It was really great to have her as a friend. I had no idea what I was fearing of.

Do I?

At least I bought time. Time must have cooled things a bit. To allow both of us to collect our thoughts properly. I'm glad things work out in the end. But to go through this again? Oh no! I had enough excitement with friends for a week!

The outing was fun! =) The one thing that is most memorable to me are the hugs from the birthday girl. One was for getting her a pretty cool gift (horray, she likes it!) and the other one was before I left. You know, as much as I avoid hugs, I secretly love them. I don't know, but I feel kind of comforted and loved (not in the romantic sense) when I get hugged. And I don't know how to put it, but in a way, it strengthens the bond and the trust you have with the other person.

I sure would like to relive the moments again.

I'm a guy, however, and I don't get hugged by friends. It would be great to. *smiles*

I do not remember much about the ceremony. I only remember having this thought, "What am I doing here on a Monday afternoon during a school holiday going for a silly prize-giving ceremony? I could have gone to catch the movie instead!". When I entered the hall, I asked myself, "What are all these people doing here on a Monday afternoon during a school holiday? And aren't the adults supposed to be working?" (Yeah, I have funny thoughts!)

I was really glad Nicholas Sparks entertained me throughout the entire ceremony. He's a really awesome writer, and it makes the whole thing so much more bearable. Man, I immediately regretted going for it, and I wished that I called for a representative to take my place so that I can go watch Ratatouille. Never mind about him having to suffer! =D Dang, I hate having a guilty conscience at times! =P

I do not mean to sound so nasty about that event, but I really think it wasn't worth my time. Despite that, it was quite a good day for me. I'm glad I did not spend a lot of time near the computer. =P

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