31 October 2006

From:that frolicsome kid
To:Whom this may concern
Date:31 October 2006, 11:49
Subject: Weird Neighbour  

If there's the old lady in the shoe, then this old lady is in the house!So, I have a weird neighbour who lives in front of our house. She's an old lady who is in her eighties I guess, and surprisingly she isn't frail! I think she suffers from some mental disorder, I'm not too sure. But from what I've remembered vaguely, she has been shouting out really loud at odd hours (be it morning, afternoon or night) almost everyday since 1997 or so!

And funnily, some of my mom's friends has hypothesized that the more she shouted, the longer she will live! I don't know how true it was, but it does seem to make sense.

Her shouts can come in many forms. I really don't know how to put these sounds into words, but it's something like "Eee-yahhh" and "Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh" and "Ooouuwwwwwwwwww" and she even can sing some old Chinese songs very loudly. Oh, did I mention she talks loudly too at times?

Surprisingly, she doesn't know that she shouted. Sometimes, when I observe her shouting, she can just resume back to whatever she's doing. To her, it's like nothing have happened at all! It's strange, really. And doesn't she feel thirsty at all after all shouting? She's old, and well, she's all right. I guess it comes with "practice" from all the shoutings she had done all these years.

There was once when my other neighbour couldn't take it anymore, he decided to call the police. So the police went to investigate the matter, and they interrogated with this old lady. They left the place with confused expressions but decided to drop the matter. According to what I've heard, she managed to talk her way through to make it sound like she is innocent (she doesn't know that she did such things) and she pulled it off very well with her very fluent Malay.

And the other day a year or two ago, my neighbour decided to take things into his own hands by throwing a stone which broke one of her house's windows. The old lady had a grudge against my neighbours from then onwards. Sometimes when he drives to work, she will shout at him or rather the car, and give him a scowling expression. It happens to my parents too, although it's not as serious as them.

I guess maybe that's what compelled her to do this today. My maid ushered me to the window to see what she had done to our gate. Luckily, she did not vandalize it or did something horrible to the gate, but instead she threw and scattered tree branches and rubbish in front of our gate this morning. I don't know what is her intention, but all I know is that she had brought things too far. And she looked guilty too. She seemed to look in our direction of our house once in a while, probably to make sure no one cleans that up or something I don't know. All I know is that, the rubbish is blocking the very narrow street of mine and my other neighbour. And they can even poke tires and burst them.

I decided to call my mom and told her about it. I suggested calling the police, but she warned me not to, as it might only make matters worse and it's also going to be a long and endearing process for us, e.g. filling in a statement, getting interrogated, giving evidences etc. So she instructed the maid to just clean up the rubbish away.

I really don't know what is up with her today. Why is she doing this to us? I mean, what harm have we done to her; we even put up with her shoutings day and night, yet took no action. And this is what she has done? I don't know, something tells me something is not right with her. But thank goodness she is like a decent old nice lady at other times who looks harmless. She reminds me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde LOL!

Creepily, she did this during Halloween. Heck, her shoutings had sent chills down our guests' and visitors' spine, as they have never heard such odd noise before.

To us, that's just like background noise which doesn't register in our conscious minds! How weird are we! But I guess we, or rather I, have got used to it. Oh well, Happy Halloween *shrugs*.

Comments (11):

by Anonymous
Date:1/11/06 01:51  

I think a lot of folks get targeted because they are safe. Like she has all this misplaced anger and is picking people who aren't going to lash out at her - that way maybe she can get through whatever she is trying to work out w/ all the yelling. I wonder if that's why she messed with your family's property - she was trying to get some attention but not have the police called on her.

Oh yea, that was what my mom thought too. She shrugged off anyway, blaming it on the full moon instead!

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